Chapter 73

To be honest, when facing such a good-looking person who doesn’t talk much, most people would have good feelings towards them. Xu Ziyan was no exception. However, his care to his little brother was still more than anything. Since Xu Zirong hated him so much, Xu Ziyan had to suppress his good feelings as well.

As a result, Xu Ziyan had to struggle between being fond of / hating Bo Muhua. In the end, he still decided to hate him. Then, he went to look for a relatively safe place to put him down. After one month, when they’d be ready to leave, they’d go back there to pick him up.

In fact, he was mainly doing this for Xu Zirong’s feelings. Although he had no idea why Xu Zirong hated him so much, he couldn’t ignore Xu Zirong’s emotions just because of his slight good feelings to Bo Muhua.

Bai Hua accepted Xu Ziyan’s request very calmly. First, although he was pretty confident in his looks, he thought that it’d be impossible to make a stranger fall in love with him at once. When time passed by, he was quite confident in conquering Xu Ziyan’s heart, yet he couldn’t do this in a few hours. Secondly, his dragon-shaped jade seemed to have felt something and it started to get hot, he’d like to explore the secret of this jade and he couldn’t do it in front of the Xu brothers.

Xu Ziyan felt better about Bo Muhua’s understanding, yet he felt somewhat bad as Xu Zirong didn’t agree with him on this part. Finally, he followed Xu Zirong’s request and put him beside a stream.

After bidding farewell to Bo Muhua, the intense atmosphere around Xu Zirong got to relieve a bit. Although he still looked pretty cold, Xu Ziyan could tell that he’d already felt easier.

“Zirong…do you hate Bo Muhua?” After hesitating, Xu Ziyan decided to ask this question. In his impression, although Zirong treated the others a bit coldly, he’d never show his hatred so obviously.

Xu Zirong was silent for a while, and slowly raised his head, “brother, if I tell you that I don’t even know why I hate him, do you believe me?”

Xu Ziyan was stunned for a moment, then quickly nodded, “of course I believe you! Why wouldn’t I?” Then, he smiled and jumped onto Xu Zirong’s flying sword. He touched Xu Zirong’s head, “brother will always believe Zirong.”

Xu Zirong blinked and suddenly rushed toward Xu Ziyan’s arms.

“Be careful!” Xu Ziyan was so scared and he started sweating. Hell! He was on a flying sword, and he might fall down if he’s not careful enough. Although cultivators were powerful, they’d still die after falling down from high. If anyone found out that these two brothers died because they fell from a flying sword, it might become the funniest news in Xuanyu Realm…

“Sorry.” Xu Zirong stuck out his tongue. What his brother had just said made him incredibly excited, and he forgot that he was controlling a flying sword.

Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong, and suddenly burst into laughter. The expression of Xu Zirong just now was way too cute. Now that he thought about it, he had never seen Xu Zirong made such a cute expression – even though he’s only a 12-year-old kid.

The Blood Demon Cultivator seemed to have realized what he’d just done, after he heard Xu Ziyan’s laughter. His cheeks turned red and he couldn’t describe how embarrassed he felt. He was kind of confused, how come as someone who’d already lived two lives, he’d done such a childish thing after being spoilt by Xu Ziyan?

What a shame!

Speaking of which, the demon cultivator had only lived for slightly more than 30 years in his previous life. The most impressive incident in the first ten years was the abuse that he’d suffered in the Xu family. The next decade was filled with endless cultivation. What supported him the most was the will to take revenge on the Xu family. His hatred to that family had already surpassed his wish to live at that time.

In the last ten years, he killed the Xu family and became the biggest demon in the Blood Demon Palace. He did all these as he didn’t want to die in the hands of those right path cultivators, never would he have thought that he’d die in the hands of Bai Hua and the cultivators that he had good relationships with.

Wait…Bai Hua?

Xu Zirong’s pupils widened, and he suddenly understood why he hated that Bo Muhua so much, since his back looked too similar to that of Bai Hua. He had actually witnessed, for countless times, how he and his three acquaintances messed around on a big bed. Of course, he knew how the back of Bai Hua looked like then, but what about Bo Muhua’s face and Bai Hua’s face…


Xu Zirong’s eyes instantly turned blood red, and he felt an explosive surge of murder inside his body.

Why? How come he had forgotten how Bai Hua looked like?

Apparently, he had clear memories of this previous life, but how come he couldn’t recall how Bai Hua looked like?

It felt like someone had wiped out Bai Hua’s face in his memory. Every time he tried to recall about Bai Hua, his face would be hidden in the clouds, and he wasn’t even aware of this point!

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