“Zirong, what’s the matter with you?” Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong while feeling shocked. The sudden outburst of sense of murder scared him, and he almost immediately put on a spiritual shield to block them. The thunder snakes were moving happily between his fingers, ready to make a fatal blow at any time.

He was more scared when he realized that the source of this sense of murder was Xu Zirong. Most of the time, he looked pretty calm, what had made him look so evil? What’s the revenge that he needed to take?

Under his protection, Zirong didn’t have to suffer from any grievances, nor did he have any enemies. So, what’s up with this sense of murder that almost turned into substance?

Xu Zirong’s sense of murder broke out for only a moment, and he took it back under control, but what Xu Ziyan said made him feel like he’s fallen into an ice cave.

He had temporarily put down everything about Bai Hua. What he needed to consider was how to explain to Xu Ziyan about his sense of murder.

Xu Zirong went stiff, and he dared not to move. He was trying hard to think of a solution, yet he had been too close with Xu Ziyan just now, and it’d be an insult to Xu Ziyan’s intelligence level if he said that the sense of murder had come from somewhere else.

He knew that his brother really spoilt him, and it’d create a big obstacle between them if he didn’t explain this well.

What to do! What to do!

Xu Zirong had to think quickly, yet his brain was like empty and he couldn’t think of anything else.

“Zirong, are you ok?” Xu Zirong remained silent for a long time, and Xu Ziyan had become very anxious. He looked at Zirong standing still on the flying sword, and he felt that his heart was burning on fire.

“Zirong, don’t scare your brother. Damn, what the hell is going on? There is no one around, how come you’ve become like this?!” Xu Ziyan simply released his flying sword and jumped over with Xu Zirong.

Just when Xu Zirong was still anxious thinking how to explain, his brother’s words stimulated him suddenly.

He instantly softened when Xu Ziyan held him, and he almost “hung” himself onto his brother while losing his consciousness.

Xu Ziyan stepped on his flying sword while holding Xu Zirong. Seeing that his little brother had lost consciousness, he quickly got down, put him under a small tree and checked him thoroughly.

Apparently, there were no damages. Xu Ziyan grabbed his brother’s wrist without hesitation, making use of his spiritual power to check his interior along his meridian.

Xu Ziyan’s spiritual power was accompanied by his extremely violent power of Green Clouds Divine Thunder. He almost had to spent 90% of his power to suppress it, and used the other 10% to search inside Xu Zirong’s body.

In just a few breaths, Xu Ziyan’s face began sweating. The salty sweat got into his eyes, yet he had no time to wipe it off. At this moment, he was fully concentrated in suppressing the Divine Thunder and searching Xu Zirong’s body. He had no time for anything else.

While he had 100% spiritual power, he could only use 10% of it to search inside Xu Zirong’s body. With this efficiency, Xu Ziyan’s Dantian was quickly emptied by half. Seeing that he still had to search inside the other half of Zirong’s body, Xu Ziyan could feel his spiritual power fading away and he might have used up his energy for nothing.

He tried to distract himself and he took a bottle of core-nourishing pills from his Qiankun bag. Without even looking at the pill, he swallowed it immediately. The fresh taste was turned into a heat flow and it rushed toward his Dantian, the divine thunder inside his Dantian acted like sharks having smelt blood, and it was running toward the pill…

With the nourishment of the core-nourishing pill, Xu Ziyan could finally manage to search Xu Zirong’s body thoroughly. There wasn’t anything wrong including his Dantian. That made him even more anxious. Apparently, there’s nothing wrong, but Xu Zirong still wouldn’t wake up, it could mean that he was experiencing mental damages.

Just as Xu Ziyan was anxious to leave the Green Spiritual Secret Realm immediately and look for his master for help, Xu Zirong suddenly moaned lightly and opened his eyes.

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan was thrilled and immediately hugged him, “are you alright?”

Xu Zirong blinked, as if he had woken up from a dream, “brother?”

“It’s me, what happened to you just now? Did someone attack you?”

Xu Zirong still seemed to be a little confused. He nodded, then shook his head again, “I don’t really know. I felt like someone suddenly got into my brain just now, he asked me to give my body to him. But my brother once reminded me that I could never hand my body to another person. I ended up fighting with him. That person was powerful and he knew a lot of tricks. However, I could still control the surrounding environment and fortunately, I won.”

When he spoke of how he won in the end, Xu Zirong looked quite proud and he was looking for compliments.

But Xu Ziyan was almost scared to death by what Xu Zirong had described.

Wasn’t this exactly walking in? Damn it! His brother’s soul had almost been walked in! The Realm is such an unsafe world, how was it even possible?

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