Chapter 74

Xu Ziyan’s face turned pale, and he explained to Xu Zirong what he had encountered previously. Then, he grabbed Zirong’s shoulders very tightly and he reminded him, “remember, your body belongs to yourself. If anything like this happens again in the future, you must not give in!”

Xu Zirong seemed to be frightened as well, and he nodded obediently. He also told Xu Ziyan that he’d hold on ‘til the end and would not let anyone walk in again.

At this time, Xu Ziyan connected the sense of murder of Xu Zirong with the person who tried to walk in, and he was in tremendous fear. He still remembered how strong that sense of murder was, and he wondered just how many people that person had killed. Fortunately, Zirong had won, or the two brother’s destiny would have come to an end.

Xu Ziyan was hugging and comforting Xu Zirong. Xu Ziyan decided to stay for a while and he set a tent on an open space. Then, he went hunting as he wanted to comfort Xu Zirong with some good food.

Looking at his brother being busy, Xu Zirong couldn’t help but feel guilty. This time, he really made some wrong calculations, otherwise, he wouldn’t have to use “walking in” as an excuse.

Although his brother believed it, but it also means that he had to be more careful in the future. Unless he wanted to tell his brother everything now, or he couldn’t reveal such a strong sense of murder without a valid reason.

With much difficulty, he successfully covered this lie. Seeing how worried and sweaty his brother got, he was feeling very guilty. However, he was willing to bear this guilt to keep his brother around.

“Brother, I’m fine. I think you should rest early.”

Xu Ziyan blamed himself, as he didn’t notice Zirong being attacked, and he only realized now that he hadn’t slept the whole night. He had been watching Xu Zirong the whole night.

However, the more Xu Ziyan was acting like that, the more guilty Xu Zirong felt. Although it was the only method he could think of when he was so desperate, he actually lied to his brother.

Xu Zirong was a little confused. He wasn’t sure how his brother would treat him if he revealed this incident. He really enjoyed being spoilt by his brother and his trust, he wasn’t sure if he’d fall into madness if he lost all these one day…

“Yeah, you should take some rest too. Let’s not cultivate today.” Xu Ziyan touched his brother’s head; his hair was smooth like silk.

He sighed silently in his heart. The more sensible Zirong was, the more he blamed himself. Although he also he knew that he couldn’t do anything if there’s a person walking in his brother’s soul, he still felt guilty of not having protected his brother well.

The two brothers tossed and turned in the tent with different thoughts. Although it’s nothing for cultivators to skip one night’s sleep, the two looked pretty tired after thinking too much.

When they were looked at each other, they couldn’t help but laugh at the same time. Zirong smiled coyly in Xu Ziyan’s arms, and Xu Ziyan also caressed Xu Zirong’s head gently.

Xu Ziyan didn’t know what his brother was thinking, but he had already completely let it go.

Even the youngest chick would one day spread its wings, Xu Zirong was no longer the bullied child in his memory.

Although he was only twelve years old, he was a solid and stable cultivator. He might still encounter similar incidents like this many times in the future, as his brother, he could only try his best to protect him, but he couldn’t promise that he’d succeed every time.

In this world, no one can protect another person forever. Instead of being at a loss after encountering some danger, it is just better and more sustainable to practice harder. As long as they became strong enough, who could crush them down?

After tidying up the tent, the Xu brothers rose up again. The kind of call that Xu Zirong once felt was getting stronger and stronger. Although his attention was distracted when he saw Bo Muhua, the call didn’t disappear, it just got weaker.

And after they left Bo Muhua, his feeling of being called became stronger again. Xu Zirong was hesitant to go there, as the closer he got, the more clearly he knew where that call came from – it’s from the Blood Sea Heart Sutra in his body.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan asked in confusion after seeing his brother went into his thoughts.

Xu Zirong frowned, he could vaguely feel that this call would be of great benefit to him, but once it involved the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, he felt inexplicably guilty. Especially since he had made a small mistake yesterday and he had to cover it with a bigger lie. He didn’t mind telling lies, but when he had to do so in front of his brother, it became a difficulty.

“Nothing, I just suddenly recalled that person from yesterday.” Xu Zirong didn’t want to discuss the topic about the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, but after inadvertently saying this, he frowned even more tightly.

If the person that he’d seen the previous day didn’t look like Bai Hua so much, he wouldn’t reveal such a strong sense of murder.

After all, half of the tragic encounters of his previous life was caused by the original Xu Ziyan, and of course, the other half was due to that evil Bai Hua.

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