His hatred for Bai Hua couldn’t be described in words at all. He couldn’t make the hatred disappear even after stabbing Bai Hua a thousand times or peeling off his skin.

Only that…

Xu Zirong glanced at Xu Ziyan quietly. If he was alone, he wouldn’t think twice before killing Bo Muhua – not for other reasons, only because his back really looked like that of Bai Hua.

However, now that he had his old brother…he had to consider his brother’s feelings.

He knew that his brother wasn’t ruthless or selfish, if he killed someone for no reasons, he would be beaten to death by his brother…he already knew this part a few years ago.


“Well, this time you’re lucky…” Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed sharply, but there was a helpless look on his face.

The personality of his big brother made it difficult to just do whatever he wanted, but if he wasn’t like that, he’d not be the same person anymore…

Although Xu Zirong thought a lot, he actually figured it out in a short time.

Xu Ziyan was slightly stunned when he heard Xu Zirong mention Bo Muhua, he thought that Zirong really hated that person, so why would he suddenly mention him?

“How come you suddenly think of him?”

Xu Zirong raised an eyebrow and showed a weird expression – kind of smiley but not quite, “brother, don’t you think that he looks beautiful?”


Xu Ziyan felt inexplicably guilty and looked away awkwardly, “he’s alright, so so.”

As soon as he answered, he felt that something was wrong. How come he felt guilty? Obviously, he had done nothing! Also, how come Zirong would use the word “beautiful” to describe a man?

He looked more serious and was planning to lecture Zirong, but before he spoke, Xu Zirong was faster than him, “then, does brother think that he looks average?”

When he said this, his eyes were flashing and he looked full of expectations.

Xu Ziyan froze for a moment, then couldn’t help but laugh. He always thought that with Zirong’s personality, he’s not really fond of people commenting on his appearance, that’s why he was always careful and never used words like “beautiful” to describe Xu Zirong.

Never had Xu Ziyan thought that Xu Zirong was so proud of his looks, that’s why he started comparing himself with another person when he saw a good-looking one as well.

Xu Ziyan assumed that he’d already figured out why Xu Zirong hated Bo Muhua so much, but when Xu Zirong looked as if “everyone is less beautiful than me!”, Xu Ziyan really found him so cute.

He finally couldn’t help laughing out loud. In fact, he really didn’t put appearance as the first priority. Although he couldn’t act like a monk and say things like appearances are just the surface, he truly valued a person’s heart more.

He was already sure how “attractive” Xu Zirong would become in the future, the blood demon with red robe was enough to amaze the whole world of demon cultivators.

If it’s only appearance, for so many years, including the experience from his previous life, he really did not find anyone more beautiful than Xu Zirong. That delicate face still looked a bit young, but once he got older, he could become so beautiful that it’s damaging.

He remembered very clearly that when he read about the Blood Demon Palace in the novel, there were many people who were there for the name of Blood Demon just because they were attracted by his delicate face, there were even some people who said that the whole Blood Demon Palace was Xu Zirong’s harem.

Of course, these were just rumors. After all, judging from the original memory, he was quite sure that Xu Zirong would still be a virgin when he died…

Gosh, what was he even thinking about…how come he was thinking whether his little brother was a virgin? Given his conditions, did he really need to worry that his brother couldn’t find a lover?

Xu Ziyan suddenly felt that he was a typical representative of good brothers. Zirong was only twelve years old, and Xu Ziyan had already started worrying about finding a wife for him…



Seeing that Xu Ziyan hadn’t answered his question for a long time, Xu Zirong was slightly unhappy. He quietly leaned his flying sword over and deliberately called Xu Ziyan’s name in his ears.

Xu Ziyan suddenly shivered, as he felt a warm breath near his ears, making it impossible to get away. He almost lost control of the flying sword.

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan shouted with dissatisfaction. His brother shouldn’t have fooled around like this!

Xu Zirong looked at his brother’s reaction with great interest. He learned that trick from Bai Hua. He had seen it several times. Bai Hua was blowing air into the original Xu Ziyan’s ears, and the two quickly rolled onto bed and started their sweet intimate moment.

Because of his childhood experience in the previous life, no matter whether that person was a male or female, he couldn’t be bothered. Also, as he was a cultivator of Blood Sea Heart Sutra, being intimate with someone would mean being vulnerable in front of that person as well. At that time, no one really trusted him, and they all thought that he’s sexually uninterested.

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