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Chapter 75

He never thought that just a small breath in the ear would cause such a big effect. The smile on his face got wider. He started to think that although Bai Hua was a slut, his methods turned out to be quite effective.

“Brother? Why are you so angry?” Xu Zirong pretended to be innocent and asked.

Xu Ziyan was pissed off, but he couldn’t tell Xu Zirong the reason directly. Well, his baby brother was still a virgin, how could he explain to him something so sensitive?

Besides, he never knew that his ears could be this sensitive… he even got excited immediately after someone blew air in his ears… it’s unbearably shameful!

“Nothing, just don’t blow air into my ears anymore, okay?” Xu Ziyan was feeling helpless and he could just give Xu Zirong this instruction as a brother.

“Okay.” Xu Zirong nodded obediently, yet he’d already listed a series of tentative goals in his small book.

If he remembered it correctly, he had his first wet dream when he was about twelve years old. And he’s anticipating this to happen anytime soon. It’s not like he wanted to do anything to Xu Ziyan now, all in all, he had a soft body and before he could control his brother, he wouldn’t do anything.

Shaking his head gently, Xu Ziyan looked at Xu Zirong helplessly, as his stare was like a quiet, obedient baby.

How come his brother is so cute, he really couldn’t scold him at all…

Xu Ziyan blamed himself for being a control freak of his brother, but he was well aware that his love to Xu Zirong was way greater than his urge to scold him (except of some major principles, of course).

Seeing the familiar look of helplessness from his brother’s eyes, Xu Zirong smiled shyly, he drew a tick on the small book in his heart. That’s very good, his brother basically couldn’t tell what’s going on. Then, he could use the same method from now on!

While they were chatting and teasing each other, the two had already flown for a whole day. In the end, they stopped in front of some white mist and a luxurious bamboo forest.

“This is it?” Xu Ziyan asked in a low voice.

Xu Zirong nodded, and the voice calling him was hidden exactly in this bamboo forest.

He hesitated for a while, “brother, what if I go inside and check first?”

“What are you talking about?” Xu Ziyan looked upset, “your brother is here, how would I let you take this risk?”

Xu Zirong shut his mouth silently. For this kind of things, he knew that he couldn’t disobey his brother’s order.

“Okay, since we’re already here, let’s go inside together. Since there’s something here that induces you, there might be an opportunity for you. Who knows?”


Xu Zirong was feeling helpless, and he stepped into the green bamboo forest unwillingly with his brother.

It was so foggy in the forest that it was almost impossible to see things that were five meters away.

Although his master once said that the danger level in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm was quite low, Xu Ziyan dared not act too boldly. He chose to move forward slowly, and even had to probe what’s in front of them each time.

Since Xu Zirong had a sense of that ‘object’, he didn’t feel lost in the forest. At this moment, that object was more conspicuous to Xu Zirong than the guiding light, and the “blood” in his body seemed to be cheering up, pointing him to the right direction.

Before they knew it, the pace of Xu Zirong was getting faster and faster. Xu Ziyan also increased his speed after he made sure that there were no traps in the green bamboo forest.

After the two walked for about half an hour, Xu Zirong suddenly stopped.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Ziyan was confused.

“Here we are.” Xu Zirong whispered. He felt that the thing calling him was right in front of them.

The Xu brothers looked at what’s in front of them at the same time. They hadn’t paid attention to it before, but at this moment, it seemed that there was a clear space shrouded in mist.

At this moment, a clear breeze blew past them, and the mist that covered the open space was blown away with the breeze, “exposing” the true colors of this hidden scenery…

Alas, alas!

There was a small chewing sound, which was unusually obvious in the quiet bamboo forest, and the Xu brothers looked a bit dazed.

Never would have Xu Zirong thought that what echoed with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra in his heart was actually a monster. He had originally thought that it could be a blood core or some other treasures left by a predecessor who had also cultivated the Blood Sea Heart Sutra.

Alas, alas!

The monster didn’t seem to notice that there were too people looking at it, and it continued to eat happily.

Xu Ziyan stared blankly at the monster, it kind of looked like a rabbit, and he couldn’t speak at once.

The reason why he thought it looked like a rabbit – aside from its look, it was also eating a carrot. Even when it jumped, it looked exactly the same as a rabbit.

The only difference is that this pink rabbit had two antlers on its head…

Alas, alas!

The rabbit with antlers was eating happily, and the slice of carrot soon disappeared in its mouth.


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