Perhaps it had noticed that someone was looking at it, it turned its head slowly and its bright red eyes were fixed at the Xu brothers. Then, it took out another carrot out of somewhere, then looked at the brothers again while chewing on it.

“Is…Is this the thing that’s calling you?” Xu Ziyan asked hesitantly. This thing really didn’t look like it had a great lethality…

Xu Zirong also nodded somewhat blankly, “probably…”

The two brothers stared at this rabbit with antlers for a long time, until the rabbit ate up the second carrot. Then, the rabbit slowly jumped up.

It jumped to Xu Zirong’s feet and looked at him for a long time with a kind of scrutiny, then revealed an expression that says “he passed”. It started clapping its paws.

Xu Zirong immediately revealed a strange expression. Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but ask, “what’s wrong?”

Xu Zirong struggled, “brother, it wants to sign the spiritual monster contract with me.”

To tell the truth, the blood demon had never raised a spirit monster in his entire life. In his view, that was a useless thing. He only struggled because this rabbit with antlers wanted to sign the spiritual monster contract with him.

Xu Ziyan looked at the rabbit who seemed very weak, and he was quite speechless. For ordinary cultivators that looked for spiritual monsters, they’d naturally find more powerful types. However, this rabbit with antlers really didn’t seem to be anything near that.

He has never heard of anyone using rabbit as spirit monsters. In general, this kind of cute stuff was for female cultivators. After all, most of the rabbit-type monsters were quite gentle and they mostly looked cute. They were perfect to be used to connect the bonding between male and female cultivators.

Xu Ziyan did not give Xu Zirong any advice. He felt that it was better for Xu Zirong to decide on his own.


And it’s entirely the case in reality. Xu Zirong didn’t think much before agreeing. In any case, since this thing could echo with the Blood Sea Heart Sutra in his body, he really shouldn’t miss it.

After signing the spirit monster contract, the rabbit with antlers showed an expression that says “you’re really smart”. Xu Zirong twitched his eye and was wondering why he wanted to beat up this rabbit…

The pink rabbit yawned, then swooped up on Xu Zirong’s shoulder and found a place to lie down. It squinted its eye and looked very peaceful.

Xu Zirong’s pupils shrank sharply, and even Xu Ziyan was horrified.

Although a large part of the rabbit monsters was about speed, but like this rabbit with antlers, everything had evolved too fast and they found it unbelievable.

Xu Zirong half squinted his eyes and raised the corner of his lips. It seems that this rabbit monster wasn’t as simple as previously thought.

Xu Ziyan looked at the pink rabbit on his brother’s shoulder, then looked its half-squinted eyes, and he suddenly wanted to laugh, since at this moment, Xu Zirong’s facial expression really looked like that of the rabbit monster.

Since they suddenly had a rabbit as spiritual monster, the Xu brothers’ trip wasn’t fruitless.

The rabbit looked greedy and lazy, and it laid on Xu Zirong’s shoulder all day long. It was either eating its carrot or sleeping soundly.

Three days after they left the bamboo forest, the brothers were basically sure that the rabbit was not a simple thing.

Not to mention his super-fast speed, the fact that it could bring up carrots anytime were enough for the Xu brothers to put away their underestimation.

There were not many monsters that can have their own space, but they weren’t all powerful monsters. For example, for the puppet of golden beast that they created, it could only open up a space alone with a monster of the same level. The space was used specifically to store its own treasures.

It would be wrong to assume that monsters didn’t care about treasures, actually, they cared about them a lot. Before their shape was formed, it’d be impossible to use the body of the beast to cultivate alchemy or weapons, and the monsters could rely on those naturally formed treasures.


If someone could open the monster’s storage space while it’s alive, they would find that the higher the cultivation level the monsters had, the better their storage space was. A storage space of a golden beast would make most human cultivators jealous. Unfortunately, the moment the golden beast died, the space that it’d opened lost contact with it as well. Without the control of a master, the space would be shattered in a short time.

Since the space was broken, all kinds of treasures in it would naturally disappear. At this time, the space where the golden beast was in, or the space where it became a puppet was opened by itself.

So, were there any treasures in the space of this rabbit with antlers? Xu Ziyan wasn’t even thinking of this matter. The more time he spent with this rabbit, the more he thought that it’s quite mysterious. Although it’s already the spiritual monster of Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan didn’t think that it’d let Xu Zirong to dig its treasures freely.

All in all, it had asked Xu Zirong proactively to be his spiritual monster. The spiritual monster contract of this kind would be the highest level of contract. Also, spiritual monsters and their masters had an equal status, neither of them would be dominant over the other.

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