Chapter 76

If it wasn’t the case, Xu Zirong would never “sign a contract” with such a strange rabbit.

Xu Ziyan felt that this high-level contract was very much like a cooperative contract. It is completely built on the two parties’ will to cooperate. Even if one of the parties wanted to break the contract, it didn’t really have any restrictive effects. It could almost act as a bridge of communication between human cultivators and monsters.

After all, before the transformation, it is really difficult for monsters to communicate with humans!

However, Xu Zirong didn’t need to worry about his spiritual monster going against him. Even though they broke the contract, they couldn’t hurt each other in ten years.


With the weird rabbit, the two brothers began to wander aimlessly in the Green Spiritual Secret Realm.

The area of the Realm was really too large, so large that Xu Ziyan hadn’t expected so at all. The scale of the super sect that used the whole of the Realm as the mountain gate should have been extra-large.

But when he thought about it again, such a powerful sect was crushed and destroyed when they fought with another sect. It certainly made people refrain.

However, all these had nothing to do with Xu Ziyan. Aside from the fights with demon cultivators, the Xuan Yu Realm was relatively a more peaceful place.

There are certainly some fights between the righteous cultivators and demon cultivators, and countless arguments among the major sects. However, given the pressure from the demon cultivators, these frictions could still be kept under control.

From this perspective, the peace in Xuan Yu Realm was contributed by the demon cultivators.

As the Xu brothers didn’t feel any calls in the realm, and they didn’t find any places like the Palace ruins, they had wandered inside the Green Spiritual Secret Realm for 7 days. In order to find inheritance in the realm, opportunities would be the key. Xu Ziyan was already very satisfied that he’d got the puppet of golden beast.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan suddenly saw a figure flying in front of them from afar. Then, it returned again, flying towards them.

“Nice to meet the two cultivators.” The man greeted enthusiastically as soon as he met the Xu brothers.

Xu Ziyan also greeted him back, “this cultivator is…”

“I’m Zhao Youdao from Xiao Yuan sect.” The skinny young man smiled at them, “are both of you from Liu Guang sect?”

Xu Ziyan nodded and smiled, “exactly. I am Xu Ziyan, and this is my little brother Xu Zirong, I wonder why cultivator Zhao is looking for us?”

When Zhao Youdao heard Xu Ziyan affirm his speculation, his eyes flashed, “well, me and two disciples from Tian Yu sect have discovered a ruin, there might be inheritances of an ancient sect. Are you interested in exploring it with me?”

Xu Ziyan’s pupil shrank suddenly – he’s talking about the place of inheritance! But, he was soon alerted. He smiled at Zhao Youdao, “oh? Then why would cultivator Zhao invite us? Generally speaking, places of inheritances in Green Spiritual Secret Realm are quite safe. I don’t think cultivator Zhao needs our help at all.”

Zhao Youdao smiled reluctantly, “I also know that the place of inheritance is usually not dangerous, but this place of inheritance is quite special…Oh, I don’t mean that it’s risky, but there is a large defensive setup at the entrance, I and one of the disciples from Tian Yu sect studied it for two days before realizing that if we want to get inside, there must be five people. And the five of us have to be on the positions of the five elements to form a five-element reincarnation array.”

Afterwards, he looked very depressed, “you know that the Green Spiritual Secret Realm is very broad, I’ve spent days looking for people, and it took me a long time to find you both.”


“I see…” Xu Ziyan nodded. However, he didn’t doubt what he’d said, as there were different kinds of rules to open the places of inheritance, and there were any regularities. Every cultivator that left the place of inheritance had his own preferences. For example, a cultivator once left a spiritual monster to guard the place of inheritance, and it only allowed female cultivators that he approved to enter…

“I wonder if cultivator Xu intends to come with us? Basically, the disciple of Tian Yu sect and I have confirmed that this is a large place of inheritance, and there are at least three inheritances in it. After forming the array, we’ll search the place separately and let’s see who’s lucky to get the inheritances.” Zhao Youdao was quite practical, as he didn’t make any empty promises. All in all, anyone who could enter the place of inheritance was already blessed.

He was not worried that Xu Ziyan would refuse him. As they were able to enter the large place of inheritance, it also meant that the probability of getting inheritances had increased.

No one would refuse such an opportunity. For cultivators, opportunities were more important than cultivation.

“Okay! I agree.” Xu Ziyan agreed without much consideration. He would never miss such an opportunity.

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