Both Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan also nodded in agreement. Regarding inheritance, luck plays a major role. If one does not meet the requirements of the cultivator’s inheritance, there was no way one could get it. And since it was something that people can’t really compete for, there was simply no competition. Aside from fighting for personal reasons, no one would try to kill each other in this place of inheritance.


Zhao Youdao was a cultivator in the late stage of foundation building. After he finished speaking, he started walking towards the passage. It was a very wide one, and there were even lights on both sides, not depressing at all.


Zhao Youdao found an intersection not far away. He thought for a while before walking towards the intersection. Then the entrance of it quickly disappeared, leaving only a smooth wall. Afterwards, another intersection opened on the opposite wall.


Lin Xiaotian and Xu Ziyan were unfamiliar with each other and didn’t have much to say. So Lin Xiaotian waved his hand at Xu Ziyan then left with his junior sister. Xu Ziyan stayed for a while after they went, then he left with Xu Zirong as well.


There was absolutely no danger in the place of inheritance. This was a fact recognized by all people who have entered the Green Spiritual Secret Realm.


Because of this, Xu Ziyan didn’t feel nervous. While walking with Xu Zirong, he looked at the murals along the passage.


Whether it was Zhao Youdao or Lin Xiaotian, their goal were the powerful inheritances; they weren’t interested in the murals at all. Only Xu Ziyan was really interested in them, but it wasn’t because he was artistic. Instead, his attention was drawn to a story of a cultivator with thunder spiritual roots.


Starting from the first mural at the entrance, it described the magnificent life of this cultivator. According to Xu Ziyan’s conclusion, this is a story of a person at the lowest level of society, who then got rich and married a beauty.


Of course, there were still various kinds of hardships and experiences, but every crisis had brought great opportunities to this cultivator in the end. To put it simply, if someone would turn these murals into a novel of cultivation, it might get the highest number of clicks.


If these were merely murals, Xu Ziyan wouldn’t be so interested in them. However, he had  already noticed from the beginning that there was a sign of lightning on the clothes and the belly of the cultivator.


At first, he thought it was just a pattern on the clothes, but when he noticed the same sign was on the clothes he was wearing or on his belly, he felt that something was wrong.


Logically, the sign should be in a conspicuous place. If it had appeared on the waist, Xu Ziyan would naturally think that it was just a mark. However, it was always on the belly, and no one could possibly draw such a sign on his clothes in an area like this.


What succeeded in solving Xu Ziyan’s confusion was a mural near the end of the story. On that mural, the cultivator was fighting a huge nine-tailed demon fox. The cultivator was unable to resist the power of that fox. There was also a huge city behind him, in which there were a lot of people. Apparently, even if that cultivator was beaten by the fox, he still might be able to escape, but the people in the city would surely die.


As the protagonist of this mural, the cultivator could not escape. Therefore, in the next mural, he pulled out the lightning mark from his belly, and threw the mark at the demon fox. The demon fox was frightened and turned into ashes after being hit by the lightning mark.


In the next mural, the lightning mark was still there, but it was obviously much smaller than in the previous murals. It seemed that there was a great negative impact on the lightning mark after defeating the demon fox.


The following murals depicted the cultivator looking for the same lightning mark in several places. Then he merged those marks with his own so as to strengthen it.


The combination of these murals made Xu Ziyan think of the Green Spiritual thunder in his Dantian. Since he was foundation building, the Green Spiritual thunder in his body had stopped growing. The size of it was enough given his current level of cultivation, but soon it wouldn’t be enough if his cultivation level went higher.


Moreover, because of the Green Spiritual thunder, he couldn’t practice other spells at all, which also affected his performance.


Through these murals, he vaguely felt that the Green Spiritual thunder in his body should also be able to devour other thunder-type powers to strengthen himself.


Gradually, he reached the end of the story.


According to the general ending of novels, this cultivator would naturally ascend to Heaven, but on the last mural, the cultivator took out the thunder inside his body and put it in a box.


Xu Ziyan was greatly surprised at the ending of this story, as the cultivator ended up sitting there and died, not becoming an immortal.


“This story is so strange.” Xu Zirong had been following behind his brother, and when he saw his brother looking at the last mural, he made the comment.



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