Chapter 77


There was a huge cave behind the waterfall. The entrance was slightly humid because of the splashing water, and it was covered with moss, but once you entered it, you would find that the cave was very dry and that there were very obvious artificial traces.


Zhao Youdao led the way ahead, he wanted to show Xu Ziyan that there wasn’t any danger. Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong followed behind him and walked for a while. After passing a turn, their eyes suddenly widened, since there was a big empty hall.


There was a dark gate in the hall, and next to the gate, there were two young cultivators.


Xu Ziyan narrowed his eyes slightly and wondered if he saw an illusion. How come he found the cultivator in front of him so familiar?


It wasn’t until he got closer that he could clearly see the man’s appearance.


Gosh! He’s one of the lovers of Bai Hua!


How could he…wait, Lin Xiaotian was a disciple of the Tian Yu sect, he would certainly join events like entering the Green Spiritual Secret Realm.


While he lived on this small island, the distance between Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect were a bit far away. Xu Ziyan didn’t notice at all that Lin Xiaotian was among all the disciples.


However, Xu Ziyan didn’t mean to be close with him at all. Actually, if they weren’t interested in the same place of inheritance, he would’ve turned around and left at once.


There was a young girl in white clothes behind him. She was about 15 or 16 years old and seemed a little arrogant.


Xu Ziyan touched his chin and thought deeply. If he guessed correctly, this should be the famous “vicious female lead” in the novel. Later, after she had set up a trap for Bai Hua, her Dantian was destroyed by the furious Lin Xiaotian. Since she had lost all her cultivation, she couldn’t bear it and went insane. Her senior grandfather was also killed when he seeked revenge from Lin Xiaotian.


Well…that’s such a familiar plot.


“Come on, cultivator Xu, let me introduce someone to you. This is Lin Xiaotian from the Tian Yu sect, and this is his junior sister, Mo Xueyan, cultivator Mo.” After Zhao Youdao turned his head, he introduced the Xu brothers to Lin Xiaotian and Mo Xueyan as well.


Now the five people have gathered together. All of them were in the first stage of foundation building except Zhao Youdao. Although Zhao Youdao was at the later stage of foundation building, he was alone.


The three parties have basically maintained a balance, so that they could guarantee each other’s safety.


Xu Ziyan politely greeted Lin Xiaotian. Although Mo Xueyan looked proud, she was still nice to the disciples from such a big sect as Liu Guang.


After some simple greetings from both sides, they shifted their attention to the black gate again. After all, the biggest purpose of their trip was to gain inheritance. Seeing such a large place of inheritance in front of them, they lost interest in making friends now.


“Brother Xu, let’s get started without delay.”


“Good,” Xu Ziyan agreed immediately. Initially, their main purpose was to inherit, so they naturally didn’t want to waste any more time.


“This way.” Zhao Youdao guided them to the side of the gate. They couldn’t find it from a distance. The ground on the side of the gate was covered with five colorful stone slabs. These slabs had formed a reincarnation array in the order of the five elements, and each slab was engraved with a small footprint.


“Brother Xu can pick one randomly. I have stepped on these slates and there wasn’t any danger, but there were only three of us, so we couldn’t open the big array at all,” Zhao Youdao explained in detail.


Xu Ziyan picked a red slab and Xu Zirong picked a green one. The rest of them chose the remaining ones.


“Please input spiritual power into your stone slab,” Zhao Youdao said loudly.


They followed suit and the five slabs began to radiate light.


These lights got stronger and stronger.


Eventually, two giant palms formed on their heads. The giant palms slowly stretched out and stuck on the black gate, which opened in response, revealing a wide passage.


“Okay!” Zhao Youdao said excitedly, “Let’s enter!”


Xu Ziyan and the others all jumped off the stone slabs and rushed towards the black gate.


Without their spiritual power, the stone slabs dimmed again, and the giant palms began to disappear; the black gate was about to close.


The five of them rushed into the black gate together. Then in a blink of an eye the gate slammed shut, leaving no gap.


“Haha, we’re quite lucky,” Zhao Youdao said with a cheerful expression, and the others were all smiling too.


Perhaps because it was a large place of inheritance with many treasures, the specifications for opening the gate were not that strict. It only required five cultivators. If it had required one of them to have a specific spiritual root, then they could only watch this rare opportunity slip away.


“Everyone, since we’re already here, let’s try our best from now on,” Zhao Youdao said with a bow.


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