Chapter 79


The pocket dimension was still unsafe, so Xu Ziyan stuffed it into his square. Now the square had expanded in size, with more mobility too. Putting it by his side, he could stuff things into it easily.


With this kind of harvest before even entering the land of inheritance, Xu Ziyan was incredibly excited. There were few places like this in the Green Spirit Hidden Realm. Legend had it that one elder female disciple had accepted three inheritances in one visit. If she hadn’t run out of time and had to leave, she might even have accepted more.


The Xu brothers walked along the pathway for a while longer before discovering a forking path. Because they weren’t going to separate, both of them took the smaller road.


When they walked along the path, the entrance to the road disappeared just like before. The wall before them formed another forked path. Out walked Zhao Youdao, who looked extremely disappointed.


Glancing around, he realized he was still walking the same path. Although he hadn’t succeeded in inheriting anything, he found his confidence quickly again. Most of this was a matter of luck anyways. Since there were at least three inheritances here, he could always try again if he missed one.


Walking along the path that seemed not to have an end, he quickly discovered another fork in the road. He gave himself a little pat on the back before walking forward again.


Time passed quickly like that. Zhao Youdao, Lin Xiaotian, and the Xu brothers kept attempting to accept new inheritances. It was a place for inheritances after all, and there were so many that all of them were almost going crazy with excitement.


Although every inheritance placed different demands upon their inheritors, the fact that there were dozens of them meant that no one in the group returned empty handed. Except for Xu Ziyan.


Yes, Xu Ziyan didn’t manage to inherit anything. What a sad story, right?


But Xu Ziyan understood clearly that the reason he didn’t was because of the thunder cultivator from before.


The price of what he gained… he finally understood. Of course the gain was the box, and the loss was that he wouldn’t be able to inherit any of the trainings in this ground.


Perhaps the thunder cultivator had some kind of bad reputation among these cultivators, none of them were opening up to him. Most inheritances required a medium. If you didn’t pass once approaching the medium, it would reject you. Xu Ziyan, on the other hand, couldn’t even approach the medium, meaning he wasn’t even qualify to try…


“I guess he meant what he said,” Xu Ziyan said with a bitter smile. In the end, it seemed like he had received a decent harvest anyways. He had managed to find a complete Green Spiritual Thunder. Xu Zirong had found a female cultivator who practiced the Usnea Dance. He received a set of light and elegant body training that could improve one’s own dodging. When practicing this dance, you could also trigger the plant-based spiritual energy around you, tripling the effect of your own plant-based spells.


Xu Zirong was a little conflicted about inheriting something like this. Although in his previous life he had been slender and elegant, the Usnea Dance was obviously something for a female cultivator. He had no idea what the hell the specific requirements for inheritance were for him to end up with it.


The least convenient part about this inheritance ground was that before you found an inheritance you had no idea what you might get, and when it started you couldn’t stop. Thankfully, you were ultimately the owner of whatever you might inherit. If you really ended up hating it, you could always not use it.


Overall, they ended up with good results. The only regret was that because they entered separately from Zhao Youdao and Lin Xiaotian, they also didn’t end up being able to meet at the end.


Xu Ziyan had a good impression toward Zhao Youdao, and was interested in talking with him. As for Lin Xiaotian, he didn’t have such intentions at all. The only reason he’d want to get to know him better was to use him as a radar so he could avoid bumping into Bai Hua directly. Originally Lin Xiaotian was the first to encounter Bai Hua. Whenever Bai Hua appears alongside Lin Xiaotian, Xu Ziyan will do his best to avoid it, especially by avoiding the protagonist aura he has.


Speaking of which, in his past life Bai Hua was incredibly impressive. Even the cold-hearted Lin Xiaotian couldn’t avoid his traps laid in the name of love. In the end he was even willing to share him with two other men. Even now Xu Ziyan found that kind of thing shocking.


Lin Xiaotian was cold and domineering, Mo Ziyuan was tender and clever. Although his original personality was more silent, he still didn’t have much to say about Bai Hua. In a way, Bai Hua had a handle on almost all types of men…


Well, perhaps not every type. At least Xu Zirong, with his wicked charm, didn’t fall for him. But his final outcome in that story was being killed by all four of them and tortured for a long time…


Although he knew this life’s development was going to be completely different, just imagining his own cute little brother ending up like that in that novel made it difficult for Xu Ziyan to like Bai Hua at all.


No matter how righteous he might have been described in the novel, combined with his old memories, Bai Hua was clearly not the person described there.


Right now Xu Ziyan didn’t have any interested in investigating what kind of person Bai Hua was. From his point of view, he didn’t plan on having more interaction with that person in this life. He could do whatever he wanted as long as he left them alone.


A pity that reality never went along with what people wished for. Xu Ziyan’s thoughts were destined not to become reality.


“Big Brother, I feel the Green Spirit Mark summoning.”


“About time. We were in there for so long I can’t even keep track of time anymore.” Xu Ziyan shifted his body around a little. The final part of the tunnel was quite narrow, and he had a difficult time walking around inside.


“Brother, this means at most there are seven more days before these grounds close down. Should we go back now?”


“Let’s go back. We still don’t know how far we are from the meeting point. Plus, didn’t Master say? The point only opens once a day. If we end up delaying longer and not making it out then that’ll be awful.” Xu Ziyan said with a chuckle.


“You have a point.” Xu Zirong thought about it for a moment before completely abandoning the idea of continuing to seek out other inheritance grounds. Honestly he didn’t really care about inheritances here at all. With high level spells like the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, those inheritances didn’t really matter to him.


His only regret was that his brother didn’t receive any inheritances this time. Of course the Green Spiritual Thunder was a great find, but it was a single complete streak. With Xu Ziyan’s current strength, if he wanted to consume the thing he could only end up exploding from the sheer energy contained within.


“It’s too bad you didn’t receive any inheritances…” Xu Zirong said in a low voice.


Xu Ziyan gave him a rub on the head. “I’ve got the Green Spiritual Thunder though. That’s no worse than an inheritance.”


Xu Zirong still felt a little regretful, but he also knew you couldn’t force this kind of thing.


Crunch. Crunch.


While the two brothers were gazing at each other quietly, this unharmonious sound issued from above Xu Zirong’s shoulder.


Since they encountered this rabbit, the sound had never stopped. Xu Ziyan even doubted that the rabbit’s little space was stuffed with rabbit.


It was a very subtle existence. Most of the time the two of them would forget it was even there, other than the relentless crunching.


There was nothing special about the rabbit either. Other than eating carrots, it didn’t seem to have any skills.


The oddest part was that, the past Xu Zirong would never allow a pink rabbit to slump over his shoulder and eat continuously. But somehow he had endless patience for this rabbit. Perhaps his instinct was telling him not to mess with this rabbit, so he let it make a home on his shoulder–since it wasn’t heavy anyways.


Following the guidance of the Green Spiritual Mark, they spent about a day to find the meetup point. These points were similar to small transportation spells, able to transport them close to the entrance tunnel.


The meetup point they had arrived at was pretty much deserted. Other than the two brothers, the only other person was a man in black, standing there in silence.


After glancing at him, Xu Ziyan pulled Xu Zirong aside and backed away a few steps. The man’s features were actually quite handsome, but there was just a hint of wickedness hidden in the corner of his eyes and in his smile. His eyes were slender and tapered with a little too much seductive energy that screamed beware to any decent women.


Seeing Xu Ziyan’s reaction, the man chuckled. But perhaps because the two of them were too similar in power, and the Green Spiritual Realm was about to close, he didn’t seem inclined to start anything.


The two parties waited in silence until the meeting point started to flash with a white light.


The man in black stepped in first. Before he disappeared, he mouthed something to them.


We’ll see each other again, beauty.


In an instant Xu Ziyan was angered. What a bastard! If he hadn’t ran so fast, he would beat him up! My brother is only twelve, what are you planning!


Positively disgusting pervert!


While Xu Ziyan was busy steaming, Xu Zirong’s expression was also frighteningly dark. His brother had misunderstood, but he could understand what was going on here. That line was directed to his brother. In other words, he was interested in his brother, not him.


More importantly, he recognized this man!


His name was Duan Muning, and he was an infamous pervert among cultivators!


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