Kaleidoscope of Death

Chapter 32 – Fantasy (Part 1)


The worst thing inside this door is not only to face the horrifying monsters, but also to face teammates who might betray at any time. Although they seemed to be trustworthy partners inside the door, if there’s an accident, the word “partner” might have a different meaning.

Because of what had just happened, no one dared to move despite the voice of the tour guide from outside. Ruan Nanzhu was still lying on Lin Qiushi, he slightly patted on Lin Qiushi’s shoulders and said, “let’s go.”

Lin Qiushi, “are we going out like this?”

“Nothing will happen anymore,” Ruan Nanzhu said, “also, we can’t stay in the temple tonight.”


He’s right. Lin Qiushi thought again, “what if I go out first? And if there’s anything, you will decide what to do next.”

“Let’s go together.” Ruan Nanzhu confirmed, “trust me once.”

After seeing how determined Ruan Nanzhu was, Lin Qiushi took a few steps outside the temple. As soon as he opened the door leading him to leave the temple, he immediately saw the tour guide standing where they’d separated. She smiled at them while waving her flag, “come, be quick.” The tour guide yelled at them, “we should head back before it’s getting dark.”

Lin Qiushi looked around and found that the knife that had just come down from the sky just disappeared. The bloody corpse at the door told him that, what had just happened wasn’t his illusion.

He slowly walked to the tour guide. As Ruan Nanzhu said, no terrible accident happened. Cheng Qianli followed them, and he was looking at the corpse all the time. The expression on his face looked a little familiar – when Lin Qiushi accompanied him to look at the corpses in the village, he was looking as if he’d scream anytime.


However, Cheng Qianli successfully held it back, and his whole face reddened.

After making sure that nothing happened, the rest of them started walking outside as well.

The tour guide didn’t seem to see the bloody corpse at all. She smiled and asked if everyone was having fun that day, and whether they appreciated the unique style of the temple.

No one in the team answered her, but she still talked with interest and didn’t really care about their reaction.

They started heading back using the same path, and it was getting dark. There was a sense of loneliness in the woods. The flag on the treetops was making loud noises along with the wind, like a monster spreading its wings.

Nothing happened on their way back. They safely arrived the bamboo building where they’d stay and had a meal that’s not delicious at all.


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