Black Demon King

516 Crash

Before my very eyes, thunder raged, as if the Lightning God himself had descended.


I had no idea what just happened.

Until a second ago, I should’ve been in a desperate situation. My surroundings were full of poisonous gas. If I had dispelled Overgear for just a moment, I’d surely die. My vision was completely blocked by the purple gas, and just as I intended to hit its weak spot, I lost sight of my target.

In the end, I took a leap of faith and unleashed Grenade Burst.

Then, as I wondered if I had hit the target—


When the Gluttony Octo let out a roar, I had to get down, but even then, I could still hear the noise.

Before I knew it, the roar that rocked my entire body had completely subsided. I probably hadn’t lost my hearing, yet. After all, the rumbling of the earth, along with the blaring gust of wind that resembled a beast’s roar were transmitted into my ears.

Kuh, …argh, shit, what the heck was that—…”

Starting from my hearing, my five senses soon returned.

I didn’t feel anything unusual from my body. Despite being brighter than a flash grenade, the lightning flash didn’t damage my eyes, nor electrocute me.

My eyes, which had been reflexively shut, gradually fluttered open. Around the same time as I regained my vision, I smelled something—

Something’s burning.

It smells like burnt meat—no, that’s probably what it is…

The thick mist of purple poison that filled the entirety of my vision had been eliminated. As if to replace it, the flesh dome inside the Gluttony Octo’s body was torn and charred, smoke billowed from it.

…Well, if lightning of such a degree were to pierce through its body, no wonder it’s suffer that kind of damage.

For the time being, I quickly dispelled the strenuous second divine protection, and resumed my breathing. Even if I could hold my breath longer than ordinary humans, it wasn’t exactly pleasant.

I exhaled once or thrice… After calming down, I began to look at my surroundings.

Looking around, most of the eggs in that place had been reduced to charcoal. 

However, the wall of flesh that I intended to shoot with Grenade Burst suffered the most damage.

Just how hot was it…?

Through the gaps of the smoke pillars, I could see the charred flesh. It was bursting in a bizarre manner, akin to sizzling blood. Apparently, the lightning had passed through the other side of that very wall.

Then, did that mean that the colossal lightning strike reached even the Gluttony Octo’s midsection?

That’s unbelievably powerful…

…But I didn’t recall having anyone in my side who could unleash such a transcendental offensive spell. Although, Baron Herman could simply be hiding the genius magician… Either way, the fact remained that one single shot had turned the tables.

Just when I was wondering if I could take a breather, I sensed a presence from behind the billowing black smoke. But instead of trying to conceal their existence, the owner made a lot of noise by forcing themselves through the crumbling wall of flesh, as if to assert their existence.

“N-no way, maybe, it’s the true final boss…?”

In most stereotypes, a true, human-sized, boss would usually appear right after the gigantic boss had been slayed as a final form—

—Thus, I conjured the rest of my magic to launch another Grenade Burst.

No sooner than the black cannonballs had manifested around me, someone appeared through the black smoke. As expected, it was the mastermind behind the Gluttony Octo—

—or not.


I didn’t recognize her because we had lived together for three months, but because of her hair color. Although the period itself sounded long, it was actually short. When she emerged, her hair was no longer flaxen like that of Shirasaki, but reverted to silver. For me, who had strongly linked that color to Sariel herself, recognizing her was child’s play.

However, her change wasn’t limited to her hair color. Or rather, if it was only limited to her hair color, I’d simply think that her ‘Prismatic Hairband’ was broken, but…

…I doubted my eyes.

After all, Sariel was standing and walking on her own feet…

While supporting herself with her spear, she approached me.


Upon closer inspection, I recognized the spear in her hand as the Grand Cross, only that it was black…

While I didn’t know what had befallen Sariel, one thing was certain. The lightning flash that pierced through the Gluttony Octo was her doing.

“Oi, are you okay?”

“…I’m sorry, I’ve run out of magic.”

After saying something serious with her usual flat expression, Sariel collapsed.


Reddish-black sparks, akin to my pseudo-thunder attribute, flew off Sariel’s right hand and legs. On her missing limbs were similar, blackened, heavy armor like the ones I was donning.

Then, with a subtle spark, the blackened armor fell off. They were empty.

Are they some kind of prosthetics?

In any case, Sariel—who had just lost both her legs once again—tumbled down.

But before her battered, charred, body could reach the ground, I rushed to catch her.

“What is this…? I can sense black magic from you…”

As I held the lightweight Sariel within my arms, I was greeted with a familiar sensation. Since I was a black magic user, there was no way I could mistake it as something else.

True to her words, she had been depleted of magic. Regardless, from the traces of magic, I could confirm that it was definitely black magic.

“Divine Protection.”

“A divine protection!? From who!?”

“She called herself the Dark Knight, Freesia.”

“A-are you being serious…?”

“She was undeniably a real god.”

The Dark Knight Freesia. She was renowned as the first and not to mention, the strongest knight of the legendary Demon King, Mia Elrod. Many people hailed her as one of the most popular goddesses of the Pandora Continent. Of course, her history was also taught in classes. As such, most people definitely had heard her name.

“…For you to receive Divine Protection at the last minute. Well, thanks to you, I’m saved.”

“Because the Gluttony Octo has entered the absorption phase, the fortress was at risk of being swallowed whole. I was also saved from such a dangerous situation.”

“Sorry, it’s because I failed to hit it.”

“From the beginning, the strategy is already unreasonable, but—”

Sariel had a thin layer of soot on her white cheeks. However, her crimson eyes—which peered straight into my eyes, strangely seemed more humane…

“—I also wish to save everyone. Even if it was impossible, it was worth the gamble.”

“I see, if that’s what you thought, no wonder you received a Divine Protection.”

“How are you so sure?”

“Because I received Divine Protection in the same way.”

For whatever reason, I felt genuinely happy that this fella finally had a desire of her own.

Surely, she was no longer a god’s doll. Gradually, she was regaining her sensibility as a normal human being who cared about the people she encountered.

Hence why, when Sariel asked for the power to save everyone, a god granted her wish.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t that far-fetched. After all, there existed gods in this different world, commonly referred to as the black gods. However, they’d only aid you slightly, and you had to take care of the rest on your own.

For the time being, escaping from the Gluttony Octo should be our main priority.

“Hey, Sariel, isn’t this guy falling down?”

“Indeed, I can sense that we’re gradually losing altitude.”

Well, it was to be expected, since Gluttony Octo suffered a blow from Sariel’s Divine Protection, and took so much damage that it crashed. Other than that, we probably wouldn’t be safe if we stayed here.

“We need to hurry and escape. Hold on tight.”

Like always, I carried Sariel on my back and started running at full speed.

As I ran through the gills while being accompanied by the clattering of my armor, I suddenly felt a huge tremor. I stumbled and fell, but managed to brace myself up.

“Wow, it’s dangerous… The buoyancy is rapidly declining.”

“Soon, we’ll be free falling.”

“It’ll be okay! We’ll escape before that!”

I could see the exit.

Even without the black flame torch, I could see the radiant light coming in at the end of the gentle curve.

A blast of air flowed from the exit, blowing as fiercely as a headwind as if to block our escape. Perhaps, the Gluttony Octo had begun to breathe through its giant gills.

Nevertheless, the wind wasn’t strong enough to hamper me.

Bind Arts—”

—As I leaned towards the raging headwind, a black chain extended from my right hand. After hooking the tip to the entrance, I grabbed the chain and swung it with all my might.

Amidst the wind pressure that was about to throw us back, I forcibly took a step towards the escape—


“—Hey, Sariel, are you still alive?”


Sariel, who was on top of my chest, responded with her red eyes wide open.

One way or another, we managed to land safely.

After vigorously leaping from the gills, I let ourselves free fall, before activating Overgear just before we landed—or at least that was how it was supposed to be. However, I began to doubt whether or not Sariel would be safe. As such, the original plan turned into a last resort.

In all actuality, I hooked the Bind Arts to the entrance of the Ella and used it as a lifeline.

Surprisingly, it went well, and the chain stretched until it reached the ground. But there was another problem—it was difficult to adjust the force for landing. While I managed to protect Sariel, I landed hard on my back.

…Next time, let’s prepare a smarter means of escape.

For now, I should prioritize the current situation, rather than the future.

“…Did we manage to defeat the Gluttony Octo?”

“No, it looks like it’s still alive.”

When I stood up, I was greeted by a slightly heavy sensation.

Then, when I was about to look ahead—dammit. My vision was blocked by my ruined helmet. Since it was no longer of any use, I yanked the helmet that had become an annoying junk from my head and discarded it.

In the next moment, what was reflected in my expanding field of view was a green tower rising towards the sky.

Apparently, it was one of the tremendous eight legs that the Gluttony Octo was so proud of.

“Oi, isn’t this dangerous—!?”

I hurriedly tucked Sariel under my arm and ran with all my might

After crashing, the Gluttony Octo became a literal mountain on the ground, exuding an overwhelming presence. Whether it was aware of us or not, one of its long tentacles was about to pummel the ground.

As a matter of course, if we got hit by it, we’d be as dead as a frog that got run over by a car.

Immediately after, an earth-shaking noise resounded.

Upon turning around, I saw a volcanic plume of snow and sand rising profusely, proving the might of the giant tentacle’s strike.

“If the castle got hit by it, it’d collapse.”

“As it is, the castle is already half-destroyed. If it suffered a direct blow, it’d be obliterated.”

Fortunately, Gluttony Octo’s landing point was slightly away from the Alsace Fortress.

That being said, I currently stood at the bridge leading to the fortress, and the tip of the swung tentacle almost reached the river that served as a moat.

In terms of distance, we almost got done in. If the Gluttony Octo were to stagger even a little, the tentacle would hit the castle.

“But still, this guy should be reaching its limit. Looks like we’ll have no choice but to end it once and for all.”

We might’ve shared the sentiment.

Before I could put Sariel on my back and charge at the giant mountain, the Gluttony Octo moved.

With a roar, its two tentacles swelled as they traced the ground, raising snow smoke.

—No way.

When I thought that we’d be mowed by the tentacles, the tip of the tentacles began to penetrate the ground as if digging.

Like the previous enemy, the tip of the tentacle was covered with a sharp spell, resembling a spear tip. Surely, the castle wall would crumble if probed by such a tentacle. However, the tentacles buried themselves deeply underground, as if firmly etching themselves—

Ah, yes, they’re etching themselves.

Greed Gore’s action of forming iron sand stakes on both legs to fix his posture when firing Plasma Breath came to mind.

Although their appearances differed greatly, for some reason, I saw the Earth Dragon of Greed in my current enemy.

“N-no way…! It’s going to shoot Acid Breath!?”

The earth rumbled as the Gluttony Octo rose.

To be more precise, it had lifted its body upside down using the two tentacles. At the bottom of the main body, the mouth that should be perched on the ground became a deadly poisonous muzzle that was trained at the Alsace Fortress.

While each tentacle was thicker than even a watchtower, I could hardly believe that two were enough to lift and support the main body. After all, the body itself was about the size of a mountain. However, when it actually stood up in front of me, making me witness that Hell’s Entrance all over again, along with the drifting purple smoke, I became alarmed.

After receiving a powerful blow from Sariel, the Gluttony Octo’s huge mouth was in tatters. Both the exterior and the interior were charred as the aftermath of the fierce lightning strike. Every time it breathed, I could see green blood spurting like fountains from the scorched and torn body surface.

Perhaps, it can only fire one last shot.

But a shot was a shot nonetheless—

—and it was more than enough to wipe out me, Sariel, and the half-torn Alsace Fortress behind us.

When Greed gore aimed his breath attack at the ancient castle of Ischia, I forcefully diverted the line of fire by wrapping Bind Arts around my neck. But this time, I knew the same trick wouldn’t work.

It’s… impossible to avoid.

However, if we ran away, the fortress behind us would be wiped out. Even if I had lost Reki, there were still many people over there whom I’d like to protect.

Therefore, I had no choice but to defeat it.

“—Shield Diaz.”

Mustering the last of my mana, I concentrated on casting defense magic on a scale that I had never attempted before.

If I were to employ a giant shield in front of the Gluttony Octo, it should be able to block the breath attack. Of course, whether or not it’d withstand the deadly, poisonous turbulence that hit as fast and as powerful as a tornado was another story.

“It’ll be impossible to defend. In the first place, even if we’re in perfect condition, the breath output of Gluttony Octo is simply—”

“—Shut up! You’re disturbing my concentration!”

Sariel probably had a point—even I couldn’t hope for success.

It’d be impossible to block it completely. At most, I could only reduce its power to a level that the walls of the castle could withstand. Anyway, I deployed the thickest, widest, and tallest Shield Diaz I could manage, and held my ground by casting Overgear while protecting Sariel.

Still, with my meager magical power, and above all—the deadly presence of the Gluttony Octo, who was roaring in front of me, made me doubt if I’d succeed.

No, no, calm down—

—If this is all I can do right now, I have no choice but to do my best.

I placed both hands on the muddy ground caked with mud and snow, and unleashed magic from there. The pseudo-earth-attribute black magic gushing out from my palms seeped into the ground like water, expanding the area under my behest.

Shield Diaz itself was a defensive spell that conjured a black earth wall on the ground based on the size of the area I had under my command—

—But the current area was barely enough.

I compressed the area that continued to expand. Increasing the density—both magically and physically, was the simple yet absolute way to increase strength.

Of course, if I compressed it, the volume would also decrease. Therefore, to prepare a giant shield that could endure Gluttony Octo’s breath… Just how much would it take?

I must be faltering because I realized that I was about to reach my limit.

I didn’t have enough time, magic, or anything…

Any moment now, a vortex of deadly poison could engulf us.

Is this enough? Can I truly prevent the breath attack with something like this?

“Dammit, even so… I have no choice but to do it… I can’t just die after coming this far—”


From below the ground, I pushed up the wall of compressed black soil. Only when I was about to make it soar towards the sky did I notice it—

—the other side had taken the initiative.

“A giant octopus!?”

From the sky, a large octopus was gliding at the speed of a parachute, with its six tentacles fully spread. It wasn’t even a 10m class, but a 50m one that I saw near the summit of Gluttony Octo. A giant amongst giants.

The mouth, from which Acid Breath would come raining down, was right above us.

Upon closer inspection, the wind-attributed fog emitted by the Gluttony Octo was fleeting, but the octopus could still drift.

I thought that during the fall, the octopuses above its head would come crashing down as well, along with the dispersal of the cloud-like fog.

Is it a coincidence, or did it plan such an attack from the beginning?

An attack, from the strongest minion, at the last minute—…

Oh, no.

If the large octopus where to shoot us from above, it’d be the end. There was no way I could prevent that as well—


At that moment, there was a flicker.

A ray of light pierced the large octopus, which was about to fire a poisonous current. The sheer white brilliance was mixed with a faint emerald green hue. Despite the tremendous fire power, it still looked like a gentle light that somehow gave me a sense of relief.

…It was probably because the faint green light was familiar to me.

And I certainly remembered—the light that always shone to protect me.


As if to drown her name, a loud explosion reverberated.

Struck by the strongest light, half of the large octopus’ body exploded, while the rest scattered and fell. Despite the 50m height, it was completely shot down by a series of light that was fired in rapid succession.

This brilliance—this power—it was definitely Lily’s beam—and a lethal one, at that.

Amidst the sky swarmed by large octopuses, I looked for my dear fairy, longing to meet her—

—But before I could see her, I noticed something else.

In the sky, there were two shining suns—

“—Get down, Sariel!”

Right after that, Shield Diaz shattered.

It was a scorching golden storm. With a ridiculous heat and impact, it rampaged through the surrounding area.

Upon activation, the Shield Diaz took the appearance of a huge, square, wall around 10 m in length and width. However, the moment it came into contact with the raging heat wave, the jet-black wall was molten instantly.

The angular square went round, but soon couldn’t stand its own weight and crumbled like melted ice cream.

“Ugh, ah…”

The scorching wave that melted all my defensive spells finally struck my body. Normally, despite my remodeled body, I’d be burned, and not even my bones would remain. However, the reason I was still alive was because I had somehow managed to activate Overgear.

But it wasn’t only that.

The fleeting aura that rose so weakly, it could fly away at the gust of a wind, could withstand the scorching storm due to the existence of a magic item that could greatly reduce fire damage—Nana Blast Amulet.

The amulet that I held dearly protected me at the last minute.

I couldn’t help but be grateful to the one who gave me the amulet—

—but considering that she was the one who hit me with such a fierce friendly fire…

“…Alright, it seems that you survived, Sariel.”

“I thought I was going to die.”

“What, in my party, it’s a common occurrence.”

Isn’t that right, Fiona?

This brilliance—this firepower—it couldn’t be anything else but Al Soleil. Not only that, the ultimate fire magic. In other words, it couldn’t be anyone but her.

The devastating heat wave passed in an instance. As if to cool the abnormal—if not plain impossible heat—I could feel the early spring breeze blowing in. I stood up while holding Sariel, whom I shielded under my belly.

Then, the sight of a burning mountain greeted me. With its eight tentacles sprawled on the ground, the Gluttony Octo burned, as if wrapped in hellfire.

Such was the moment when the demon of gluttony—the Fifth Trial—was defeated.

“…That attack just now—”

“Oh, she’s my companion. Apparently, she came to pick me up.”

Looking towards the sky once again, I finally saw her.

With the contrasting blue sky in the background, a lone girl swooped down with a dazzling green glow. The way her pair of glittering, transparent wings flapped made me feel divine.

If Ursula and the others witnessed that one particular scene, they might be convinced that an angel had descended, instead of a fairy.



Aah, we finally met.

Is this what they call a touching reunion?

Actually, considering that she had aided me during my worst moment, I couldn’t be more touched.

However, I couldn’t form a smile, and the same went for Lily.

“—What’s that woman, Sariel, doing here?”

The moment I heard the cold, expressionless voice devoid of all emotions, a premonition went through my mind—

—the Fifth Trial was over.

…But for me, the real trial, the real battle, was only about to begin—


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