Black Demon King

517 Towards Freedom

From the window of the half-destroyed castle, Ursula stared blankly at the aftermath of the battle under her feet.

The corpses of allies and foes that were scattered around the fortress had mostly been cleared up. However, beyond the partially collapsing wall, there stood Gluttony Octo’s colossal body. Utterly burnt, its remains turned into a small black mountain, merging with the terrain.

The remains of the monster which had devoured an entire fortress needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. However, everyone’s hands were full. If anything, nothing could be done about it unless the crusader dispatched some reinforcements.

Regardless, Ursula wasn’t preoccupied with the post-war process.

“Priest Kuroe, Sister Yuri…”

After the Gluttony Octo had perished in the golden flames, the remaining swarm of octopuses scattered away. At last, the crusaders had won—

—But the two still didn’t return.

…In truth, Ursula already knew why.

Instead of remaining in a place where they had to lead a fake life, the two had returned to where they belonged.

“…Have you arrived at Sparda yet?”

That day was also the first day of the Pristine Water Month, when the moon changed from ice crystal. Since the battle against Gluttony Octo, three days had passed.

It was enough time for Ursula—who was smarter than children of her age—to accept the reality;

The reality that the two would never come back.

Furthermore, she had even witnessed their departure to Sparda from afar.

When the Gluttony Octo crashed, Ursula rushed outside.

To get a clearer view, she ran atop the castle walls, and witnessed a fireball—blazing like the sun—wiping down the gigantic creature in a single blow. It took her some time to register that the devastating power was actually a fire spell.

Looking at the blazing mountain of fire, just as the victory began to dawn on her, she saw a glowing figure on the road leading to the distant Galahad Mountains.

A petite figure with divine aura, almost seeming like an angel. Next to the winged girl, she immediately saw a man who could only be Kuroe. After all, there was no other man like him, who donned heavy armor while holding a limbless girl.

She was glad that Priest Kuroe and Sister Yuri were safe—

—However, that joy was short-lived.

Only once did he seem to look back at her. The castle was far away from there. As such, he shouldn’t be able to see her, much else return her gaze.

Whether it was a mere coincidence or a figment of her imagination, that was the last time Ursula felt his presence.

As if guided by the shining girl, Kuroe made his way down the path while holding Sister Yuri. Then, instead of the Alsace Fortress, he went to the towering Galahad Mountains.

Afterwards, they suddenly disappeared. Briefly, the space around them distorted, as if it had been twisted.

Right away, she knew it was a magic to conceal their presences, since she could also do the same. As such, she also knew the impossibility of finding those who had completely erased their existences.

Thus, Ursula was left alone.

He’d definitely come back—

—Such was the promise between the two, which vanished like a lie.

“I have to return as well.”

Strangely, Ursula didn’t bear any resentment towards them, while she did have regrets.

She was sad enough to cry, and lonely enough to shiver—

—However, she was fully aware of the inevitable future.

For the time being, as a survivor, she should rightfully return to the 202nd Colony, and built Reki’s tomb.

As for the future… she didn’t even want to think about it.

Thinking about the devastating future had proven to be too lonely for Ursula, who was only 12-years-old.

“Goodbye, Priest Kuroe…”

With a truly blank expression on her face, Ursula left, a sense of loss engulfing her hollowed heart.

Even three days after the battle had ended, the Alsace Fortress was still bustling.

Many soldiers were injured, while the dilapidated castle had to be extensively repaired. In addition to the original garrison, all the villagers from the 202nd Colony to the West had also gathered. As such, it was only natural that the place would be lively.

Now that the crisis had been averted, everyone had a beaming smile on their faces, and the children were innocently running around outside. Ursula was supposed to be one of those children. However, after experiencing a harsh battle that not just any adventurers could survive, Ursula could no longer join them.

“Lady Ursula, so you’re in a place like this.”

As she wandered aimlessly, Ursula was approached by Cliff—a commander in heavy armor. Cliff and Ryan were like a dog and a monkey, and for some reason was referred to as bean sprout. But after surviving such a fierce battle together, Ursula acknowledged him as a comrade-in-arms.

Ursula basically looked down on men other than Kuroe.

“What’s the matter, Cliff?”

“The reinforcements from the crusader side have just arrived. As such, we may be able to depart for the village today, at the earliest.”

Although by reinforcements, it meant that more soldiers would be coming, what mattered to the villagers was the supplies they brought.

At the very least, the crusaders weren’t so callous as to cut off all the settlers. After being defeated by Spada, the Third Army—a coalition of nobles—suffered the most. Nevertheless, the church’s first and second armies—the core of the force—were both alive and well, and didn’t outright forsake their fellow crusaders.

While rebuilding the village itself was difficult, it’d never have been possible without the backing of the crusaders.

“I see… We can finally go home.”

“Are you going to return to the village?”

There’s nowhere else to go.

“With your magical prowess, I think you can become the ace of the Crusader’s magician unit? Are you willing to volunteer?”

If Kuroe was there, he’d probably get mad at him for making a child fight.

However, Cliff didn’t mean anything bad. He simply appreciated Anastasia’s power for what it was, so Ursula wasn’t particularly offended. If anything, she felt happy that her ability was recognized.

“I have no reason to fight anymore.”

“Is that so? Certainly, from now on, you should focus on leading a peaceful life at the church, right?”

Ursula, who had become alone, couldn’t honestly think that she’d be happy, but she was still grateful for Cliff’s thoughtfulness.

“Well then, I’ll go back to everyone.”

“I see, goodbye. God bless you.”

Leaving Cliff, who sent her off with an elegant knight’s bow, Ursula went to the villagers of 202nd Colony, who had begun preparing for their departure.

Since she didn’t feel like playing with other children, she should help them out.

To begin with, she didn’t have that many belongings, and thanks to the dimension pouch she got from Kuroe, packing was easy.

Therefore, what Ursula should think about was the method of transportation for Reki’s remains.

Even without Cliff’s favoritism, it was clear that Ursula made a huge contribution in that battle. In her consideration, Reki’s remains wouldn’t be cremated alongside the fallen soldiers, but instead stored in a coffin to be buried in 202nd Colony.

In a simple, white, coffin lay the body of Reki, who seemed as if asleep, looking as beautiful as the time when the squid was separated from her body. Just before the coffin lid was closed, Ursula still believed that she’d open her eyes and said, “Hey!”

As the person who was left behind, her emotions were difficult to describe, but objectively speaking—the coffin was huge. It wasn’t a size that could be carried by a person.

In order to transport it, a wagon would be necessary. Therefore, it’d be difficult if she didn’t secure the space in advance. However, since there was Randolph, there shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, Ursula went to the entrance of the castle, where the adults would’ve gathered.

It’s necessary to confirm.

The front door had been blown off along with the walls. As such, it could no longer be called an entrance, since it was already outdoors. Nevertheless, there was no other suitable place where a lot of people could gather while hunkering down a bunch of massive luggage, so it was used as it was.

From the destroyed entrance, large wagons and dragon carriages with crossed flags could be seen lining up inside the fortress, exactly as Cliff said.

If the villagers were swarming the long-awaited relief supplies like a bunch of zombies, Ursula could understand the noise… But the atmosphere was unsetting. Not only that, it was strangely noisy.

“…What’s the matter?”

Amidst her suspicion, Ursula’s curiosity prevailed, and she decided to join the group of onlookers without giving it as much as a thought.

Making her way through the crowds of soldiers and villagers alike, she eventually reached the scene of commotion.

She could hear some people arguing. However, it’d be difficult to grasp the situation without going to the front row. Becoming somewhat stubborn, Ursula pushed through, and finally reached it.

“—Like I said, I don’t know anything!”

Ryan was at the center of the commotion.

Considering how short-tempered Ryan was, it wasn’t surprising for him to yell. But after the time they had spent together, she could guess from his expression that he was really angry.

‘What, so it’s just a quarrel. As expected of Ryan…’

The reason why Ursula didn’t think that was because she knew the person who stood in front of him.

“T, that’s… the Inquisition…”

A group of people stood there, clad in white, representing the Crusaders.

Meanwhile, the one who argued with Ryan was a girl in pure white, monastic attire with some embellishment.

Is ‘girl’ a correct term?

While the girl may be past the age of adulthood, she appeared to be less than twenty of age.

Her chestnut hair, peeking out from her white hood, was lustrous. However, her beautiful face was marred with her sadistic sneer.

Probably, the aforementioned hood and cloak were the reason why Ryan didn’t straight up pummel the woman’s face. In addition to that, men were lined up behind said woman in an orderly manner.

If it was only their attire, then there was nothing to be afraid of. However, strapped to each of their backs was a huge, cross-shaped, claymore that emitted a ferocious killing intent. It probably wouldn’t be too farfetched to think that you’d be cut in half if you did as much as look at them the wrong way

In fact, if they considered you an enemy, they’d probably attack you ruthlessly. The most feared fanatic in Sinclair, whose cruelty and ruthlessness were a testament to their boundless faith, was the Inquisition. Such was the name of an organization who was supposed to execute Ursula because her Drain ability went out of control.

Why are they in such a place?

Without a second thought, Ursula tried to leave, as a sense of emergency pervaded her entire body.


“Oh, it looks like you decided to come out on your own, the filthy, cursed, child of Ibrahim.”

The female inquisitor, sporting a poisonous smile, spotted Ursula.

From her way of speaking, Ursula knew that the woman was looking for her.

She froze, as if being spotted by a basilisk. Then, Ursula tried to slip past the crowd, but it was too late.


Since when…?

At the edge of her vision, she saw a hooded, sturdy man—and in the next second, shock ran through her abdomen.

She wriggled on the hard, stone floor. She didn’t even know whether she was punched, or kicked. In her dimming consciousness, Ursula realized that she had been thrown in front of the female inquisitor.

“Hey, are you okay!? Dammit, you should be ashamed of yourself for beating a brat—!”

“I should say the same. As a believer, aren’t you ashamed of protecting such an accursed child?”

Be it Ryan’s angry voice, or the female inquisitor’s voice—they were getting more and more distant… Her consciousness felt hazy, as if she was dreaming.

Back when she was still a child, she experienced the same feeling. However, she couldn’t put a name to it. It was suffocating, as if she was underwater—gloomy… Yes, it was a similar feeling to when she was still living in the orphanage.

“You’re too full of yourself! Just what did she do!?”

“I’ve looked into it. Her ability to drain the white mist… I seem to recall the abominable, cursed king having the same ability.”

No, it isn’t a curse—

—After all, Priest Kuroe taught me that this magic existed for the sake of protecting myself, and above all, those who I cared about…

Although she wanted to express her feelings, Ursula could only wheeze.

“D-don’t be silly! While we were frantically fighting the octopuses, you wasted your time doing such pointless research!? And now, you have the gall to show up and say whatever you like!”

But when Ryan was about to grab the female inquisitor by her collar, two hooded men stood in front of him. The men rested their hands on their claymores, implying if Ryan were to take another step, he’d be cut down.

“Won’t you stop making a fuss? I’m saying this for the sake of you all. After all, you should be aware of the duties and the authority of the Inquisition, yes?”

“…Are you threatening us?”

Cold sweat trickled from Ryan’s forehead.

For those who grew up in the countryside of Sinclair, the Inquisition was almost like a fairy tale. However, Ryan—who lived in the Holy City of Elision, was aware of them. Executions of heretics were a daily occurrence, and beheading people were akin to signing documents to them.

However, it wasn’t only limited to the heretics.

The same fate would befall those who attempted to shield the heretics.

While it in itself was a rare occurrence, there existed a thing called The Purge, where an entire village would be burned down. In case of urgency, the Church would openly authorize the Inquisition to do so.

In other words, if things went awry, all the people gathered here could be executed.

Pfft, please don’t misunderstand me? We’re no barbarians. We do not enjoy tainting our hands with blood—even more so with those that are shed by our compatriots.”

Gracefully, the female inquisitor gently shook her hand, and the pair of hooded men withdrew from Ryan’s presence.

“We’re here as part of maintaining the public order. Until recently, Pandora is an evil land overrun by demons. Until today, we still don’t know what kind of evils lurk in the background.”

“I heard that the remnants of Daedalus were wiped out by the Apostles.”

“Indeed, exactly! It’s a masterpiece that should serve as a model for us all. Even though we aren’t as excellent as the Holy Apostles chosen by God, we shall do our best, as well! That’s right, and this accursed child is the prime example of the heretics who’re cunningly disguising themselves…”

The female inquisitor couldn’t exactly be said to be pretentious, since finding and getting rid of heretics was one of the Inquisition’s main duties.

Moreover, Ryan had heard rumors that the capital of Daedalus was still looking for the remnants of the dead.

“But still, why is it at a time like this…?”

It was difficult to understand why the Inquisition would appear at such a remote location, especially after the village had finally overcome the danger of being eradicated.

“Shouldn’t that be obvious? I’ve been keeping an eye on the 202nd Colony for a long time. That shouldn’t come off as a surprise to you, yes?”

In response to that, Ryan bitterly averted his gaze, eliciting a smile of satisfaction from the female inquisitor.

“Haha, please be rest assured. We don’t have any intention of punishing all the villagers. After all, the Devil always misled innocent people with sweet words, and would deceive devout believers… Hence, it’s our duty to awaken your eyes to faith.”

Slowly but surely, she began to understand where they were coming from.

To put it simply, if Ursula—the target of the Inquisition—were to be handed over, the safety of the villagers would be guaranteed. However, if they tried to object, there was no saying what’d happen.

It was truly a simple request that even Ryan could easily fathom.

“You understand what I’m saying, right? Then, arrest her.”

The female inquisitor extended her white arm towards Ursula, who lay at her feet.

Ursula, powerless as she was, couldn’t show any sign of resistance, and was forced to stand up by the hand that yanked her shiny, silver twintail.


Ursula yelped in pain, and was about to raise her hand in reflex, only to be restrained by a hooded man. In the next moment, there was a dull, metallic clatter, which she recognized as the sound of handcuffs. Just like that, her wrists were bound in silver handcuffs.

The surface of the handcuffs was inscribed with ancient letters that glowed blue. Only Ryan, a knight, and Ursula—who had experienced the effect, knew it for what it was—a sealing magic.

“Ugh, aah…”

Ursula groaned.

It was unknown whether the shock came from having her magic sealed, or because she was handcuffed.

It was difficult to believe that she was the same magician who slayed a horde of monsters. As of the presence, she looked nothing more than a powerless, helpless child.

Ursula’s arms were restrained by a lanky hooded man, and she began to be taken away—

—At last, Ryan raised his voice.


Despite having done that, from his sweaty face, it was apparent that he couldn’t think of a word to stop them.

“E-evidence, is there any…?”

“If we start to investigate from now on, I’m sure a lot will resurface.”

“She played a huge role in the previous battle, if you just take her away like that—”

“—It’s alright, His Excellency Baron Herman will receive an official notice from the church later.”

“T-this child, she’s the same as you lot, no? Even if she’s still an apprentice, she’s also a sister…!”

“It’s actually quite common for the Devil to put on the skin of a priest to trick people.”

Any counter arguments he could think of were simply brushed off. In the first place, someone who acted based on pure conviction couldn’t be stopped by logic.

“W-what will happen to Ursula?”

“Since there’s a suspicion that she’s the descendant of Abraham—the Cursed King of Ibrahim, she’d be taken to the Great Church of Daedalus, where she’d undergo a rigorous interrogation, before being put on trial.”

It was a very well-known fact that not a single person had ever been acquitted by the Inquisition.

From the moment the white handcuffs latched on her hands, Ursula’s fate was sealed.

“Well, even without investigation, I already know this tainted child inherited the blood of the Cursed King—aah… even remembering it makes me shudder—”

…It was as if she had known Ursula’s magic for a long time.

However, Ryan couldn’t afford to ask such a question, while the shaken Ursula couldn’t recall whether or not she had encountered the Inquisition in the past.

“Then, there’s no more questions, I believe? Pardon me for the intrusion. We appreciate your cooperation in arresting the heretic. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for your speedy recovery.”

After giving an elegant bow, the inquisitors turned on their heels.

No one dared to raise their voice, let alone try to stop them.

Ryan could only stare at Ursula’s tiny back as she was dragged away. He clenched his teeth so hard; it’d crumble. Nevertheless, if he made a careless move, he’d be done for, since it’d be considered treason.

No, perhaps, the Inquisition wouldn’t even have to lift a finger, since the villagers and the soldiers here would rush to dispose of him first. Knowing what kind of repercussions awaited them, they wouldn’t dare to take a risk.

They probably didn’t like the idea of sacrificing a girl. However, her life and death weren’t theirs to decide, but the Inquisition’s. Thus, they had no choice but to oblige.

Ryan shared the sentiment. Regardless of how frustrated he was, he still had his family, friends, and future to salvage.

If he could somehow save her by fighting bravely and die, then sure. But it was a different story if he were to die in vain.

“Dammit… Anyone, is there anyone who can help—”

—But of course, there was none.

Priest Kuroe had already left.

In this world, not many people were willing to risk their lives to face the unreasonable and had the power to overcome it.

The Hero, who could save everything, was no longer there.


Even so, he couldn’t help but wish for salvation.

Even though he knew that God wouldn’t lend a helping hand—

“—Fuuuckiiin’ bitch!!”

In the next moment, there was an incomprehensible scream, and Ryan almost couldn’t believe his eyes.

After all, a figure suddenly leaped out, and sucker punched the female inquisitor’s face.

He didn’t know when or where that person came from.

The female inquisitor’s entourage didn’t even have time to stop her because it happened so fast.

As such, the moment she sensed that someone was approaching, she immediately received a blow to the face.


While letting out such a groan, the body of the female inquisitor spun in the air. The spin was accompanied by the twirling of blood which spurted from her broken nose. The artistic fall was fleeting, meeting a tragic end at the hands of gravity.

After slamming into the hard stone, her body tumbled for several meters before finally coming to a halt.

“T, this is a lie…”

However, what was unbelievable wasn’t the powerful blow, or the fact that someone was foolish enough to punch an inquisitor.

The most incredible and surprising thing was the identity of the culprit—

—A fluttering, navy blue, monastic uniform. Glossy, blonde, curly short hair reminiscent of dog ears bouncing left and right. Her eyes, wide open, glowed red like burning flames.


As if dreaming, Ursula asked the girl who stood in front of her. The girl who she was the closest with in the world.

Yes—! Alright—! Ur, you’re okay now.”

That face.

That voice.

That gesture—

—They all definitely belonged to Reki.

In front of her best friend’s sparkling smile, Ursula thought to herself—

If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up.

However, the presence of the two hooded men restraining her arm proved that the girl in front of her wasn’t a figment of a sweet delusion.

The two men were already on the move to tarnish the touching reunion—which was akin to a miracle—with blood.

“You heathen…”

“Time to die.”

Their response was fairly quick. Since the female inquisitor had been blown away, it was understandable that they’d attack without command.

Without underestimating Reki, who seemed like a child, the hooded men braced themselves, and reached for their claymores.

“How slow, I might fall asleep. If it’s Priest Kuroe, you’d all be wiped out by now.”

Reki took the initiative.

Just before the men could grasp their blades, Reki had already performed a kick. The kick itself wasn’t eloquent or anything—

—However, the moment the modest yet powerful kick connected to them, the hooded man flew backwards.


Along with the dull sound of fractured bones, the hooded man let out a low groan.

From the outsider’s perspective, the girl just casually kicked them. However, the destructiveness brought about by the kick was impressively illustrated through the sight of the hooded man’s broken leg, which had twisted backward.

Without even being able to reach for his weapon, the hooded man had collapsed on the spot.

Reki didn’t just sit back and watch the situation.

Instead, Reki took his claymore, gripping it with her small hands—

“—Die! You child of Barbados!”

The other triangular-hooded man tried to swing his large sword at Reki’s head. A blow with that power and sharpness could easily cut a child in half—however, it only cut into the stone floor in vain.

Despite having poured all his strength into that blow, he missed said Barbados child.

Did the man understand that it wasn’t a mere illusion, but simply Reki moving out of the way?

“You’re the one who’s going to die, fuckin Sinclair!!”

With the force of a sea dragon emerging from the water, Reki swung the claymore that was much larger than her body—

—The tip of the white blade flew straight towards the hooded man’s throat.


As she screamed in her mother tongue, she swung the claymore with all her might, and the man’s head fell as easily as a stalk of fruit.

Basking in the shower of blood, Reki muttered with a slightly refreshed expression.

Too easy—! As I thought, even if the enemy’s human, killing them doesn’t mean a thing.”

“…Reki, how?

Ursula didn’t even understand her own question, but Reki still answered.

“Of course Reki will come to your rescue, Ur, because I’m the older sister!”

“You’re only a year older than me…”

Naturally, she answered that.

“Even so, I’m still your older sister!”

It was a reenactment of a conversation they once had, and the two couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“…Reki, thank you, I’m sorry…”

“It’s alright, it’s alright…”

Then, the two embraced each other, with tears welling in their eyes.

Ursula could clearly feel her warmth—it proved that Reki was neither an illusion, or an undead.

In the truest sense of the word, Reki had been resurrected.

“But how… aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

“Huh?! Reki’s dead?!”


Apparently, the miracle of the resurrection was unbeknownst to the person herself. Reki’s eyes widened in shock.

“No way! Reki isn’t dead! She’s just asleep, like Sleeping Beauty!”

“…Is that so?”

“Yep! After all, I can hear the voices of Priest Kuroe and you!”

The testimony reminded Ursula of the uninteresting log documentary she had once read in Priest Nikolai’s library before she arrived to the Pandora Continent.

In it, a man who had been poisoned and fell into a coma for three days and nights reported having heard the conversations of his family, friends, doctors, and the priests around him. The entry itself was written after the man had regained consciousness. Therefore, it should be possible for someone who was seemingly in a coma to retain consciousness.

But rather than coma, Reki wasn’t even breathing or had any pulse at the time. There was a big difference between coma and death—nevertheless, from Reki’s words, Ursula was convinced that she was in a similar state with the poisoned man.

“Hence why, I already know that Priest Kuroe went away. Not only that, Ur seemed all alone… As I thought, Reki has to be with Ur!”

“T-that’s right… I’m a failure… I can’t do anything by myself…”

After all, Priest Kuroe and Sister Yuri were the ones who put an end to the Gluttony Octo. As for her, far from being able to stop them from leaving, she was caught by the Inquisition and almost got executed.

It made her aware that despite her magical power, she was still powerless in the end.

“From now on, Reki will always be with Ur no matter what, so everything’ll be alright!”

Despite being covered in blood, Reki said so with a smile.

“But… What do we do from here?”

“You should think about it from now on, Ur!”

Dozens of hooded people with claymores had already surrounded them by that point. Amongst them, there was also a magician wielding a white, long cane. The force was too much to be fended off by two children.

Since one of their companions had been killed, it was only natural. The reason why they didn’t utter their resentment and instead resorted to the offense must’ve been because they were wary of Reki’s power. Especially after that vivid display of beheading.

Reki poised her sword to protect Ursula, while the hooded figures encircled them.

“Ugh… W-what have you done…?”

The trashed female inquisitor broke the tense silence. Like a zombie, she stood up in aghast, hiding her broken nose and crumbling front teeth with the hem of her robe.

“Hurry, hurry up and kill those heathens!”

The hooded figures silently carried out the order of the furious female inquisitor. At the tip of the raised staff, a blinding light began to spread. At the same time, the vanguards marched forward.

“We’ll have no choice but to break through and escape.”

“Reki thinks the same, too! Now, Ur, let me help you!”

As soon as Ursula held out her bound wrists, Reki’s claymore flashed. In no time at all, Reki had freed her best friends from her shackles.

“I’ll eliminate the fanatics—White Yaksha Princess: Anastasia!”

“Let’s go—Go, Fire—!”

It was supposed to be the beginning of an impressive brawl where swordsmanship and magic clashed against each other—


But suddenly, there was a scream.

And that scream was enough to stir the crowd, who had no choice but to remain as silent spectators.

There’s a fire! Fire! Everyone, run!”

“There’s no way! After all, we’re in an open voice!”

Such a suspicious voice flew, only to be met with an explosion.

The white carriage that was parked behind the furious inquisitors suddenly exploded, and everyone saw it went up in flames.

As if hit by a high-level fire spell, the white carriage, emblazoned with the church’s cross, was engulfed in flames. Due to the scorching heat and the booming noise, the four horses tethered to the carriage instantly fell into a state of panic.

Then, the horses began to go berserk. That was right, they ran wild despite the fact that the burned carriage was still attached to them. In front of the main gate overflowing with people.


“Hey, quick, run! Enter the castle right away!”

“What are you doing!? Move! This way!”

As if they had completely forgotten of the Inquisition, people began to move in unison to avoid the blazing crisis. The destination was the castle’s main gate. Waves of people, as instinctive as the horses, surged into the inviolable pandemonium—where the Inquisition was about to execute Reki and Ursula in the name of God.

With the force of an avalanche, it indiscriminately swallowed everyone.

“Y-you idiot! Move out of the way! We’re about to kill the heathens—”

The voice of the female inquisitor, who was madly shouting something, was drowned up by the crowds of people who ran away in fear. The same went for the hooded figures, because countless people suddenly barged into the battlefield, they could no longer attack.

“Reki, now!”


The crowd of people was to their advantage. Reki and Ursula ran hand-in-hand. Amidst the chaos, not even the inquisition could pursue them.

The two children somehow managed to reach the castle despite the overpacked crowd.

After passing through the entrance and entering a suitable passageway, they temporarily stopped.

“Reki, Ursula.”

But when the two were about to exhale in relief, a voice suddenly called out to them.

“M-Mayor Randolph…”

“Hey, Village Chief, it’s been a while!”

Randolph appeared and greeted the two with a friendly smile.

“For the time being, I’m glad that the two of you are safe. However, the uproar will soon subside, and the Inquisition will be on the lookout. Now’s the time to escape.”

Of course, they had intended to do so from the beginning. However, they didn’t quite expect such words from Mayor Randolph, of all people.

“There’re horses in the back. If I recall correctly, you’re able to ride a horse, right?”

“Yes! Thanks!”

“Why’d you go that far for us?”

In contrast to Reki, who was truly glad, Ursula stared distrustfully at the smiling Randolph.

“Because of my loyalty and conscience. After all, the two of you have risked your lives to fight for the village. It’s only natural for me to repay that debt.”

“But if it’s only for that, one wouldn’t usually go to such lengths…”

“Did Ursula see it? As expected, you’re truly sharp.”

The moment Randolph showed up, she became convinced—

—the carriage didn’t accidentally burst out in flames.

Instead, it was an arson.

“I heard that Mayor Randolph used to be a gang leader and was a master of arson.”

“How embarrassing. It’s an ancient tale. Also, because it’s been so long, I made a mistake. I didn’t expect the fire to be that big…”

Randolph, with a trouble, yet kind smirk, looked the same like always. Appearance-wise, he seemed like an ordinary, middle-aged man with a somewhat undependable atmosphere.

From eavesdropping on a conversation between Priest Nikolai and the former village chief regarding Randolph’s past, but until that point, she found it difficult to believe.

“Well, like I said, it’s been a long time. I’ve since washed my hands off it. Even so, I’m still the same silly gangster—who risks his life for his silly pride. For someone like me, I think your hard work is a debt worth paying, even if it means risking my life… Since I made a bunch of children fight, this is nothing…”

“It’s all thanks to you!”

“Yes, but… by taking our sides, will the villagers be safe?”

“Hahaha, my skill hasn’t dulled that much? I don’t think I’d be found out. The truth is, it’d be best if we can shelter you like we did with Priest Kuroe, but now that the village has perished, it’s very much not possible… I’m sorry, it seems that you two have no choice but to run away.”

The best possible solution for the village would be to hand them over to the Inquisition.

After all, being accused of letting a heretic escape wouldn’t bode well for the village.

But apparently, despite the huge gamble he had taken, Randolph had no intention of resenting them.

“I was going to chase after Priest Kuroe from the beginning, anyway! So, there’s no problem!”


It wasn’t that the thought never occurred to her, but the way Reki stated it as if it was the most natural thing in the world threw Ursula off the loop.

Painfully aware of her own powerlessness, Ursula tried to not even imagine that possibility.

If she met Kuroe once again, would he welcome her with a smile? She was unsure. At the same time, the notion of being rejected by him was more frightening than anything else.

“Reki isn’t going to give up on Priest Kuroe! Now that he has escaped, I’ll chase after him, even if it means going to Mars!”


“Besides, Priest Kuroe could only have gone to the demon country.”

They were currently in the territory of the Sinclair Republic—in other words, the land of Alsace, at the very edge of the Inquisition’s reach. From here, they only needed to cross the mountain to complete their escape.

It was definitely a simple yet effective method, just like how some cunning thieves would camp near the border.

“Now, let’s go to the East!”

“But Sparda is on the West side? Ah, yes, Reki, let me tell you something—about the reason why you got revived.” (Randolph)

Ursula was probably more intrigued about the reason than even Reki. After all, Reki didn’t seem to realize that she had been dead.

“I had a long-standing relationship with Priest Nikolai, and when I took you in, he told me a story. You may be of royal descent from Barbados.” (Randolph)


Reki didn’t seem to grasp the meaning at all. Regardless, Randolph went on.

“Both Priest Nikolai and I thought that it was just a possibility—heck, a baseless rumor, even. But… with your resurrection, I’ve become convinced. Beowulf—the savage king of Barbados, once got defeated by the White Hero, Abel. However, there existed a famous legend about how he’d only come back to life and continue to fight. If I remember correctly, it’s said that an immortal beast in the form of a wolf resides in his body. Therefore, I’m sure that Reki possesses the same power.”

“Hmm, I don’t understand at all.”

While Reki stayed befuddled, Ursula was convinced of it.

“Even if she were to lose her life, Reki had the ability to revive herself. Of course, I don’t know if she’ll be able to revive herself next time, so do be careful.”

“Yes, I won’t be careless anymore! Well, maybe!”

“You should depart. If you turn right at the end of this passage, you can immediately get out from the back.”

As she listened, Ursula pictured the internal structure of the castle she had become accustomed to in the past few days. As Randolph said, there was a door to the back if they were to turn right. Since the post-processing of the war was still going on, the Western Gate should be left open.

Therefore, once they locate the horse, they should be able to leave right away, without anything to stop them.

“Thank you so much, Village Chief Randolph!”

“Thank you!”

“No, you shouldn’t thank me. May God watch over the two of you—although that’s no longer necessary. As it is, you should be able to attain your wishes with your own strength.”

Then, as they held hands, Reki and Ursula took a step forward.

“Let’s go, Reki, to Priest Kuroe.”

“Yes! No matter where he goes, we shall pursue him!”

The two girls—who were once referred to as Barbados, Ibrahim, heathens, second-class divines—embarked on a journey towards the wide, wide world with no strings attached.



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