Chapter 407 The moment when the wings broke

The month of Blue Moon, day 8. A night of downpour and reverberating roars of lightning. Right after Kurono left through the window just like he entered for the secret meeting.

On top of the table, there was a white spoon. The spoon Kurono had used. Kurono had used her personal spoon.

It’s not like she wanted for that to happen. It’s just that there were no other spoons which he could use. She can’t let him use Charlotte’s personal red lightning relief spoon. She also can’t have him using Safiel’s personal cranium relief spoon. She doesn’t want Kurono to use them.

While repeating to herself that Kurono using her spoon was not her choice, she picked up the spoon.

I need to clean it, I need to clean it, I need to properly clean it–she told herself. Even though that is clearly what her mind is telling her, her body wouldn’t listen. Her hands moved, naturally–and the spoon, now being gripped with both her hands, was slowly but surely, being carried into her mouth.


“Nn, ah……”


Sweet. Sweet, really sweet. Too sweet. Sweeter than pudding. So sweet that she felt like her brain would melt.

And each time her wriggly tongue licked the smooth surface of the spoon, it got hotter. Her heart, body, grew hotter.

Despite her heart pounding like crazy, weirdly enough, her stomach–the ends of her stomach, was burning the hottest.

She couldn’t keep standing. She felt as if scorching heat like magma boiled up from the bottom of her stomach. Her legs gave out.

Still having the spoon in her mouth, she turned around to look at the disarranged bed. The bed where Kurono was. She felt it with her instincts that Kurono’s scent and warmth was still remaining on the bed. And before she realized, she was on top of it.


“Haa…… haa…… I am sorry… Kurono…… I am sorry…”


And then, for the first time in her life, Nell masturbated.

It’s something that she can never tell anyone, it’s something that she must keep as a secret, it’s too embarrassing but–why does Lili–


“–Did you really think I wouldn’t notice? How you are always making Kurono use your spoon?”


From the sweet climax of memories of that night, her consciousness returned to the cold and bitter reality in front of her.


“Ah, umm… I was…… that’s… not it……”


She barely managed to wring out the words of negation from her dried-up mouth. But she couldn’t give excuses. Even saying that was like a miracle considering how blank her mind had become.


“That’s not it? What’s not it?”


As if her words were saying–’you lie even in this situation? What a pity’. Lily just glared at her in contempt.

Nell immediately averted her gaze. She wanted to run. She wanted to run from here right away.


“That’s not it…… it’s not… I haven’t done… anything……”


While staring at her feet, she just kept on blurting out words of denial. She couldn’t say anything more than that, she couldn’t think of anything other than that.

Even still, she can’t admit it. If she were to admit to it here–


“Hmm, I see, then say it while holding Kurono’s hand. Say that ‘I wash the spoon Kurono uses immediately after he leaves’.”


What meaning did that have? It didn’t have any meaning. That act wouldn’t be proof of anything either. But that’s for the majority of the people.

However, for someone with the telepathy ability, that would be the ultimate proof.


“You can do it, can’t you? Showing your memory to Kurono? So, prove it. Show Kurono what you do after you return to your room–”


“Stop it!”


With piercing scream, she drowned Lily’s words. However, such a thing is nothing but stopgap measure. After just a moment, Lily’s, the demon’s child’s mouth, opened again. The demon’s words which pushed her down to the ends of despair, yet again.


“‘Stop’? Stop what, exactly? If you don’t have anything to hide like you say, surely you can do it.”


“Stop it…”


“If, if you can prove that there is indeed nothing, I will apologize, with all sincerity, and say that I had a very indecent and deplorable misunderstanding.”


“Stop it…… stop it, please……”


“Come on, answer properly. Will you prove it, or will you not? What did you do or what did you not do?”


“No…… stop it… please, stop it already……”


“Answer me.”


“No…… no……”






Still facing down, her vision, now blurred with flowing tears, could see Lily’s white hand. Her icy fingertips slightly, kindly, touched Nell’s cheeks.

And at that moment, her face was forcibly raised. Her face, now forced to look forward, was face to face with Lily, whose peerless beautiful face was now distorted with anger.


“Answer me! Nell Julius Elrod!!”


“He, ah…… aaa……… uwaaaaaaa!”


And finally, Nell gave in, in front of the words and the gaze of the kingfish who digged away at her heart. Her tears came gushing out and she crumbled to her knees.

She was hiding her face with both her hands–either to stop her tears or maybe to hide her miserable face. She herself didn’t know.


“Ah, disgusting, disgusting. To think such a filthy woman was following Kurono about.”




With anger, she pushed Nell by her shoulders. Being crushed emotionally, she had no strength nor will to resist and her body just collapsed.

A sharp impact went through her back and wings. It didn’t hurt that much but her appearance, while groveling in the ground, was miserable. Just like a bird whose wings were broken.


“You, pervert! Pervert! Perverted princess with sexual obsession!!”


Nell couldn’t say anything in return to those words of abuse. She didn’t even have the will to do so.


“What magic lessons, huh? What important friend…… Your ulterior motive is obvious, just like a bird in mating season! Go and give birth to an unfertilized egg at Avalon royal palace or whatever!”


No, no. That’s not it–Even the voice which denied it all in her heart started to vanish in face of those dark words filled with hatred.


“Don’t look at Kurono, don’t talk to him, don’t touch him, don’t you dare, contaminate my Kurono!!”


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