“—Aaah! It hurts!!”


Her hands which were hiding her face were ripped off. She was kicked. Lily’s dancer like flexible legs kicked her away without mercy, as if kicking an insect.

However, rather than the pain running through her hands, it was the luminance in her vision that took away her eyes.

The sky she looked upto was clear blue. But it felt like it was raining heavily. Even though her sight was blurry, for some reason, she could see Lily’s face filled with scorn, looking down on her, clearly.


“Starting now, don’t ever get close to Kurono–Or so I would like to say but, I will allow you to meet him just one more time.”




Even though her face had gotten pale with despair, hearing that one line–meet Kurono–Nell reacted. Of course, she would soon realize that that is nothing close to hope, but rather a demon’s words which would make despair even more.


“After all, you need to say your goodbye, right?”


If she disappears suddenly, Kurono will definitely be worried. He wouldn’t abandon her, his friend.

However, what if she says goodbye herself?


“Ah…… n-no…… no……”


“I think you already know but a war will break out in Spada. And so, you should return to Avalon.”


Nell Julius Elrod, the first princess of Avalon. With her safety in mind, she will escape to her motherland. Kurono will surely not be able to ask her to stay when presented with that logic. Rather, he would be glad to send her.


“I-I don’t, want that!!”


“Is that so? Then I will just have to tell Kurono everything.”


Fortunately, Kurono hasn’t realized anything yet. He believes that she is pure from the bottom of her heart.

Nell felt that trust every time they held hands when teaching magic. And that made her heart and chest burn up. So much that she had been having difficulty stopping her feelings from reaching Kurono through the back door when teaching magic.


“Th-that… that is…… please… anything but that……”


Ah, how terrifying it is. His kind smile turning into an expression of contempt. Or would he flare up in rage? Or would he just leave with a sad expression?

She didn’t know, she had no way of knowing. She didn’t know what would happen if Kurono came to know her secret. However, she did understand that it would lead to destroying the trust and the friendship they had built up till now.

It’s different from that time after Iskia war. Kurono thought about her, needed her, wished for her. There was no need for her to be depressed.

However, what if she was really rejected by kurono? What if she were to be rejected by Kurono himself, face to face, without any mercy or compassion–that terrified her so much that it freezed her soul and thoughts. She couldn’t think of anything anymore.


“But, if you do it now, you can part with Kurono cleanly. Kurono, being kind as he is, will probably remember you as a kind friend for the rest of his life.”


She could make it so that their relationship be preserved beautifully in their memories. Kurono would still believe her to be a sweet princess.


“I, too, don’t want Kurono to be hurt. I don’t want him to know that his friend, whom he trusted so much, only looked at him with indecent eyes. I don’t want him to know such a terrible truth, I want his memories to be left clean.”


No, no, there’s no way I only saw Kurono with indecent eyes–thought Nell. Her feelings towards were more pure, deep, and heavy—but even if she were to say those things out loud, would it have any persuasion power to it?

After all, it is true that Nell had been masturbating with Kurono’s spoon. And in reality, it wasn’t even just his spoon–his fork, his cup–anything he had touched with his mouth was fine with her.

And especially recently, she could feel that she can’t help herself anymore.

I want it, I want it, I want it so bad, I want Kurono—her lust just swelled up, without stopping.

And when she coincidentally spotted Kurono’s underwear at the back of the dorm, left to dry, she couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

She herself understood. She knew that Lily wasn’t falsely accusing her, she knew that Lily’s words were precisely based on the truth about her indecent greed.


“And so, properly say your farewell to Kurono and let him relax.”


Before she realized, Lily was crouching down and looking into her face. Her expression looked like she had been worried about Kurono from the bottom of her heart–a gentle smile.


“B-but…… I, promised… Kurono that I will…… teach magic……”


“Ah, that is fine.”


With a big smile, Lily slightly opened her mouth.


「قبضة الذراع تعزيز ممارسة قوية」


Even Nell, who was a rank 5 priest, couldn’t say that that wasn’t a perfect chant. Without hesitation, Lily just fluently sang.


“—-’Forced Boost’”


In Nell’s limbs, which had lost all energy, power came gushing in along with heat. Lily’s enforcement magic, ‘Forced Boost’, had displayed wonderful result.


“I told you at first, didn’t I? That your teaching really helped. Thanks to that, even I was able to memorize the ‘model’.”


Having come this far, Nell finally understood Lily’s true intention.

The reason Lily had sticked to the lessons every time was not because she was caution of Nell. Her real objective was to learn ‘model’ herself and steal Nell’s job as the teacher itself.

The reason why Nell could be Kurono’s exclusive teacher was highly because of that telepathy ability. There aren’t many people who can fill in that role—However, Lily, being a fairy, possesses a far more superior telepathy ability than her.

If she properly learns the ‘model’, she should have no difficulty in teaching Kurono.

Lily didn’t just make threat because of Nell’s vulgar actions. After acquiring everything which Nell provides to Kurono as a merit, Lily decided to cut her off.



(I… I can’t win…… I can’t possibly, match this person……)


Nell could only tremble with fear in front of Lily’s thoroughly prepared plan. Even though ‘Forced Boost’ was in full effect, she still wasn’t able to stand up.

Lily. Rather than the devil’s child, she is the devil herself.


“And so, you can rest easy and part with Kurono, alright?”


In front of that beautiful fairy face, Nell had no choice but to yield.


“…..Yes, I will… part with Kurono………”




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