Although it is a very prestigious act to go and fight for one’s country, there’s no one who can really be happy from the bottom of their heart sending people to war. Everyone would leave their precious people and head for the battlefield. There’s no one not prepared for a final farewell.

As we got even closer to the main gate, I could spot many people seeing others off with teary eyes.

Everyone from the adventurer course are not necessarily young boys or girls but generally, there are more young people. Although you could understand both parties’ standing from their appearance, the atmosphere there felt like that of a graduation ceremony.

Looking at a magician girl gather up in a circle together with her female friends and crying or looking at a large man in full armor silently shake one of the male students hand, my tear glands were stimulated.

It was when we were just about to cross the main gate of the school,

“Fuuhahahaha! The time for war has come! The curtains rise on the 5th fateful war in Galahad and it is finally time for the Nightmare Berserker to go up to the stage called the battlefield! Tonight, the legendary 2nd page will be drawn, only second to that of Iskia—”

Spada’s second prince had appeared, shouting out lengthy substance less phrases.

With a perfectly arranged hairstyle and a newly bought monocle shining in the sun. He was wearing a black blazer and had a red cloak fluttering behind. He was grandly standing in front of the main gate.

Ah, he was completely waiting for this, wasn’t he?

“Haa…. that’s a lotta things you messed up, Will…”

It’s not like he can’t read the atmosphere. No, it might be precisely because he read the atmosphere.

“Hm, Kurono. Spada’s royalty never shows tears to the knights heading for the battlefield.”

That’s right, my friend—no, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him my best friend at this point, Will. I have to say farewell to him as well today.

“But, thanks for coming to see me off.”

“Obviously, you are going into war to protect this Spada. I can’t call myself your sworn friend if I didn’t see you off here, could I? No, it’s probably not enough to just see you off, since I can’t stand next to you in war because I am royalty….”

Will was in charge of quietly staying in Spada, without going to war. Although there are plenty reason for him to not go to war—like him being completely unreliable in battle or because of him still being a student, the number one reason was to preserve the royal blood.

As the king and the first prince is taking part in this war, it is only appropriate to prepare for an unexpected situation. It’s only natural for them to decide to put the 2nd prince in a safe place.

Even if Will were to try and sneak out of the castle with a rifle to go to war, he would be restrained and taken back. By Celia, the guard maid, who was quietly standing behind.

Of course, as Will is smart, he knows his position and his skills and that’s why he came to see us off.

“As such, I have gathered all the people who are also praying for your triumphal return! Now, everyone, it is time for legendary departure of the Element Master lead by Nightmare Berserker Kurno! We will see them off with a grand applause!”

The moment he spread out his arms, looking up at the sky like in a drama—a thunderous applause could be heard.

All the students surrounding us clapped and cheered for us.

Telling us to ‘protect Spada’.

“Will, the people gathered here, are they perhaps…”

“Hmm, they are the students you saved in Iskia.”

When I looked around closely, I could spot some familiar faces.

I didn’t speak with them in Iskia castle or in the celebration party so I thought they might be avoiding me but it seems that isn’t the case. It was probably just hard to approach me.

The ones I have talked to here are probably only Eddie and Shenna, who were standing in front. They somehow end up facing unfortunate situations but I want this childhood couple to be happy.

Ah, now that I look closely, I could even see my number one fan, to whom I gifted my sign. She had a small figure and was being crushed by the crowd but still looked up at me with shining eyes. I should work hard enough to not be hated by my fan.

Now that I think about it, I don’t even know her name. I completely forgot to ask her. No, not just hers, I could have asked the names of everyone gathered here.

I could have become a friend from a saver if I walked up to them and talked. To think I would realize this after all of them gathered up and cheered for us. I somewhat feel pathetic.

“Thank you, nothing could make me happier than this. I will definitely protect Spada.”

Although I have slight regrets remaining, in my heart, I could feel courage seething out. They are the people I protected for the first time. I will protect them again, for the 2nd time, for the 3rd time, no matter how many times it takes.

“Hmm, that’s very much like you. Those are strong, reassuring words. With that, we can stay back here with a piece of mind as well.”

As Will was nodding, Simon went behind him and pulled on his cloak.

“Now, now, Will. You shouldn’t keep them here long. They need to make it in time for assembly.”

“Hm, right, sorry. Although I am reluctant, you should go now, Kurono.”

If I stay here any longer, it will be harder to leave.  I, too, feel reluctant but I must move forward.

“Yeah. See ya, Will, Simon.”

And just when I was about to move ahead again,

“Wait! Kurono!”

A female student jumped right in the middle of the front gate. An angel like figure, with wings spreading from behind her. There’s no way I could mistake her or her voice.


Avalon’s first princess and one of the few friends I made in Spada. Nell Julius Elrod. She also came out here to bid me farewell.

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