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Kuro no Maou 409

Chapter 409 The time for the two to go separate ways

“U-umm… Kurono-kun… I…”

Nell came jumping in front of me. I haven’t seen her since Asbell village.

However, now she felt more like the time when I visited her at night during that thunder storm rather than that time after the Fenril subjugation. No, maybe even worse than that.

The corners of her eyes were dark. Even her blue eyes looking straight at me seemed like they lost their radiance.

“…..Nell, I am happy, we got to meet before parting.”

That clears my regret. While feeling relieved, I got off Merry once again.

And when I actually stood in front of her, she looked even more depressed. As if she might break with just a touch.

“I heard from Lily. You’re returning to Avalon, aren’t you?”


It is true that it didn’t turn into a rumor inside the school yet but one can easily understand the reasons behind it with a little thinking. No, maybe no one even bothered making it the topic since it was too obvious.

No matter if they are the Wing Lord, Nell and Nero are the royalty of another country. There’s no way they would have the leeway to participate in Spada’s wars.

“It will be lonely without you but I am glad. You will surely be safe if you go to Avalon.”

She will certainly be safe there. However, I don’t know how we would meet again. If she returns to Avalon, chances are high that she will just remain there.

It is difficult to say that Spada’s situation is stable now that a war is breaking out. Daidaros was also an opposing country but it has already been 10 years since the last war with them.

Spada is literally the front line in the war between the city-state alliance at the center of the Pandora continent and the invading army. It’s hard to think that she will be allowed to study in a country like this again.

Moreover, since she won’t be another student of the academy, there would be no chances for us to meet since I am just an adventurer.

Even before Lily told me last night, I saw it coming.

“That’s not… I-I, no matter how dangerous the situation, I wanted to be with you, Kurono-kun!”

We might not be able to meet ever again. It seems I didn’t even need to confirm that. She must have been holding it back. The tears came flowing down her cheeks.

This is my 3rd time seeing her tears. How many times do I have to make her cry?

“Thank you. You saying that is enough for me.”

“I am sorry… I, can’t do anything…”

Nell even came with us to Iskia to protect her allies. Even when she knew the risk, she didn’t hesitate.

“…..Kurono-kun.. at the very least… could you, at least, accept this…?”

Her tears showed no signs of stopping as she held out her trembling hand, on which lied one white feather. It was a beautiful white feather, giving out a dim and faint light. But I had seen it before.

“This is… Area Guard Feather?”

“Yes… The one I gave you before was made from my inexperienced divine protection but this is a complete artifact, made by the head shrine maiden of Avalon.”

Now that she mentions it, it does give off a stronger magic presence than the previous one. But the size and appearance is similar and Nell’s one was also quite good.

“But, is that okay? Isn’t this something you should be keeping—”

“I am, fine. I want you to have it, Kurono-kun… This will surely protect you again..”

I nearly escaped death before because of the charm Nell gave before. This is possibly the best blessing.

“Thank you, Nell.”

If I come back alive, I will go return this. Although I don’t know if I can give it to her personally once she goes goes back to the princess status. Even so, it will work as hope to definitely make it back alive.

And so, I obediently took the true Area Guard Feather from Nell and put it in the chest pocket like before.

“Ah, right, in return… well, I don’t think I will ever be able repay you for all the things you did for me but, I would like you to accept something as well.”

I held out my arm and used Shadow Gate to bring out Nell’s present from my cuffs.

Normally, Hitsugi would lead the deposits and withdrawals by dimension but for some reason she didn’t react this time. She might reading the atmosphere. It has been a while since I selected something of my own will.

And then, from the shadows, a pinball sized gem came rolling onto my hand. At first glance, its radiance looks similar to Black Opal. Inside the shining sphere, one could see jet black and crimson color flickering like a flame. But it was cold to the touch.

The red light which kept flickering without maintaining a form looked like it was made from magic.

“Eh, no way… this is…”

“I don’t know if it’s an artifact or not, though.”

I said with a bitter smile.

This is a gem I bought while preparing for the war alone before Lily and Fiona returned.

Although I returned from Asbell village desperately, after learning the details from Will, I got more than enough time and room to calm down. And that’s when I bought it as a present for Nell but who would have thought it would be as a parting gift?

Ever since Lily told me Nell would be returning to her country, I wanted to give this to her by all means and fortunately am blessed with a chance like this.

“You see, it seems they couldn’t understand its name nor effect even after an appraisal. But, since it’s a treasure excavated from an ancient ruin in Avalon, there’s no mistake that it’s a gem and has value.”

It’s not like I am being stingy about buying a normal gem. Since it’s glowing and has magic inside, there’s no mistaking that it has value as a gem and a magic stone.

But still, since the details are unclear, it isn’t even comparable to the artifact gem Lily has.

There are several patterns when the effect can’t be understood even after an appraisal. The most common one is that there’s no effect. The next most common one is that the effect is so low that magic can’t detect it. And lastly, the effect is so enormously big that appraisal magic can’t measure it.

Such a large effect is called an ancient since it deviates from the model system and it only manifests in places with extremely strong monsters. As such, there’s a very low chance of something like that going around the market—a chance even lower than winning a lottery.

And if I were to add, I bought this from Mordred weapons’ shop and not a gem/magic stone shop so that tells me that the chances are high that it’s not that valuable. But it was on the excavated product corner and Mordred president also recommended it so the chances are not zero either.

“But if you have it with you, Nell, I feel like it might show some amazing effect. And so it might have a value high enough to even surprise the Avalon’s royalty—that’s what I am hoping.”

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