If I were to use that Pandora priest’s example, one would need to follow more strict commandments to receive reliable divine protection. For example, double the time of prayer or do the difficult things you haven’t done before.

All those seem to be to get in favour of God but–

“No, it’s probably the opposite.”

“Opposite? What do you mean?”

“The first time I met the demon lord, this was the explanation I received about divine protections—”

“As you already know, to receive divine protection, it’s necessary to devote faith to the God—however, when I say devote loyalty, I don’t mean just flatter or butter up to the God.

If I were to put it into words, it would be something that makes it possible for God to intervene with the world. No matter how much God likes that person, they can’t bestow the power unless they can speak.

The opposite is also exact—as long as they can intervene, they must bestow the power. As long as someone clears those conditions, regardless of whether God likes them or not, they will receive the power and that power can’t be taken away from them.”

That’s right, at that time, Mia-chan plainly said that.

“If this is the truth, the contract isn’t made with both party’s agreement—isn’t it made only with the person’s will?”

God can make the conditions for the power, but as long as they are cleared, it is up to the person whether he will receive it or not.

No matter how much they hate the person, as long as they clear the conditions as saying ‘I want the divine protection’, they will get it. Inversely, no matter how right the person is, if they don’t clear the conditions, they won’t get the protection no matter how much they pray.

“….I see, there are inconsistencies. If so, then divine protections disappear because the situation changes and the conditions are not met anymore, rather than whether God is displeased or not.”

Even the commandments are nothing but rules then—as long as you follow them devotedly, no matter how much you hate God bestowing the divine protection, you will receive the protection. Even if you were to do something terrible or misuse a loophole of the system, as long as you don’t break the rules, you would be fine.

Although, in terms of protection’s will or loyalty–such ambiguous things where you can’t really draw a line, the Gods’ interpretation of the contract’s breach might be broad.

“Maybe the White God can only give divine protection to whomever they please.”

“No conditions to receive the protection and regardless of the person’s will. Maybe the reason they bestow protection to only 12 people is that there is a restriction would violate that system.”

If they really want to do as they please—or, to be more specific, if they really want to rule the Pandora continent, they could just bring up all the believers as apostles. That way, they can easily conquer Pandora continent. However, in reality, only those 12 apostles have that transcendental divine protection. It is only natural to assume that that is because there is a restriction or limitation at play here.

“If only 12 apostles are chosen by the White God’s will and their protection isn’t taken away no matter what they do, their protection probably won’t ever disappear.”

“Then you mean if their protection is based on conditions like us, then there’s a possibility that it will disappear if they oppose the contract.”

Whether the apostles’ protection disappear or not—the conclusion to it is finally out after going through many detours.

“However, as long as we don’t know what kind of contract the apostles and their God have, we can’t use it against them.”

Ultimately, that can be said about all the divine protection holders. Well, I didn’t really expect anything, to begin with.

“But, if there are commandments in their religion like in the Pandora shrine, won’t the apostles’ protection disappear with just one opposition to the commandment?”

“There are quite a few apostles in history who can be said to be the ideal apostle but… The 7th apostle, Sariel, is quite a pious sister, so maybe make her drink alcohol as a test?”

‘But something other than wine’–Fiona said. I wonder if wine is permitted because it’s the Gods’ blood. I don’t feel like finding out if the Cross religion is ripping off Christianity that much.

“Although I don’t think jokes or surprise attacks will work on her.”

“However, you could take her purity away too with force. After all, it seems purity is the most important condition for a sister.”

Fiona said like it’s none of her business.

I can somewhat guess that. It’s that isn’t it? Because it’s forbidden, you feel more inclined towards it.

“Either way, even if there’s a chance to do that, we must deal the final blow. I’m not so reckless to try it out.”

It is true that Sariel’s face is unbelievably pretty, but I don’t feel like doing it. Her malice is growing too strong. And at the same time, the fear of absolute difference in strength as well.

To me, Sariel is like the real demon rather than a woman. No, maybe God of death is a better title for her since there’s a fear of my life being taken away in the next moment.

“That was a joke. After all, I believe in you, Kurono-san.”

That’s the 2nd time today. And Fiona’s eyes tell me she’s serious. Was it really a joke or was I being tested?

“Well, there’s the previous offence which was caught in Lastrose’s dream. But—”

Even if Sariel has a hidden move like Misa’s ‘Madonna Charm’, it won’t work on me.

“No matter what Sariel says, I will definitely not be deceived. That’s what my 4th divine protection is for, after all.”

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