Kuro no Maou 412

Galahad Fort

11th day of the month of Gloom. 1st corps of the Spada army’s fourth squad ‘Gladiator’ safely reached the Galahad fort.

The mountain road was put in order before but there was no trouble or dropouts even considering the piled up snow and the intense slope. We were able to reach according to the schedule without any accidents.

I have passed this road once before but was shocked seeing how I couldn’t recognize it at all. Of course, that’s not only the road between Galahad and Spada, but also this overwhelmingly big fort’s majestic appearance.

“Was Galahad fort this huge before…”

What stood in front of me was a gigantic wall. Galahad’s huge castle walls made its beholders think that nobody has ever been able cross these walls, regardless of whether they knew the history of it or not.

Although, to people who actually know the history, it is even more surprising.

It seems this huge castle wall has been constructed on top of an ancient ruins. It is said that at first, it was just a giant steel gate and a few dozen meters of crumbling walls around it. However, even though these were at a bad condition, they were built with ancient technology and were still very solid. Which is why long ago, the first generation Spada king decided to use this location and build upon it.

And like that, in the span of many years and months, slowly but steadily, a lot of expanding and strengthening was done before this enormous castle wall was done.

The location of this historical fort was miraculously just in the gap between the mountains. Just that one point has a lower height from the sea level and on both sides, two rocky mountains stood out. It gives an impression of a huge valley rather than being between mountains.

It might be that this miraculous terrain was also formed during the ancient times.

And the huge Galahad castle walls were 1 kilometer long in width, going from one end of the valley to the other end, completely blocking it off from the outside.

Its height is about 15 meters tall. This precisely constructed vertical wall would probably look like a huge dam from the attacking Daidaros’ side.

On the other hand, from the Spada side where I am standing, you can also see the fort befitting of the huge walls. It has the shape of a rectangular box with defense towers on all four corners, similar to Iskia’s old fortress. However, it’s size is on a different level. Seems at least twice as big.

And that’s not the only thing that’s different. On top of the deep armoring on the wall, the entire structure was also equipped with a wide area magical defense barrier.

Not only does the fort in itself exhibit high defense, these four sky-scraping defense towers further amplify that.

At the top of these towers are Spada’s imperial magicians launching maximum firepower magic from cannons. And on the root of these towers, deep underground, lies the devices activating the barrier around all of Galahad fort except the walls. It’s an important point of defense.

What’s even more surprising is that apart from the huge fort itself, there’s also structures such as barracks, warehouses, and stables to keep horses. It’s like a small city at this point.

“It was just after the Alsace fight that time so it’s not really odd for you to not remember.”

I was the only one surprised by the scale of the fort. Fiona was still pretty much expressionless. Or rather, it seems the fort is none of her concern.

“I troubled you a lot that time…”

After grouping with the relief Spada army, all my mental strain had been lifted so I was kind of in a trance state. And before I realized, I was sleeping at the Cat’s Tail restaurant.

I had thought I was being normal in front of Lily and Fiona to not make them worry but… now that I think about it again, I don’t really have any memories of that time.

I had been relying on the two all the time until I met Mia so I am eternally grateful and also sorry to them.

“It’s okay, Lily, I won’t lose anymore!”

“Yeah, that’s right. We have gotten stronger. Even if the apostles come, we will definitely win this time.

With strong fighting will and an oath of certain victory, I held Lily and got off Merry. From here on, I will just head towards the designated stable with the horse.

Fiona also got off Marie and started walking with the reins in her hand. Towards a building with a signboard in which “Galahad Restaurant” was written broadly.

“Oi, Fiona, that’s the restaurant.”

“I know.”

“You can’t go in with the horse.”

“…..I know.”

No, you definitely didn’t know, did you? What’s with that sulking face?

When the establishment is that complete, I guess you would be tempted. After all, everyone’s more or less hungry at the battlefield.

But, what’s with being hungry immediately as we arrive?

“We will go have something to eat after leaving these guys to the stable, alright?”


The Spada regular soldiers get supplied to them but we do not. We need to take care of our won expense. And that’s why such a normal restaurant is also built here. Well, there are also canteen merchants who do business with military too so this kind of shops aren’t non-existent.

Especially here in Galahad fort, they can boldly open up shop right next to the wall as there’s hardly any worries of it ever being penetrated. And that very brothel like 3-storied building seems old as well. Or rather, is it really okay for it to be so close, a place like that? Makes me worry in a different sense.

“Even still, these people are amazing… Lily, don’t get lost.”

“Ye~s.” Lily replied energetically while moving wave of people with light footsteps. Well, she’s basically floating, rather than her footsteps being light. As I thought, those ‘Fairy Dance Shoes’ look fun.

Here, the new adventurers as well as Spada’s main force is gathered. The population density is quite high.

Most of the Spada knights have already went towards the fort but as the 2nd squad ‘Tempest’ has a lot of horse riders, they made tents and stationed outside. It seems they will be taking care of their horse themselves. I guess if you aren’t willing to do that much, you can’t really become partners who entrust their life to each other in the battlefield.

Anyway, with the whole army’s soldiers and the adventurers, the fort and its surroundings were filled with people. Of course, I had thought we would also be camping outside but surprisingly enough, we were able to find lodgings. Rather than being lucky, it feels more like a side benefit of being rank 5. Although it is just a guestroom for the countryside guild members.

And like that, while we were doing our best to somehow get through the crowd, a huge shadow fell on us.

“Ooh, so that’s a dragoon, eh?”

When I looked up, I saw green-scaled wyverns landing on a helipad-like thing one after another. It seems to be an exclusive spot for the dragoons to station.

Although they are about half the size of salamanders, the wyverns were also part of the dragon lineage and that can be understood from its strong and heavy flapping wings.

“Ah, there’s a white one among them.”

“Right, is that the leader?”

The white dragon with its pure white scales were dazzling and it looked beautiful as it landed last. The surge from its wing flaps almost reached here as we felt a gentle breeze pass by.

“White flying dragons are quite rare. You can’t really ride those unless you’re very strong or you’re very rich.”

Fiona said, sounding apathetic.

“That flat, it’s the Avalon national flag. If so, then it’s probably the 1st dragoon squad ‘Dragon Heart’.”

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