When I followed Fiona’s gaze, I could spot a blue and white colored flag fluttering on top of the cliff. The motif drawn there had a sword, a shield, and a dragon. I am not really used to it but I do know that that was Avalon’s national flag.

However, I don’t know what squad they were.

“You are quite knowledgeable about this, huh, Fiona?”

“I just heard it at a lecture.”

Now that she mentions it, I do feel like I heard something similar at a lecture. After all, I feel like I have heard the 1st dragoon squad “Dragon Heart” somewhere.

It seems Fiona is much more capable when it comes to academic performance. My results weren’t bad in high school but I wasn’t the first at anything either. As I thought, Fiona is a genius, eh?

“I had heard that we will receive some reinforcements from Avalon but… hmm, I see, it certainly is better to send the elite dragoon squad rather than a lot of soldiers.”

With the Pegasus Knights being the first sight of flying knights for me, they certainly are very strong and rare. Sure, Avalon didn’t send a large army but judging from the fact that they sent their treasure, it does seem like they do have the intention of supporting Spada.

“The Crusaders will probably also implement quite a lot of flying military this time. So it is certainly reliable having a soldier to go against that, even if it’s a few.”

“Lily is also here!”

“No, it will be fine if we just leave it to Spada and Avalon’s military. We, the Element Masters, will be able to fight together this time.”

Although it is still just scheduled to be that way. I pray that an emergency situation like that time when Lily had to fight a flying horse knight doesn’t happen again.

“I hadn’t been of any use during the Last Rose subjugation so I will definitely do a lot this time.”

“Lily will do her best so you can praise Lily a lot, Kurono!”

“Thank you for your reassuring words. I will also do my utter best—”

I will show the Crusaders hell.

Now then, the preparations to meet the enemy has been fulfilled. All we need to do now is wait for the enemy to come.

“–Ah, it’s already getting dark..”

Before we realized, the sky had already started getting red. Soon, this Galahad fort will also get dark.

I wonder how many days it will be from now till the fort is dyed red with fresh blood.

Till the time comes, I just have to quietly wait here.




16th day of the month of Gloom. Early morning.

With the rising sun as its background, one Pegasus was flying with an air of composure.

Beneath it lied a snowscape. Even the verdant grass-covered plains were now under a thick layer of snow and the deep green forest had also lost its color.

The flying Pegasus’ hair was also not any less whiter than the snowy landscape. No matter who looks at it, they will surely agree that it’s beautiful.

However, the one mounted on its back was even whiter. Her long silver hair glistened like silk threads and her holy priest robes fluttered in the wind.

Her skin was so white as if it wouldn’t allow any kind of impurity.

“….We’re here.”

Her mutter mixed with a sigh disappeared into the air leaving behind only a white breath.

The girl slightly pulled on the reins to command her horse to stop. Correctly understanding his master’s command, the horse flapped its beautiful yet strong winds and descended from a high altitude at once.

And its destination was a huge deep black boorish looking structure.

The structure, which had been built not to defend, but to attack, looked way more colder than the snow.

And then, the girl got off the pegasus.

“–7th Apostle Sariel, welcome to Alsace fort!”

The ones greeting her were the entire army of the fort, lined up systematically in front of the main gate. They were wearing white equipment to blend in with the snow but a group of 5000 men did stand out.

Still, Sariel’s small body shone even among that group of 5000.

The act of the 7th apostle Sariel, supreme commander of the Crusaders, descending from the heavens was nothing short of sublime. In front of her beautiful young girl like appearance, all the soldiers prostrated and caught their breath. The young men soldiers’ eyes glittered as they saw her. The young woman soldiers forgot all about jealousy as they admired her beautiful face. And the veteran officers just let out a breath of admiration.

“….Raise your heads. Report the situation.”

Sariel had gotten off of the pegasus like an angel’s feathered rose slowly touching the ground. The soldiers then remembered their duty.

A young man wearing gaudy silver armor came hurriedly running along. He was the Count Belgunt and was the general in charge of Alsace fort.

“Pardon me, your Excellency, Sariel! I lead the 8th squad of Belgunt allied forces—”

While the name did stay in Sariel’s mind, she probably wouldn’t ever call it.

The reason why she came to this place despite it being midwinter was only to watch over the battle with the enforced Galahad fort. She doesn’t plan to interfere needlessly by brandishing her authority as the supreme commander.

“It seems the main army has already departed.”

“Yes! The main army has departed from Alsace fort on the 24th of the month of Frozen Soil. As you can see, because of the steep roads and the blizzard, it taking them some time to proceed while securing the road.”

Even though she hadn’t asked that much, the nephew general went ahead and gave a careful explanation on how they were maintaining the snow-covered roads while advancing.

It would be a serious matter if an apostle were to find fault in them. He is also probably desperate to earn their approval and make them understand.

Although, no matter how sloppy or careless the plan is, Sariel probably won’t interfere either way. With no way of knowing the silent apostle’s true intentions, the general kept earnestly piling up useless explanations one after the other.

“–As such, we predict that uncle—excuse me, his Excellency Belgunt general, will begin attacking Galahad fort today or tomorrow.”

As the long explanation finally came to an end with a conclusion, Sariel suddenly stopped her feet. As it was so sudden, the young man took a step back and stumbled.

His foolish appearance wasn’t reflected in Sariel’s crimson eyes. Her gaze was fixated on the calm towering Galahad fort way far away in the distance, underneath the cloudless blue sky.

“….It has begun.”

Nobody could ask ‘what?’. However, hearing her mutter, everyone of them could guess more or less.

Sariel didn’t speak any further. She had no obligation to explain. It is enough as long as she understands.

She had just sensed that the fight between the Crusaders and the Spada army had just begun using her super senses which apostles have.

“I will go, make preparations.”


He asked this time. Because this time, her words seemed to be directed to him.


“Y-yes… We are already prepared to welcome you and if you are tired, there’s also a room ready for you to rest…”

Not knowing what her ‘preparations’ mean, he just had a perplexed expression as he tried to get to the truth. Being stared at by those crimson eyes, the young man started to sweat.

“Later is fine.”

The silent girl decided to abandon any further explanations without hesitation and went into action.

She past through the Alsace fort front gate once again and went outside. In front of her was the 5000 Crusader soldiers in a standing formation. She took quiet steps and started walking by the castle walls.

Just when everyone was wondering exactly where she was headed, Sariel stopped once again.

“U-umm, is something… there?”

He finally asked after leaving ample in between. Sariel slowly turned around, still having that doll-like expression and clearly said,

“I will, draw a magic circle, here.”

What magic and for what purpose? Only Sariel knows that. And she probably won’t explain either.

And so, to them, it was literally ‘Heaven knows’.

However, if it’s something an apostle does, there’s no mistake in it. It is most definitely an action parallel with the divine will.

If so, then what Sariel is doing now will surely bring victory to us Crusaders—that’s how everyone interpreted the situation.

However, the person himself didn’t want to use it if possible, in contrast to what they were thinking.

The magic circle she will draw now. If the time comes when she has to use that magic, then most probably–

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