Kuro no Maou 413

Start – The 5th Galahad War

Day 16th of the month of Gloom. Early morning.

With the clear winter skies behind them, the Crusaders appeared.

“….So they have come.”

I muttered reflexively.

I was now on top of the Galahad fort’s castle walls, looking down on the white army squirming about.

They still couldn’t be seen clearly due to the dense white smoke rising from the snow.

According to Spada army’s research, that is due to the snow removal. While melting the thick layer of snow blocking the road with a fire magic called White Dordtsudanp or something, they slowly kept advancing.

And like that, they had finally reached all the way here after a whole month. Unfortunately, it seems they didn’t get caught up in a avalanche or some kind of disaster on their way here. Is this what they call the God’s blessing? Seriously, to hell with it.

“It can’t even be compared to that time in Alsace.”

Fiona, who was standing on my left, said. She seems quite calm.

“It will be fine, the number of allies we have this time is also incomparable.”

To my right, Spada knights were orderly lined up in red armor. And to my left, the adventurers were disorderly gathered, wearing different types of equipment.

The passage on top of the castle walls was quite wide as the walls were very thick. Even a large carriage could pass through here. All the stairs built were also spacious. The coming and going of people here along with goods transportation is very smooth.

And the highlight of it all is probably the fact that this huge passage is 1 kilometer long. Although it would suffer a complete loss when paired up against the Great Wall of China in terms of length, it would easily win in terms of intensity, considering the fact that it’s 15 meters high.

And when such a wide passage is packed with people as if it was a fireworks festival, one could easily guess how large the Spada army is. And in reality, about 40,000 soldiers have gathered here in Galahad fort.

There are also 103 adventurers here who fought together with us in Alsace. About 400 times the difference.

“The Crusaders surely have about 3 times the number of our soldiers. And in terms of strength, I would say it’s a tie.”

“A tie is more than enough. This time, we have a chance to fight head on and win.”

Although, among all these soldiers, we are probably the only ones who think that the win percentage is 50-50. No, even including the people in the capital, there probably isn’t anyone who doubts our victory.

It’s worrying when ‘strength’ starts to become ‘self conceit’ and create leeway. However, it can’t be helped. Even the king would have difficulty changing the way he thinks.


While I was kinda tense looking at the enemy’s large enemy in front of us, Lily let out a yawn beside me.

If someone who didn’t know her saw her sitting on the edge of the 15 meter tall castle wall like that with her legs on the other side, they would surely be terrified. She was so far on the edge that it felt like she would fall anytime. But since Lily is a fairy, she would still safely land on her feet.

“Aren’t you nervous, Lily?”

“Mm? I am fine.”

She answered with an innocent smile, as if she had no idea that a war will break out soon.

“After all, Kurono is with us today. I’m not scared of anything.”

“I see… right. I also don’t feel scared since you’re with me.”

Although young, Lily looked divine as the wind blew from underneath, making her platinum blonde hair and velvet one piece dress flutter. She looked like an angel, flying down on the fort—or rather, a fairy, flying down on the fort.

I could reach her if I extended my hands. And weirdly enough, I felt at ease stroking her head.

“Yo, Kurono, I guess it is only natural for you to be this calm, huh?”

I remember hearing this refreshing voice, which suddenly came from behind.

As I turned around, I saw Spada’s gladiator, Farkius—close, too close!

“Move a bit.”

“Ah, sorry. I was just so happy finding you.”

Why would you get that close to a guy if you’re happy? Give me a break.

Farkius gave a big smile, without an ounce of shyness, and finally moved one step away.

And it probably wasn’t just my imagination when I felt mana from Lily’s head just now. Yep, I’m also being cautious, Lily.

“Is it okay for you to be here, Farkius?”

“Rather, it’s okay for you to not faithfully stay true to your position as a gladiator, you know? If you want, I could even escort you to the middle where His Majesty the King Leonhart is at. It is your first time here in Galahad fort, right?”

What escort do you mean in this one way path? It seems this guy can’t tell that I am implicitly telling him to leave me alone.

Currently, we are only a step away from the beginning of the war and naturally, the positions we are supposed to be protecting are set.

The 1st squad, ‘Brave Heart’, led by the King Leonhart, is stationed at the middle of the castle walls.

The 2nd squad, ‘Tempest’, led by general Emilia was stationed at the back as reinforcement. The main force, the cavalry squad, are to stand-by by the gate until the order to charge is given. However, a group of archers and magicians were stationed in defense towers to use long range abilities.

The one leading the 3rd squad, ‘Rampage’, is the general called Gezenbul. I have absolutely no idea what kind of a person he is but this squad was here first, strengthening the defense of the fort. And like that, their positions were set to be the left and right sides of the castle walls.

It seems this squad is formed with races other than human and elf. Their main force is infantry but seeing how most of the flying horse knights and griffin knights are assigned to Rampage, they are also in charge of protecting the skies.

And then us, the 4th squad, ‘Gladiators’, are stationed at the edges. We were divided to defend the precipitous cliffs and I was at the north end.

Once war breaks out, fierce fighting will take place at all the locations but the center will probably be the most chaotic. As such, the general rule in everyone’s head is—if you want to play an active role, go to the center.

And since we, the ‘Element Masters’, have the authority to act on our own accord, we are free to move to a different location.

Of course, the same goes for Farkius. In other words, it can also be said that this guy came here out of his own will.

“We’re fine here.”

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