It’s not like we are being particular about this place but I have decided that we would stay here for now. I thought we might get in the way of the perfectly ordered ‘Brave Heart’ if we were to go all out in the middle from the start. Of course, I do plan on going there if it looks rough but if it looks fine, I intend on leaving it to them. I don’t think that I have to protect everything.

“Is that so? Then I wonder if I should stay here too.”

“…Do as you please.”

“Thanks, you’re kind, huh?”

No, not really. Nell’s behavior is what you would call real kindness.

Even such a cliche line sounds cool when he says it with that fresh smile. I feel kinda annoyed.

“But do keep some distance when we’re fighting.”

“I wanted to protect your back. Can’t I?”

“Sorry but that’s already reserved.”

I grabbed Lily and held her up like a kitten to block off Farkius’ alluring gaze. Lily was in intimidation mode and the effect was outstanding.

“Mm, you can go fight over there.”

“Ahaha, I guess this is my loss, little fairy.”

That’s right. Since the day I’ve come to Pandora, it has been Lily’s role to protect my back. I feel nostalgic when I think back on those times when we subjugated cave goblins.

“Besides, it’s dangerous for you to stay near me.”

“I can fight even beside a mad warrior with a cursed weapon so it’s fine.”

“Are you familiar with friendly fire?”

We plan on fighting with the most fundamental formation of the Element Master. Lily and I will be the vanguard while Fiona is the rear guard.

Although the strength of her flame magic is excellent, it also has a surprisingly high chance of misfires so it’s like a double-edged sword. Lily and I will be fine but I am not sure about anyone else.

“You will be caught up by flames from behind.”

“Yes, you will be caught up.”

Fiona said with a straight face, as if she had no intention of being careful.

“It’s dangerous so please stay away.”

“Hmm, I see, I will be careful.”

Even Farkius couldn’t deny this. Well, at least with this, he won’t be carelessly coming close.

“Ah, right, Fiona, don’t go breaking the wall, alright?”

“I will do my best.”

“Also pay attention to your allies’ movements.”

“I will take that into consideration.”

Yep, I will just assume it will be fine.

“However, is it really okay for Farkius to be here? I can’t see the other soldiers.”

By the other soldiers, she means the other soldiers who have the authority to act independently.

At the right side, there were soldiers from the Rampage squad. And on the left, none of the people who were given the authority could be spotted.

“There’s no problem in terms of the allotment of strength. On the right side, there’s Aiku and I have also left my squad members there as well. And on this side, I am here.”

I felt like he was indicating that he himself is as strong as his whole squad. Farkius was very casual in his behavior but it looks like he has absolute confidence in his ability.

“And I have also heard the ‘Yomi’ and ‘Blade Ranger’ went to the middle at the start too. And I don’t really know about the people who went solo myself.”

I guess he wouldn’t be aware of the movements of all the people who received the authority. Although one would stand out if they move in a party, they wouldn’t if they act alone.

By the way, ‘Yomi’ and ‘Blade Ranger’ are two adventurer parties who received the authority together with us. Both are rank 5. In terms of adventurer history, they are decades older than us, making them our senpais.

Yomi is a 4-man party consisting only swordswomen and they have received their name directly from one of the black Gods, “Master swordsman Yomi”. They are a group of capable swordswoman who are not really showy in appearance.

The leader was an old woman with a long sword. The other 3 had full head helmets on. The only one I can definitely say is beautiful was the one wearing the Lamia helmet. She had dark brown skin and reddish brown scales which looked quite different from Aten. I felt that there can be many differences even in the same race all over again.

And the other party, the ‘Blade Rangers’, was consisted of rangers, just as their name indicated. Yep, a squadron with 5 members of 5 different colors.

The leader, Red Sword, was a young man with red hair and a red muffler on. I am sure he’s a passionate young man with a strong sense of justice.

The sub-leader, Blue spear, was a young elf with blue hair and a blue muffler on. There’s no mistaking that he probably has a cool personality and is in-charge of holding down the passionate red.

Although he didn’t have yellow hair, the 3rd member was a cyclops giant with a yellow muffler on and was called the Yellow Axe. I am not sure if he likes curry or not. I haven’t seen curry in this world to begin with. I am secretly wishing Red Wing can develop it.

Instead of green hair, the 4th member was a goblin with green body and was called the Green Knife. Of course, he also had a green muffler on. Although you can’t really tell a goblin’s age from their face, he’s probably the youngest. Thinking in terms of the setting.

And the lone woman in the group, Pink Arrow’s race is unknown. One can tell she’s a woman from her assassin/bandit like full-body suit. However, because of her full-face helmet, her face couldn’t be seen. And of course, both the suit and the helmet were dazzlingly shocking pink.

When they are all lined up, the pink one looks most like a hero. From Red to Green, they had different equipment on like adventurers and only had the same type of muffler.

The Red feels like another foreigner like me but… while I am curious, I decided to look up on that after the war. After this war, I will be investigating on the Blade Rangers’ secrets.

“Although, we don’t really know if the enemy will last by the time our turn comes up.”

“Farkius, don’t underestimate the Crusaders.”

“Fufu, you seem to be quite cautious. I am well aware of Spada army’s strength and most importantly, I believe in my strength. Especially now, when I have someone I love, I don’t feel like I will lose.”

Rather than self-conciet, I felt Farkius’ eyes had this color which reflected his belligerent attitude—his desire to release all his overflowing strength from the bottom of his soul.

But still, this guy has a lover? That is a relief. What a relief. His partner is probably some extraordinary beauty but even still, I can bless them from the bottom of my heart without any jealousy. Be happy forever.

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