Even at this moment, it was curving up adventurers with its claws and crushing their faces with its monster hands.

Doing whatever it pleases. It will be dangerous if I don’t get rid of it quick.

Just when I had closed the distance to a single step, a clumsy adventurer came forward, blocking the path but—well, I can easily jump over a single person.

“’Kuro nagi’ (Black lull)!”

And with that momentum, I swung down on the lizard-chimera’s head.

Its cold lizard eyes and bloodshot orc eyes both looked at me simultaneously.


While letting out a weird shriek, it jumped backwards with an absurd speed unfitting of its appearance but still, the jet black slash cleanly cut off both of its left hands. Even its tough lizard skinned hand and its gorilla like huge furry hand were both cut off without any difficulty by this hatchet.

Even while a pool of red-black blood was pouring out of the cut portion, the lizard-chimera showed no signs of flinching and just confirmed me as its next target.

However, the moment you decided to stay here was the moment that decided your fate.


Such a cute voice could be heard from further back. By that time, Lily’s sphere of light, ‘Ruks Sagita’ to be more accurate, was closing in on the lizard-chimera.

A total of 6 arrows of light with transcendental maneuverability and tracking weaved its way through the lined up adventurers. It crossed me in a blink of an eye and landed directly on to the crazy chimera.

“Ooooouu! Gaaahhh!!”

Even in its berserk state, it seems it felt the pain from the high temperature light or just got really mad as it let out a high pitched scream from its lizard head. At the same time, its orc face also distorted and let out a scream.

That opportunity is more than enough for me to land the final blow.

“Niren Kuro Nagi (Double black lull)”

With the first blade, the lizardman’s head dropped.

And without a moments delay, the second blade dropped the orc’s head.

Just as I was done performing my technique, I was just in front of the chimera. And then, I took a step back to go to my previous location.

“Take care of it, Hitsugi.”

“Yees, master! Poipooii!”

As if preparations were already done, ‘Anchor Hand’ went flying from the shadow underneath my feet. The chains are not even needed.

After all, I just need to throw these 3 pieces of corpse outside the wall.

However, in the next moment, something giving out killing intent appeared behind me once again.

It was as if the chimera I killed just now became an undead right there with hatred and resurrected.

Of course, it is impossible to turn into an undead in an instant like that. After all, one can’t immediately resurrect a dead body unless they are a trained necromancer.

“Haa… as I thought, it isn’t one body, huh?”

Before I could even turn around, another monster with four arms appeared.

“So it’s a wolf-chimera with werewolf as base this time, eh?”

The first image that comes to mind when I think of werewolves is the image of Vulcan but this one gives off a more thin and sharp impression. Its body hair was also dark brown so it’s hard to say that they look similar.

The two hands which grew from its shoulders were green and looked glossy like metal. They were the hands of a praying mantis.

Although I haven’t seen one yet, I have heard that there are races which look similar to insects. These hands might have just been taken from a mantis monster.

Either way, this wolf-chimera is a strong enemy who has the power of two blades even while being bare-handed.

“I leave it to you, Lily!”


The wolf-chimera came charging at me. I dodged it with a step back and threw him towards Lily as a whole.

Of course, not because I am scared. I could easily cut it in half with Nata-senpai. Ah, this ain’t good, Hitsugi’s weird naming is catching onto me…

Either way, what’s important is that there are two chimeras on the wall at this moment. That’s right, I first sensed a presence behind me. Something different from the wolf-chimera. I need to get rid of that one as soon as possible as well.

I will have Lily take care of the wolf-chimera while I take care of this one.

This way, we can get rid of these two together.

As expected of Lily, I didn’t have to explain anything. She precisely understood what I meant.

“I am your opponent, pig.”

What stood in front of me after I turned back was a chimera with pig as the base. There were 4 other hands attached to its pink fat body, making it a total of 6 hands.

From its sides, two blue scaled hands grew which are probably a lizardman’s hands. And its fingertips were also claw-like.

And from its shoulders grew harpy’s wings which were fused with hands. Its white feathers reminded me of Nell but its color and texture were no where near Nell’s.

Even still, did this guy really climb the wall with that body? I have my doubts.


The pig’s breathing was wild as it looked at me with its bloodshot eyes.

After giving out a tear-ripping scream, the chimera charged at me like a wild boar. The adventurers in between us were overwhelmed by that momentum and jumped back. The adventurers who failed to dodge it were flicked off by the chimera’s huge body and let out a groan like a crushed frog as they groveled on the stone paving.

Well, still, it’s not a fatal wound so I guess they are fine.


I watched as it tried to throw a straight punch using two of its right hands.

It isn’t something too difficult. Although he does have power, the charge up for the attack is huge and due to the chimera being in berserk mode, they don’t even have the wisdom to use feints. I just need to see and dodge.

I leaned sideways to dodge its thunderous punch and slashed with my blade as we passed each other.

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