The pig’s body just had light fur and didn’t have any special defense like the lizardman. And since my blade can even cut through lizardman’s scales without any trouble, I don’t even need to use any technique here. Almost leaving it to strength, I kept cutting him up with the cursed blade.

“–Too shallow, eh?”

Right after cutting through the abdomen, I immediately turned around for additional attack.

If it was a normal human, that slash just now would have definitely split their torso and trunk but it seems it was a bit too shallow for a pig’s abdomen.

Polluted black blood and gleaming fat and entrails were spilling from the wound. However, there’s no way the berserk state would be stopped with just that and since it’s that organization’s experiment, it probably has the toughness to keep attacking still.

And in reality, the pig-chimera just oinked a war-cry and made a sudden break to its rush and turned to face towards me again.

And because of this intense movement, its abdomen wound opened wide and what is thought to be its intestines came slithering out.


The pig’s reaction shows its will but its too slow. In a world of fights which are decided in milliseconds, that slowness is fatal. One can land most attacks that way.

And the attack I chose wasn’t a slash from the hatchet but rather a kick.

If I were to seriously kick it in strengthened state, a giant like this would also fly like a soccer ball—well, at least it would be blown to the sky.

My clean kick blew its body to the other side of the wall. A final attack which I thought would be much better since it would throw the chimera out of the wall quicker.

“Grenade burst.”

Being constrained by gravity, the chimera went into free fall with its head first. But just to make sure, I also hit it with my black magic of fire.

If I just throw it outside the wall, the blast and the heat won’t affect my allies. They might feel a bit hot but that’s about it.

The highly-explosive black projectile I created with my bare hands flew at a high speed as usual and made its way from me to the chimera just before it hit the ground.

Impact. Explosion. The red and black sinister explosion created fireworks as it burnt the pig’s body to a crisp.

The so-so splendid harpy wings just fell without ever being able to spread. Seems like it was a pig which couldn’t fly even with wings.

“Uwwohh! Darn, these guys are strong!”

“This isn’t good, don’t let them up to the passage!”

“Drop ‘em while they are climbing!”

While I was dealing with the pig, it seems chimera soldiers were climbing from various parts of the wall.

As expected, the Spada army also didn’t get done in lopsidedly and swung their swords and spears, stopping the chimera soldiers while also making sacrifices.

Although we were overwhelmingly high in numbers on top of the wall, if the chimeras kept sporadically rampaging like this, the actual war slaves army will cause more disorder. And in fact, on the south left-wing, two ladders were already on the wall.

“This is bad, we can’t be pushed like this.”

The Crusaders are still scouting us while they let go of the sacrificial pawns. If the Spada army falters even a little here, their spirits will rise and they will come charging with momentum.

“Lily, Fiona, let’s prioritize on the chimeras and take them down!”

I rushed back to where Fiona was, where she was still shooting fire magic faithfully like I instructed her at first.

And on the way, I grouped up with Lily, who was waiting without breaking a sweat. Of course, the wolf-chimera was nowhere to be seen. Its burnt black dead body is probably lying somewhere at the bottom of the wall.

“Yep, got it!”


An energetic reply from Lily and a somewhat motivated reply from Fiona. Even for me, killing those pitiful monsters is better than turning the war slaves into minced meat.

“They have high mobility. I would like to smack them as much as possible before they reach the top of the wall.”

Just as the Spada soldiers were shouting out. If these guys came charging in with numbers, the battlefront will really crumble. From the looks of it, not even 10 of these came up till now but who knows how many will come.

Who knows how many of these war slaves are chimeras.

I can’t guess but I will have to kill as they send.

“Then, it’s time for that formation, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t think we would have to use it so soon, though…”

We, the Element Masters, don’t only have the ‘anti-cross’ formation for Sariel. We properly have a few formations thought up with this Galahad fort as the base.

We just thought about most of these and haven’t put it into practice. Our excuse is that we didn’t get the time nor the place nor the opportunity to practice.

Either way, I was now about to go ahead with a formation without any practice. Although I do feel anxious, I will just have to resolve myself and do it.

“Listen well now, Fiona, you are to provide back up there. There’s only Lily and I so feel free to let it all out.”

“Yes, I shall go all out.”

To be honest, I would like her to hold back a little but I need to say that here even if it’s a lie.

“Lily, you’re with me on the front. No transformation… can you do it?”

“It’s fine, Lily will protect Kurono!”

“Yeah, I leave my back to you.”

That ends the review. Now all we have to do is boldly jump down from the wall.

“….Bind Arts.”

While standing on top of the wall next to Lily, I brought out the jet black chain and ‘Anchor Hand’ real form from my left sleeve and attached the hook to the stone wall.

“I will leave the control to you, Hitsugi.”

“Yes, please leave it to me, master!”

I will be counting on you, Hitsugi. From my heart. After all, you will literally be my lifeline now.

“Well then, let’s go—formation ‘Vertical Limit’!”

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