Kuro no Maou 418

Alter Face

Due to the appearance of chimera-soldiers who are able to easily climb the wall, hand-to-hand combat could be seen all over the top of the wall. Blood and blades flying here and there — a scene befitting of a war.

On top of that, there were meteorite-like huge boulders flying this way from catapults lined up a kilometer away.

The castle wall on which the Spada soldiers stood strong without having a single crack even after being directly hit by those boulders — befitting of its name, Galahad castle, and its defensive prowess. On top of that, these boulders were also being fended off by the latest barrier devices and the Spada royal magicians who were using all their mana to deploy a wide area barrier of light.

The blazing boulders were getting smashed to pieces the moment they collided against an invisible dome-like barrier 200 meters away from the fort. The scorching flames scattered and the hot raging winds were cut off, leaving small stone pieces falling off.


“Oi, Nero! Let’s get there quick!”


As the thunderous roars of the destruction of those boulders reverberated above head, one young man shouted out in a loud voice.

The blond young man stood on the edge and had a dragon mask on.


“You idiot, don’t call me by my real name.”


The young man called Nero retorted. He was also wearing a mask.

But his one wasn’t that of a dragon, it was a much more simple one — a white mask covering only top portion of his face. The sharp outline from his nose to his chin gave off a sense of beauty.

However, fortunately, the fighting adventurers surrounding them didn’t pay any heed to them.


“Did you already forget why we dressed up like this?”


Nero said with an exasperated expression — of course, he is the first prince of Avalon, Nero Julius Elrod.


“I know, I know! And, umm, what was it, again? Your name?”




“Ah, right, right, that. Of course I remember!”


Seeing his buddy shout that out proudly, Nero gave out a long sigh.


“Really, don’t mess this up, alright? We have already come this far. Listen closely, I am X, Char is S, Safi is D and you’re… do you remember?”


“Ummm…… Kai?”




He came up with the name so that even an idiot would remember but at this rate, it holds no meaning. For now, he had no choice but to pray that his friend remembers it now.


“Don’t go shouting the party name now, alright?”


“It’s fine, I got this!”


Kai — or rather, K, said proudly, striking his chest, to which his friend could feel nothing other than anxiety. But this too, was usual for them.


“Haa… as I thought, maybe it would have been better if we didn’t come… to this bothersome place…”


The rank 5 adventurer party ‘Wing Lord’ had now made their way to the very middle of the 5th Galahad war. However, they were participating without revealing their identity.

At present, Nero was calling himself ‘X’, a newcomer adventurer who has travelled all the way from Avalon to accept the emergency quest. And he had coincidentally encountered 3 new adventurers in Spada and formed a party called ‘Gladiator’ to stand in the battlefield.

That was the setting for the rank 1 adventurer party ‘Alter Face’.

Stupid and worthless lies and acting — through and through. While he himself also thinks that, he has come to the conclusion that sometimes things like this must also be done in the adventurer world.

It is only because adventurers aren’t really pried into generally that he can self-proclaim to be someone else and not be inquired for it. None of the Wing Lord, or rather, Alter Face members think that they can truly hide their identity by wearing these masks. No, maybe Kai really thinks “Nobody will know with this!” from his heart.

Either way, even if someone realizes who they actually are, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. At the very least, if it’s the adventurers.

There will be no problem at all if they aren’t spotted by the Spada soldiers. Especially the third princess Charlotte.

Of course, if she just stays mixed among this ‘Gladiator’ party and doesn’t fight in a conspicuous way, it will be fine.


“Hey, hey, X-san, we should go and do that too!”


Kai, who had revised the name for what it matters, tried appealing his battle urge to Nero by pulling on his disguise “apprentice magician robe”. He was a bit — rather, quite a bit annoyed.


“We still don’t have to do anything. Spada’s defense isn’t so brittle as to sway with this level.”


In his field of view, he could see 6-limbed werewolves climbing the wall only to be repeatedly stabbed by resolute Spada soldiers.

Although these chimeras were absurdly strong with their distorted bodies, the Spada infantry were still able to defeat them. If they poke with their spears from four directions continuously in this narrow space, the chimera soldier won’t have any other choice but to ripped to shreds by receiving the spearhead head-on.

If they were your ordinary soldiers with low morale, they would tremble in fear seeing the chimera soldiers strength and would have scattered easily. However, each and every soldier here are dauntless and resolute patriotic Spada citizens.

Even against these raging chimeras, they fight with courage, willpower and spirit and bring home victory with numbers.


“Besides, killing those creepy chimera soldiers won’t earn us much credit anyway.”


“I, too, don’t want any weakling material. Or rather, I don’t really want to use anything where human hands have reached.”


Muttered ‘D’ — Safil Maaya Hydra, who was wearing a sinister looking skull mask and was standing behind Nero.

Wearing similar apprentice magician robe. Nero’s one was black but Safil’s one was dark purple. On top of that, because of the long hoodie combined with the skull mask, Safil looked like the Shinigami. If the voice which came from the other side of the mask weren’t as beautiful and pleasant as it was, one would never think that they were a girl because of the gloomy and dark atmosphere.


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