“Or rather, Safi — I mean, D, are they necromancers’ slaves?”


The red-haired girl who was standing next to Nero wearing a deformed cat mask asked the Shinigami Safi casually.

And naturally, the identity of this cat-mask girl is — the third princess of Spada, Charlotte Tristan Spada.

Instead of the usual red mantle she waved fabulously, she was wearing a deep red cape. Although she was also wearing a hoodie like Safil, it was decorated with cat ears.

Covering the upper half of her body was a pure white blouse made with mythril fibre and she was wearing a red-black checkered miniskirt. The swaying cat tail could be seen at the edge of the skirt. Of course, it isn’t real but it was very well done.

By the way, the only people who know the secret behind the tail’s movement are the manufacturers, Mordred weapons firm.


“No, those aren’t dead bodies. They are alive, without a doubt.”


Deep inside the eye socket of the skull mask, a purple light flashed. And in front of that gaze was a skewered chimera soldier’s dead body which was being thrown off the wall.


“That means, they went and remodelled Daidaros’ slaves while they were still alive… that’s a terrible technology.”


“Eh, they aren’t a new type of monster?!” — only Kai was surprised as he had such a stupid assumption. Even if you’re not that smart, if you were to see the different characteristics of different races together like that, you would normally think that they have been changed forcibly.


“However, Spada doesn’t have such high end technology. At first glance, it just looks like they had limbs forcibly attached but these limbs are also moving properly. On top of that, they are on a bit of a berserk mode and have the command to go kill ‘enemies’ after climbing the wall.”


And that is certainly true — even though it feels as if the chimera soldiers have lost their reasoning power, they can’t be seen attacking their allies, the war slaves. Safil went as far as to say that they are probably given the order to kill after climbing the wall but it wouldn’t be weird if they are able to differentiate between enemy and ally.


“And judging from the fact that they were able to prepare so many of these soldiers, either the Crusaders have a prodigious magician or–”


Safil usually never harbours interest towards others but as rare as it is, Safil was impressed.


“–they have a crazy organization who would do something like this out of pleasure.”


In other words, even the prodigious necromancer of the proud Hydra family had to admit that there was something about those chimera soldiers.


“Fufu, well aren’t they interesting? These Crusaders — I am a bit curious.”


“Oohh! Safi is showing eagerness! Now that’s rare! Then, let’s go together to beat thos—bugehh!”


The staff with the crystal skull head was driven into his dragon mask.

Of course, it was Safil. Mercy or tolerance — that attack had none.


“This and that are different. I do not want to fight ‘that’. Also, call me D, you idiot.”


“Uggugu…… you… my mask could have been broken, you know?! This is quite brittle, unlike me!”


“That’s what you’re concerned about?”


Seeing them act as usual even in the battlefield, Nero let out a second sigh.


“Oi, one went that way! It’s coming from underneath, be careful!”


Such a warning came from an adventurer.


“Uwoh, are you serious?!”


“This is bad, it’s coming this way!”


“That movement is so creepy!”


In front of the Alter Face, there was a group of 3 unreliable adventurers — or rather, they were complete newbies.

They were at the frontline defending the exterior of the castle walls. Nero and the others were a line behind them. They couldn’t actually see the enemy approaching but they could easily imagine that multi-limbed multi-headed chimera soldier ferociously climbing the wall towards them.

Considering their position, the front line adventurers will be encountering it first. However, they will probably be done in by the chimera soldier with a single attack. If that happens, then Nero’s group would be their next opponent.

Nero silently put his hand on his beloved blade “Reitou ‘Shiroou Sakura’”, which was sheathed and was hanging by his waist.

The other members also made preparations — even without their leader, Nero’s order.

Even if they didn’t have any intention of fighting against it, they had no choice if the enemy targeted them. Even Safil and Nero can’t complain in this situation.


“Alright, now! Get i—Geehhaaa!”


The adventurers wanted to attack right at the moment the chimera soldier finished climbing.

However, their sword and axe and spear were deflected easily by the chimera soldier’s big frame as it came leaping up like a dolphin.

As Nero had expected, the three were cut at once by the chimera’s claws. They fell down on the floor, spilling fresh blood all over the place.

Two of them died instantly. The other was on the verge of death. He was astonished, looking at his hand all wet from the blood endlessly flowing from his chest.


“E…h? …… This… can’t be…… I……”


Did they not even consider the possibility of their death even at a warfield? They just ended up kicking the bucket just like that, with an expression which screamed disbelief.

If they used a high potion right now, they might just be able to save him from dying but — now, at this moment, with the enemy right in front of them, Nero had no intention of doing that.

That wasn’t him being coldhearted or cruel. Even other adventurers or knights would do the same. It was the obvious order of precedence.


The only ones who would prioritize saving lives in a battlefield like this would be a virtuous priest or my sister Nell.

And at this moment, she isn’t here. She has probably left Spada territory by now.




A chimera with lizardman as base went up and stood on the castle walls. He had blue scales and two insect-like limbs coming out from the shoulders. It had knife-like sharp lizard claws and sharp poking out insect claws. If a normal human took a hit from this head on, they would have probably dropped dead like the adventurers just now.

However, rank 5 adventurers wouldn’t even be hesitant against such an opponent.


“Alright! I got this!”


Kai drew his long sword from his back and charged happily towards the lizard chimera.

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