The chimera also prepared its fangs to intercept Kai head on–or at least, it had started preparing but stopped right that moment.




The lizard chimera gave off such a weird cry as it was restrained.

It was a black chain. It came crawling up towards its prey quickly like a snake and jumped on the chimera.

The lizard chimera, which was entangled from top to bottom, was taken off the wall as if the dead were dragging it down to hell.




And the next moment, a crimson red track could be seen from the other side of the wall. Simultaneously, a loud death agony reverberated and exceptionally dark red blood sprayed upwards.

After all this, all that was left behind was the corpses of the 3 newbie adventurers and Kai fixed in his place with his sword drawn.


“D-darn it!! My prey has been taken!!”


Seeing this man shout out his regrets all too honestly like this, Nero let out his third sigh. However, that was not after seeing Kai’s state, rather, it was due to the black chains just now which stole away their prey like a vulture.


“Haa…… Kurono, that bastard… getting all hyped up against small fries, what an embarrassing fellow.”


It isn’t like Nero has a fixation on the beauty of battle. But he sure does have a clear distinction between them. In other words, he doesn’t have a coarse habit like being happy after defeating an enemy who is far weaker than him.


“Eehh, by Kurono you mean, that pervert tentacle man, right?! I can’t believe this! He even uses those tentacles in battle! Or rather, it became like a chain and got strengthened too……”


Charlotte had goosebumps. It seems she is still dragging out that one incident at the dining hall.


“To hang from the wall and fight using the tentacles instead of using ‘Air Walker’… when it comes to this point, it’s actually amazing in a sense. I am amazed by his stupidity.”


When mastered, the fundamental movement technique ‘Air Walker’ doesn’t just increase running speed.

One of its advantages is acquiring the grip strength to not fall over even in places with bad footing, like a swamp or a rocky area. If this is trained even further, one can also run up a precipitous cliff. When mastered the highest level of it – ‘Sonic Walker’, one can even kick empty space and run through air.

In other words, if one is fighting in a vertical field like this, they would normally use Air Walker. Of course, only a very skilled swordsman or warrior would be able to properly fight at such a situation.


“But still, that Kurono, he’s moving quite a lot on the wall. I see, so humans can also fight while hanging like this.”


“Oi, don’t go trying to imitate it.”


Seeing Kai looking like he would go jumping off the wall even now, Nero became a little flustered on the inside. Even though he knows that this idiot wouldn’t go that far, he can’t get rid of the anxiety.


“I don’t see any problem. Go jump. There, use that ripped robe.”


“Even I wouldn’t go that far! Or rather, are you telling me to go die?!”


“I am always telling you to do that, aren’t I?”


Ignoring Safil and Kai’s usual exchange, Nero peeked into the castle wall.

And there was one mad warrior there, slaughtering herds of enemy soldiers gleefully.


“Kurono, you bastard…”



It’s not like Nero doesn’t acknowledge that man’s strength. He is by no means weak. No, he is undoubtedly strong. Kurono surely possess enough skill to be called a rank 5 adventurer. After all, one can’t defeat that Greed Gore by coincidence or luck.

And because Nero understands that, he actually can’t further comprehend the man called Kurono.

If he has that much strength, why would he butt in here?

Themselves included, all the rank 5 adventurers left and right and the Order Raid people weren’t making their move. They all understand. That it isn’t their turn to go out yet.

Even without someone telling you that, you would be able to guess it but… the moment the enemy reached the wall, Kurono jumped out. As if the whole of Crusaders was his prey.

He kept killing off the mad rampaging chimera soldiers and also crushed the Daidaros war slaves without mercy.

Nero couldn’t comprehend. What kind of a sense do you have to have to go slaughter general defenseless people.

It would be a risk if the one killing was a normal infantry but that’s not the case for a rank 5 adventurer. They should hold back, they should show mercy. In the first place, they shouldn’t be going against those people.

If they were to involve themselves in such acts, it would no longer be a fight. It would just be an atrocious killing.


“Nightmare Berserker. Hmph. His name fits him perfectly.”


Coming to that conclusion, Nero looked down on Kurono as he fought on the wall.


“Fiona would surely have a hard time as well.”


He couldn’t help but feel a bit pity towards her as she has to accompany a guy who is more of a battle freak than Kai.

Fiona, that expressionless girl who always looks a bit sleepy — Nero doesn’t understand what she thought when she decided to follow Kurono and join his Element Masters. Even in the worst case scenario considering that Fiona is cooperating with Kurono for some absurdly high ambition, she would surely have a hard time going along with that man.

Although, that very expressionless Fiona who was covering the fairy Lily and Kurono’s combo from above the wall, didn’t look the slightest troubled. A normal person would just think that she was properly doing her job as the rear guard.


“Well, it doesn’t concern me now.”


Either way, he didn’t have any plan to intervene in Kurono’s actions at present. That man’s objective is probably to achieve more than what he did in the Iskia battle.

No matter what kind of ambition he is hiding, as long as he’s fighting as their ally, they couldn’t intrude. If they were to do something, it would be after making sure that Kurono has a plan to overturn the kingdom or something.

For now, it is best to see where things go. And even in this battlefield, it wasn’t time for them, the Wing Lords, to go out in battle.


“I guess we will have to wait for our turn more–”


Just when he had thought that. Nero’s sixth sense strongly warned him of an incoming danger.


“…..What’s this?”


Nero suddenly looked up and observed his surroundings as if his face was flicked. However, there was no change as of now.

At present, although there are chimera soldiers on the wall, they were not even close to conquering the wall. Even the war slaves’ ladders were easily repelled and destroyed. The Spada army was strongly defending against the invasion.

There was no anomaly—no. The anomaly–will be coming now.


“Wh-what… is that?”


At that moment, Nero spotted something huge appeared on top of the Crusaders’ army, which was a kilometer away.





Author note: by the way, if Nell had joined Alter Face, her fake name would have been L. ‘I am L’.

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