Now that I think about it, Lily’s attack can be launched with just a small chant and Fiona’s one has a slightly longer chant but my one takes the most time. Well, either way, those sluggish looking golems would surely take some time to enter within our effective range — which is a 100 meters so I have ample time to prepare.

Fortunately, the golems aren’t carrying huge cannons so there’s no need to worry about long ranged attacks from them. These ancient golems weren’t even equipping their weapons, let alone start walking our way.

They seem to have summoned it properly so it probably takes some time before moving. Well, I am not complaining — after all, I can “charge” fully during that time.


“—I will be going with the Plasma Breath. Let’s go, Hitsugi, barrel change! Mode: Blaster!”


I returned the hatchet to the shadows and gripped the foregrip of The Gatling with my idle hand and took the two-handed stance.

Maybe because Hitsugi has experience this once before during the Asbell mountain range, she was somewhat better at it now. There was no hesitation in those tentacles while disassembling and reassembling the parts.


“Hmmm, ummm…… ah! Ah…… eh?”


It seems that was just my imagination, judging from the maid’s voice I just heard.


“Alright! I did it, Master!”


“Oi, did you get slower?”


“I am sorry, Master…… I will make it up to you with my body!”


You’re always providing service with your body (tentacles), aren’t you? Seriously, what is she talking about?


“Well, if it’s properly done then that’s fine.”


“Uwaah! Thank you for your mercy! I love my kind master~!”


I think that’s more ‘lenient’ than being ‘kind’, though…… Well, I guess it’s fine. After all, I was able to safely shift the Gatling blaster mode, which gives off a purple glow from its gun barrel.

Seeing the tentacles return back to the shadow after finishing their work, I started charging up the pseudo-lightning attribute from the grip. In contrast to proper magicians long chantings, I just plainly insert my mana over time.

The chimera soldiers were still rampaging in the surrounding above the wall and the war slaves were determined in their advance to the castle walls. Even though the tumult of war was still breaking out, I had no choice but to patiently wait in silence. Even if I happen to spot an adventurer or a Spada soldier get ripped to shreds. I can’t move until I fire this round.


“…..Hey, this seems very unlikely but, do you think they won’t move like this?”


“If it’s just a papier mache then that would be quite a foolish tactic.”


Surely even the Crusaders won’t think that we will run away by just that. But I can’t help but wonder that seeing that the golems haven’t moved an inch since they were summoned. I mean, it’s extremely convenient for us that way.


“Ah, they are moving, Kurono!”


As I expected, my wishful thinking was abruptly negated. Lily, who had been closely observing the lined up giant golems, announced that they have started making their move.

A subterranean rumbling resounded throughout the battlefield, even more than the bellows and shrieks and screams.

All 10 of those golems had taken a step forward simultaneously.


“Uwooh, they really are moving……”


As a Japanese and as a man, seeing a humongous robot actually move makes me really impressed.

All ten of those golems were sluggish just like they appeared but their bipedal movement was extremely smooth. I can’t even imagine how many tonnes their gross weight would equal to but every time they took a step forward, the snow splashed around the surrounding accompanied with a thunderous sound. Even though this land is flat, it was as if their steps were causing avalanches, creating surges of white waves.

I can tell that these perfectly coordinated golems wouldn’t allow a single obstacle in their path with their intense pressure. It’s as if their huge steel bodies were saying “no matter if it is a wall twice our size or robust Spada soldiers defending it, our progression can not be stopped”.

However, although late, I have now come to realize that that progression not only included its enemies, but also its allies.


“O-oi! The war slaves–”


They crushed them. As if stepping on an ant which is crossing the road — they didn’t even notice the war slaves’ existence, let alone hesitate. At the very least, they most certainly trampled all over the war slaves’ lives, as small as they might be.

The army of war slaves were spread out in this one kilometer field as they charged to the wall. And from behind them, without showing any manner of avoiding them, the giant ancient golems started their grand advance. All ten of them, lined up.

And their twenty legs in total were just like moving stone pillars. Due to the snow sprays caused by their extremely heavy steps, one couldn’t even see how many war slaves they crushed with each step. However, I could see many war slaves getting caught up in the wave-like avalanche of snow caused by those steps. Not only me, every Spada soldiers on this wall could see. Even if they didn’t want to, they would spot it.


“After all, the war slaves are just sacrificial stones for power scouting. They probably don’t care a bit crushing them like that.”


“So that’s how the Crusaders go about doing things, eh? Messing around through and through.”


Because of the anger which came boiling up from within, my hands which were gripping the Gatling started shaking.

Did the supreme commander of this huge army order this with a straight face? The Sinclair citizens, the Crusaders’ soldiers — are they feeling confident in their victory upon seeing this?

I feel like unleashing the Gatling at maximum output on the bastards who are spectating all this from behind but — I can’t, not yet — I can’t pull the trigger.


“You low-lifes… I will crush you all……”


Just by spitting that out, I felt like I was being taken control of by the curse — by intense hatred, which I had to suppress. Unbearable anger, uncontrollable murderous impulse. But even then — I can persevere.

The golems which advanced by trampling all over the war slaves were already within 500 meters of the wall. Maybe because the engine powering that huge iron body has heated up or maybe I am just imagining things, it seems their walking speed has also increased a bit.

Just a little more. A little more and I can — it seems I wasn’t the only one who thought that.


“يمكنني إنشاء حرقيمكنني إنشاء حرق (Create by burning me)


Such a witch’s singing magic melody reached my ears.

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