Kuro no Maou 420


“Uwaa, that’s a relief… it properly moved… I am glad……”


The ancient golem corps — an army corps made out of enormous ancient weapons which even makes the seasoned Crusader soldier taken aback.

However, the one controlling them was just a single woman.

A woman who would never be praised as a war Goddess of ancient times, a woman who is not only mediocre in appearance, but also has no more mana than your average person. She had unkempt hair and a pale face with freckles and was wearing an expression of relief — feeling of relief that she was able to complete her job. An expression far from what a soldier looking to conquer a huge castle would wear.

And in fact, she wasn’t a soldier. She was neither a hired adventurer or a mercenary.

Her name was Dorothy. She was the ancient weapon research division head of the White Sacrament’s fourth research lab. In other words, she was just a normal researcher.


“Oi, you, why are you only moving 10 of them? I am sure I ordered to unleash all of them.”


Her moment of relief was short-lived. A sharp rebuking statement came flying towards her from behind soon enough.


“I-I am terribly sorry, Count Bergunt……”


As she timidly turned around, she was faced with the exemplary commissioned officer of the Sinclair army, the Count himself, equipped with pompous full armor. Although his high-strung slender face was not actually filled with anger, he was giving her a sharp gaze with his deep-green eyes which closely resembles the wind attribute’s mana.

Commanding the Crusaders third army was the Count Vient Dominic Helvetia Bergunt. Although his name was quite lengthy, Dorothy, who had graduated from the Elishion magic academy, remembered the meaning it held, while it may be a bit vaguely.

The Sinclair Republic’s nobles’ names are structured like: First name – holy name – territory name – family name. If we were to decipher the Count’s name, it would be that he’s Mr. Vient from the Bergunt family who are governing the Helvetia land and have the holy name Dominic as Christians.

However, that is about all she knows — only the fundamental knowledge about them. She neither knows the speech she should be using with the nobles nor the troublesome manners and etiquettes. She hadn’t learnt those at school and even if she did, she doesn’t remember any.

Even so, since she was spoken to, she had no choice but to answer — the tough said of working.


“Th-this is… you see, umm, uhh, because I reformed the craft hangar to the mobile type, the Magius drive’s conductivity just isn’t reaching high enough to clear the start line so–”


“Eeeii, I don’t need disorderly incomprehensible excuses. Can you deploy them, can you not, or are you being hesitant — which is it?”


Such a reaction, even though she perfectly summed up the current situation. Humans are always like this. Blind to their own shortcomings and yet criticizing others’ way of talking.

However, Dorothy wasn’t fed up or sad. She has already come to the conclusion that other people are just like that. Rather, this Count is gentleman-like and better than most as he’s just a bit irritated and is not yelling or hitting her.


“Umm, that is…… the main frame and the pilot’s adaptation is–”


“….You… restrain yourself.”


And now, veins were appearing on his forehead.


“Even though you have been appointed as the commander of the golem corps by bishop Judas, you’re now under my army’s command. It will be troubling if you were to do as you please.”


Even though she was the one who was actually troubled at this moment.

On top of listening to the almighty nobles, Dorothy had to keep controlling the advancing ancient golems which she had activated.

The golems had started walking along the snow field but if Dorothy stopped executing the walking code, they would collapse on the ground immediately.

And of course, this procedure wasn’t something simple one can do in their spare time like signing documents. It needs utmost attention as the data changes every moment and she needs to keep adjusting it or start from the top.

She really didn’t have the leeway to be dealing with an ignorant amateur’s claims.


“Listen closely now, you have the duty of giving me appropriate reports and explanations as I am the supreme command–”


“In short, she is telling you that she can’t move them ‘cause we don’t have enough mana! Now, get a move on, old man! You’re being a hindrance to Dorothy-chan.”


A girl came cutting into the conversation and drove away the Count as if she was shoo-ing away a dog.

She had a cute face with big round eyes and blonde twintails. However, the clothes she was wearing on her small slender body was a thick cheap coat. It had fluffy red-brownish fur and a big hoodie, around which there was pure white fur. It all looked quite warm. However, when you look at her as a whole, it oddly looks worn out. ‘Secondhand goods’ is the first word that comes to mind.

That was the only heavy outfit she was wearing to fend off the cold. She had a mini-skirt on with black leggings. Even in this cold winter, she looked like a courageous stylish high-school girl.

That said, judging from the worn-out bow she wore on her back and the hand-made looking quiver behind her waist, it felt like she was not in fact a student of Elishion, rather an adventurer. Naturally, from her appearance which depicted that it has not been long since she has become an adult and from her low-grade equipment, she gave off no veteran feel whatsoever.

Such an all-around novice-looking girl had just been terribly rude to the supreme commander of this huge army.


“Kuhh, you……”


However, Count Bergunt was only making a sour face as if he had just bitten on a bitter bug, let alone shout out on her disrespect.


“Amateurs should just stay quiet without meddling. It would be your fault if the golems were to collapse from this, you know, old man!”


The adventurer girl said out flatly with a pointing pose. In response to that, the Count was just mortified and replied with in a gloomy voice.


“….Alright, I will leave all the golem controlling to you. However, I have an agreement with bishop Judas that you will have to move according to my strategy. Don’t forget that. Also, I am not an old man. Call me supreme commander.”


“Yea, yea, I get it so just go already. See ya, bye-bye, don’t come again, old man.”


After giving one last annoyed glare with his green eyes, General Bergunt returned, taking back his subordinates who were watching over the situation, breaking cold sweat.


“U-umm, Ai-san… I am sorry…”


“It’s all good! My quest is to be your escort, after all!”


In response to Dorothy’s gratitude, the adventurer named Ai replied with a refreshing smile.


“More importantly, shouldn’t you be focusing on the control? That’s quite tough, right?”


“Ah, yes…… well…”


Although her reply was vague, she was happy for the offer. She couldn’t help but hate herself a bit for not being able to say ‘thank you’ without hesitation in these situations.

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