For Dorothy, who is aware of her extreme introverted personality, people like Ai are hard to deal with as they are like a painting of cheerful-ness itself. Although, it is because Ai didn’t pay any heed to her thoughts and was unmindful in being familiar with her that Dorothy is able to have proper communication with her.

Maybe Judas bishop selected Ai for her escort because of that reason, despite Ai being a new adventurer.


“Fuwaah — even still, it’s mundane being in the headquarters even when you have come to war. Right, Tsukimi-chan?”


Dorothy could see with a side glance that Ai was amusing herself by having a one-sided conversation with a Gryphon who appears to be her pet. Maybe it was just Dorothy’s imagination, but she felt like the Gryphon named Tsukimi looked awfully bothered by that.

Dorothy thought — that as she expected, this is worrying in terms of strength. She couldn’t help but feel even more anxious by further thinking that maybe Judas bishop was telling her to go and die in the battlefield by doing this.

Be that as it may, if Judas bishop was telling her to die, and that she isn’t necessary anymore, Dorothy was consent with that as well. After all, if she was abandoned by him — that great man, then she has no meaning to continue living.

As such, she devotedly performed the mission given to her now. And again, Dorothy concentrated on using the lithograph on her hand — the ‘Device’.


“–Alright, that should make No. 3 stable…… No. 7 is… doing good…… uwah, No. 5’s left leg’s actuator is already worn out……”


Breaking cold sweats but still utterly serious and desperate, her expression looked like that of a lunatic’s from the side. However, the operation Dorothy was handling requires more technique and knowledge than anyone present there except her — it was the brain work only a genius can pull off.

This battlefield in which Dorothy was currently at was exactly what Ai had just complained to Tsukimi about — the headquarters, encampment in front of the Galahad fortress.

As it was outdoors, there was nothing that fancy here other than the tents or the huge cargo the imperial carriage carried. However, under this blue sky which God has blessed upon them for this holy battle, one could only feel heroism and might from the countless white Crusaders’ soldiers lined up on the pure-white snow field with their golden Crusaders’ flag. It was a sight befitting of the Crusaders who were blessed with the White God’s power.

Especially surrounding headquarters, there were heavy cavalry cladded with dazzling mithril armor and the Ekesmages wearing pure white robes made from mithril fibre. On top of that, there was a battalion of magicians gathered there who were intentionally highlighting that glistening dignity.

And inside that headquarters which was being protected by such an elite squad of the reliable Crusaders army, there was a place specially set up for Dorothy for her to operate the ancient golems. Right beside the supreme commander of the 3rd army, Count Bergunt, sits. It is because she can control and has authority over these 24 huge secret weapons that she gets such super special treatment. Although that is also why the Count himself comes to scold and what not.

The reason why the Crusaders soldiers do not look down upon such a sullen under-average looking girl is because the device she uses to control the ancient golems is just too special.

To describe it in a word, Altar would fit it best.

There were four 3 meter tall pure-white pillars in four corners and a blue-white magic formation was formed on top of the ice. That formation wasn’t the fundamental circle which is usually the case, it was a geometrical pattern and was formed with ancient letters which have still not been deciphered for the most part. On top of that, the magic formation formed within those 4 round pillars did not maintain a form for more than a second — it kept on changing hecticly. Just like a river with lit up letters flowing in it.

Even the top class magicians couldn’t decipher what was written on the ancient magic formation. And on top of that formation was something that any Sinclair citizens, no, any Christian would know. No matter how desolate and worn out a church is, it would definitely have one of these — an altar. On an oblong table designed after a dining table, Dorothy was standing straight as if she was a bishop teaching the believers.

However, she didn’t have a thick holy book on her hand, rather she had one sheet of jet-black lithograph. There weren’t any crosses or ornaments there. Instead, on the surface of the altar, blue-white light was running through just like on magic formation.


“No way, No. 2’s ‘Versel’ (pseudo nerve circuit) is burnt out?! Bypass it with 121 and 309… please, just hold up a bit longer!”


All ten of the ancient golems were advancing with perfect coordination. That’s probably what the Crusaders and the Spada army sees.

Who would imagine that such precise machine-like movement was barely held together and maintained by a single girl? Not even Count Bergunt or a Crusaders commissioned officer can comprehend her state.

On Dorothy’s eyes, the operation information of the golems, which could drop out of action even now, was reflected. Anyone else wouldn’t understand that — not only because they wouldn’t be able to comprehend it at all, but also because they can not see the screen itself.

This black lithograph called ‘Device’, which is about the same size of a Bible, is famous in the Sinclair republic for displaying composition written with ancient letters.

According to rumors, even in Spada, the kingdom which they were attacking right now, there’s a lithograph displayed in the middle of the city which has the Wicked Demon Lord’s legends written on it. Even though there’s God’s holy marvel written on Sinclair’s one, it seems Pandora’s ancient lithograph too has demonic content.

However, there’s only a few who know that the writing displayed on the ‘Device’ isn’t all there is to it.

In Dorothy’s field of vision, all ten golems’ bodies were displayed like a blueprint with densely packed ancient writing just beside it and on top of that, there were hecticly changing graphs. All of these reflections were not on the Device’s screen, they were floating in the air. It’s the same as the light magic which makes pictures or videos viewable in the empty air but these information related to the golems couldn’t be seen by anyone else.

And this wasn’t because it was an illusion or anything, this was only being displayed to her. To be precise, the Device was directly beaming it to her retina with special light type magic, making these different writing, graphics and videos visible to only her.

Although, even if this screen was visible to everyone else, no one could actually precisely decipher and use it other than her and Judas bishop.

It was all Dorothy credit that she was able to do it. On the Device, only the operation related info were displayed and since that itself wasn’t enough, such a 2nd sub console projection was needed. Were there people in ancient times who could control 3 such screens with such precision at the same time?


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