“Ehh, now there’s a red alert for the pilot on No. 1?! Operating Angel Link’s sub connector… ah, as I thought, 374 was no good…… or rather, the other ones also look kinda bad… why are they all so fragile… Even though 49 wouldn’t have crashed no matter the absurd command…”


Normally, one would have been easily able to control the golem as a pilot. However, to be able to move an ancient weapon which has just been excavated and to find a pilot for it when there’s no detailed manual for it.

Anyone who is a bit knowledgeable about the ancient relics would say the same thing — that it is impossible. It would take their all to just activate it. And to throw it into battle on top of that is completely impossible unless God himself works his miracle powers.

However, the one who turned impossible into possible without any miracles was Judas bishop. A prodigious researcher who has succeeded in creating artificial apostles.

However, even though he is called a prodigy, it seems there was a limit.

It is certainly true that the ancient golems were now advancing towards the Galahad castle to destroy it. However, this would have been impossible without Dorothy. It would have been even more unstable than a marionette.

There would be no end to the unstable factors if one were to start stating them. The interior engine systems aren’t completely repaired, resulting in several uncertain black boxes, not knowing on what principle it moves. If these parts were to have a malfunction now, even Dorothy would be out of options.

However, even with all these uncertainties, the most unstable factor is the pilot.

Dorothy — no, Judas bishop doesn’t call the pilots boarding the golems as pilots. At least for this ancient weapon, pilot is the one with the brain.

It is assumed that originally these golems had a much simpler piloting system with the controller and console.

Of course, the ancient people had much more advanced magic than current times but it can’t be that the people themselves had a more ‘advanced’ brain. Humans were and are still the same. They were perfect from the moment God made them so there’s no need for any kind of change.

Either way, as long as humans piloted it, it should have been simple enough for a normal person to understand. And to pilot this huge machine-like doll, there has to be an engine which automatically assists in controlling it.

However, the ancient golem excavated from the Media ruins had this controlling ‘brain’ portion of it completely destroyed.

As so, Judas bishop prepared it. Both the golem pilots and the movement assisting operating system.

Using the Holy Soldiers as human brains. Using the Angel Link as a relayer to connect the Holy Soldiers’ brain and nerve to the golem’s central control system, he has created an operation method which is literally making these two one in body and soul. And so, that’s no longer a pilot — it’s an unremovable part.

And this is also another extremely unstable factor to it. Normally, because humans are not how they are supposed to be, no matter how much one tries to seal away the memories and emotions, there will definitely be some kind of ‘distortion’. Human hearts are that fragile and delicate.


“It’s ok… it’s ok… It will somehow hold until the wall… Ah, but I need to adjust it a bit before deploying them next time… What will I do if they tell me to deploy them immediately…”


Even with the rushed pilot system, Dorothy was somehow managing to keep the golems moving.

To obey the words “You make them move” told to her by Judas bishop. To live up to his expectations. And more than anything else, to not be discarded.


“Alright, just a bit more… a bit more..”


Dorothy had finally reached close to the Galahad castle with her perfect control, not showing any sign of shaking.

Although the soldiers were shooting magic and arrows from atop the walls, they were in vain in front of the hardened steel body of the golems. It left a little stain and nothing else. Even if the armor gets broken a little, if the legs and the pilot’s connection with Dorothy is fine, the golems will keep moving ahead.

It was then, when she was convinced of being done with her mission —




One straight long line of light gushed out.

It was such an intense radiance that even Dorothy, who had been glued to the retina display all this time, instinctively looked up towards the battlefield.


“Ah… No. 8, no action…”


Even if the Device didn’t let her know, she could understand as much by looking at the sight in front of her.

The ancient golem’s upper body had completely vanished who knows getting hit by what attack.

The tower like steel body symbolizing absolute defense was completely destroyed, liquifying the trunk as well.

Seeing the huge ancient weapon being thoroughly crushed, a big commotion stirred up in the Crusader army.


“Oi, what’s going on?! The ancient golem has been destroyed!”


Although Count Bergunt came rushing in, Dorothy had no room to be answering his questions.


“Haa, thanks to one being destroyed, it is a bit easier on me now… At the very least, if two of them remain, we can destroy Galahad fort… right, Judas-sama?”


Dorothy had a twisted smile on her face which was pale due to fatigue.

She just found the Sinclair’s nobles and the soldiers’ unsightly panic to be comical.

She also couldn’t help but find the Spada army’s excitement from destroying one laughable.

Nobody understands. She couldn’t help but laugh seeing how foolishly everyone calls these huge weapons or ancient golems.


“Ahaha… these are just working machines… of course they would break when fought with them…”


Judas bishop had told her the night before she departed for the army.

On top of his bed, which she had requested to be on.


“That’s no weapon.”


He had started talking about it on a whim suddenly.

Although that’s no considerate pillow talk, to a girl who only has numerical formulas and magic theories in her head, there was nothing more wonderful than unknown knowledge.


“They aren’t golems — their name is Power Loader, a simple work machine.”


At the time, Dorothy was at her limit physically so she wasn’t able to properly reply and was just listening to his words, embracing the pleasant feeling of exhaustion.


“What do you think the ancient people built with these power loaders?”


She hadn’t heard the answer yet.

She plans on asking him after returning alive from this battle.

Exactly what the ancient people used these humongous power loaders, which are deemed as a weapon in current times, for — to build what kind of a weapon?


“Ha, ahaha… it’s ok, it will be fine if I just do as Judas-sama says… everything will go as planned…”


The strategy was also about to enter its final scene. Dorothy commanded the remaining nine machines feeling kinda uplifted.


“Power loader ‘Taurus’, right arm – ‘Drill Gauntlet’. Operation ‘Pile Bunker’, start.”


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