434 Part 2

In particular, this kind of magic in which a barrier-type object was utilized over such a wide area; it would immediately disappear without the caster’s continuous consciousness.


“The barrier will be released if she fainted, but her death will have the same effect as well.”


Lily’s telepathy could read the image in Fiona’s mind at that moment.

It was right in the middle of the wide schoolyard. In a uniform covered in soot, Linfelt had lost consciousness. Fiona was watching from above.

It seemed that they had fought each other in a mock battle or something. Perhaps she could actually break the ceiling of the barrier this time.


“In that case —.”


“Please wait. No matter how you look at it, killing Linfelt who’s being protected by that many knights is not an easy feat.”

Fiona grabbed Lily’s little arm to stop her, as she was about to dash off the castle wall.


“… Well then, there’s no choice but to somehow make a disruption and make a hole big enough for Kurono to escape.”


“Lily, even with your strength, maybe one hit is your limit, isn’t it?”


“That’s fine by me! A small hole is good enough, so I can use Telepathy to inform Kurono about ‘Sanctuary’.”


“You’re right. Judging from the enemy formation, it seems that only Kurono who is at the front line that is likely to reach Linfelt.”


From the wall below, the Crusade Army was seen to approach step by step steadily. At the front row were the Armor Knights with strengthen shields. As long-range attack support to the infantry, some sorcerers and healer priests were sandwiched among them. Then immediately behind them were the archers.

Linfelt was behind those archers and protected by a new unfamiliar Armor Knight and men who looked distinctly different from the other soldiers.

Putting the noble’s daughter on the battlefield was a very weak defense battle formation, but it might be necessary to be in this proximity to effectively utilize “Sanctuary”.

But only the front had a weak defense, and if we were to attack from Lily and Fiona’s positions, tens of thousands of soldiers would interfere with this attack from the side.

Moreover, there was also a small platoon of Pegasus Knights that hover at a low altitude, perhaps to protect Linfelt from midair. With this formation, Lily’s aerial attack would not be effective.


“I know already! Then let’s quickly make a hole in the barrier —.”


“No, there’s no need for that.”

Fiona stopped Lily again, who was already putting her hands on the transparent wall ready to cast her magical power in an attempt to disrupt the barrier. Fiona gave Lily a pitiful look.

“Lily, you should calm down a little.”

While saying so, from her Dimension triangle hat, Fiona took out a blank scroll and a fountain pen for drawing magic circles which was worth 530,000 Clans.


“This barrier is an Original called ‘Sanctuary’; a type of World Dimension, a very strong magic. It is impossible to break by force. If the caster is killed, the barrier will immediately be released. The caster is a black-haired, black-eyed girl. With white robe. Riding a unicorn. Her name is Linfelt.

I will also support from here as long as I could. Godspeed, Kurono.”

Fiona wrote down the text, and then held it above her head with both her hands. At the same time, she waved the scroll with her entire body in hopes of catching Kurono’s attention.

The barrier walls were transparent, if the message was written down, it would be seen clearly from inside. It was quite obvious.


“I’m sorry. I was stupid ….”

Even though Lily knew she could not be heard, she muttered anyway, while facing Kurono, who already came closer from the inside of the barrier.




Standing on the other side of the barrier wall, Kurono vigorously nodded and returned to his allies, who were standing courageously in front of the approaching enemy.


“Let’s believe in Kurono and his power.  If it doesn’t work, then there’s no helping it. Let’s use my blessing —.”




“… I see. So that girl is the caster, eh?”

It was Vice-captain Eliwood who spoke as if he was impressed.

I immediately relayed Fiona’s message to the vice-captain, who was the commander of this platoon.

Fortunately, the Armor Knights on the front row were trudging slowly dragging their heavy equipment. That gave us some time to prepare. It provided just enough time for me to explain the situation.


“The only way to break free from this situation is to prepare ourselves and attack.”


“… All right. Let’s get rid of that female caster by putting our lives on the line.”

In just one beat, vice-captain Eliwood undertook the deadly assault operation.


Even though I was the one suggesting it, should he have made a decision so readily? — I did not express my thoughts, because I did not have any better ideas at that moment. I knew this barrier could not be broken by force, since I witnessed his earlier attempt.

The transparent wall felt as hard as glass when touched. And the formidable hardness would not budge even when hit with moderate power. But above all, the reason for giving up the attack on the barrier was due to the ripple effect that could crumble the castle wall when power was inflicted on the barrier wall.

When I attempted to cut it with the martial art “Darkness Calm”, the cutting edge disappeared the moment it touched the barrier. The blade did not disappear. To be precise, it was like when harvesting in Dimension’s Shadow Gate — the attack seemed to be swallowed into another dimension.


According to Fiona’s message, “Sanctuary” was a World Dimension type magic.

World Dimension was a type of magic more advanced than Dimension. Dimension was a space created by one’s magical power. On the other hand, World Dimension was a completely otherworld space which effects were manifested into this world.

If we were currently being trapped inside this “Sanctuary”, the girl caster did not build these barrier walls using defense magic, but rather she was borrowing a part of the White God’s world and letting it appear here.

In other words, this transparent wall was not just some material that physically manifested, but the inside and the outside of the barrier were separated by a space that was part of the White God’s world.

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