436 part 3

The face looked familiar at a glance … no, I definitely had met him before.

“Whoa, mister, you’re covered in blood, meow! I will cure you immediately, meow!”

“Thank you, miss kitty ….”

The lady Werecat was the only Priest in the supporting rear flank. While she healed the man, I focused back on the front again. He looked very familiar, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I turned “The Greed”, which I held in my right hand, toward the approaching enemy from downstairs. Gatling Burst would be most effective in pulverizing the incoming infantry.

“Shit, we’ve been completely divided ….”

My current position where I unleashed Bullet Arts was right in front of the hole Taurus pierced. The repaired wall had a completely different color and texture, making it a clear target for the enemy. We were desperately trying to stop them from rushing in.

The “Plasma Blaster” displayed its destructive power and broke through the enemy’s battle line as planned. The assault unit consisting of heavy infantry and adventurers, including vice-captain Eliwood, quickly slashed through.

However, there were too many of them.

The opening on the enemy line was filled with their back up troops in no time. Even though they probably were not given precise instructions, but they never gave up pressing forward.

The Armor Knights, who had been deployed in the front row, began to change direction to attack our unit from behind. Instead of attacking this way, the second and subsequent rows rushed toward the wall.

Their movements were chaotic; a group retreated, some others kept charging forward. The view from up here was very clear that the front and the back unit collided with the incoming enemies. Some of our allies had completely been disabled as well.

If this fatal mess were to go against the same number of troops, it would have been a decisive battle. However, they were going against me and the rear guard unit, which only comprised of a few dozen people. Some enemy infantrymen had somehow managed to reach the wall and started assaulting. A number that were enough to crush us.

“As expected, this would be hard to take on alone ….”

“The Greed” in my right hand had already been replaced with “Gatling Gore Mode”. The flaming hot “Blaster Gil Mode” was cooling down in the Shadow Gate. Even if the barrel had cooled down, it could not be fired again unless it went through a magical power charging. The current situation dictated that another shot would be impossible.

The black six barrels were rumbling with muzzle flashes. They successfully held back the charging infantry. If the shooting stopped even just for a moment, the enemy could shorten the distance in no time.

“— Grenade Burst!”

In my left hand was not the fore grip of “The Greed”, but another rifle.

It was a rifle with a break-action loading mechanism and two horizontal muzzles. The silhouette resembled a hunting gun without stock, which was almost the same as Simon’s prototype gun that I used until beyond repair at the old Iskia Fortress.

However, the one in my hand was no longer a “prototype”. It was the complete form.

The inscription on it said “Dual Eagle”.

I was the one who named it. Of course, it was manufactured by Stratos Blacksmith Workshop.

It was simply decorated with the astringent wooden grip that overlapped with where the magical power was imbued in, and a double-headed eagle was engraved on. It was created with the sole purpose of deploying Grenade Burst.

“The Greed” was a machine gun. “Dual Eagle” was a grenade launcher.

Basically, it combined the effect of a fire-type wand with strengthened power, range, accuracy, and magical power consumption of the Grenade Burst that I created. The barrel was made from the “Wrath-Pun’s Right Arm” that was sacrificed to blow off Greed Gore by melting its broken blade, which was suitable to facilitate the fire attribute.

Of course, it was also possible to fire a special bullet such as the Gil Bullet. Unfortunately, Simon had only prepared two types of bullets: normal bullets that had been imbued with a strengthening technique overnight and special bullets for Sariel that would probably play an important part in this situation. so he is active in this situation. There were no bullets with hidden effects prepared yet.

Still, it was much easier to use than empty-handedly using Grenade Burst. Even so, these bullets were good enough that I could unleash Gatling Burst using “The Greed” with ease.

Just until a while ago, I was engaged in pinpoint bombardment using Grenade Burst, aimed at the prominent sorcerers unit in order to support the rear assault guard.

However, this bombardment had now been forced to be used to stop the incoming assaulting infantry in front of us.

“Grenade Burst —! Shit. There’s no end to this.”

I was protecting the 20-meter wide transparent staircase. Had it been narrower like the passage to the underground dungeon, it would have been easier to protect. This staircase was too wide to be protected by one person. It was wider than a four-lane road.

While firing horizontal shots downstairs using “The Greed” in my right hand, I was crushing any enemies that managed to break through with “Dual Eagle” in my left hand. Somehow, one infantryman was able to breach through my defense, but I managed to stop him — no, he was starting to push forward.

I was able to stop them at the first step at the bottom of the staircase. However, they had slowly pushed up to the tenth step.

The rain of ammunition and the storm of blasts easily blew away the lives of mere infantrymen. However, as if driven by the peculiar madness of battlefield fever, they kept sprinting and trampling their comrades’ corpses to rush into the dead zone.

With overwhelming numbers and momentum, the incoming deadly assault was about to push through. In fact, if we went on like this, we would be pushed back slowly but surely.

If I allowed the enemy to approach closer, I could get rid of them by beheading them. However, we would have a battle royal here. In that case, the rearguard unit that was of rank 1 or 2 would be wiped out in an instant. Even I would not be able to handle it if I were to be surrounded by this many people.

“… This is bad.”

Apparently, the assault team was also struggling considerably.

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