436 Part 4

Most of the Armor Knights that were protecting the girl, had already been defeated after going against the heavily armed infantrymen. Now the adventurers were pushing forward and somehow managed to break open the enemy line … but going after the target at this pace would be quite dangerous.

Should I go now —?

“Meow! This should be all right, meow. You should disinfect, bandage it, and rest. You’ll heal, meow!”

“Oh, I’ll do that, if I could get through this situation ….”

No, if I leave this battlefield now, the rearguard unit will be wiped out. Both the small and hard-working werecat girl and the skinhead man she saved will die.

But if I don’t kill the caster because I didn’t assist in the assault, everyone will die. There’s also a possibility that I would be killed before I could assist the assault on the caster.

Then I should … oh, damn, there’s really nothing I can do. I guess I’m not ready to sacrifice my allies without hesitation.

Most definitely, it would be best for me to join the assault. I can still make it. I should be able to slash that enemy.

However, I can’t give up the lives of these dozens of people behind me.

“If only Lily or Fiona is here ….”

Such pitiful mutter was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

At the moment, anyone would do. I want someone to protect these people in for a moment. The enemy could be pushed back with firepower like I had been doing, or endure their attacks with strong defensive magic.

If only there’s someone else; a sorcerer that can be relied on —.

“… That would be too good to be true.”

Such a convenient backup would not appear. It would be foolish to expect the help from “someone” who would never come. Yes, it would be the same as the Crusaders praying “God, help us” at the very end.

So I have to choose.

If I’m annihilated here, the Crusaders will have no difficulty reaching for the wall. Galahad Fortress would be as good as surrendering.

This position had to be protected at all costs, even at the expense of something I want to protect.

“Is there no other choice but to give up …?”

My contemplating shall end here.

Now, get ready, be prepared, Kurono Maou. I’m going to kill the caster now, to protect the Spada.

“Ugh ….”

As such, I had been telling myself. I finally removed my finger from tightly squeezing the trigger of “The Greed”.

“— Whoa!! What’s this? The battle has already begun, Sophie!!”

“Hmm, this is dangerous. Let’s go back to the castle for now, Simon.”

One of them was very familiar, while the other had become familiar recently. That duo suddenly appeared.

Sanctuary had not been dispelled. The assault team was still mid-battle. It would be impossible for anyone to interject at that point to assist.

In other words, the duo had been there from the beginning.

Strictly speaking, Simon and the mysterious female adventurer Sophie emerged from an intact Taurus lying by the wall. The hatch on his back leading to the cockpit was open.

Lily incapacitated Taurus by killing the pilot. The giant had been lying there in front of my very eyes the whole time. At first glance, it was buried in the snow and looked like a little snow hill. But when “Plasma Blaster” was unleashed, the snow melted and the steel body emerged once again.

It didn’t cross my mind that anyone would be lurking in the wreckage that looked like a natural boulder sitting there. It was unexpected all the more when those people were acquaintances.

What were they doing in such a place? I mean, how did they get in the first place? Speaking of which, has Simon reached Galahad Fortress yet? I wonder if he had left Spada — no, no, this isn’t right. That’s not important.

“Oh boy, what a complete mess …! You are annoying, humans!”

Strangely enough, I could hear Sophie’s muttering through the hustle and bustle of the ongoing battle.

At the next moment she swiftly gripped her right hand, the snowstorm came back. It blew from the top of Taurus’ head to the tip of its feet.

The incapacitated Taurus on the ground was merely an obstacle for the Crusaders. No one has bothered to climb, but the surrounding area was full of infantry in battle.

However, the sudden appearance of stunningly beautiful dark elf lady and elf girl immediately distracted the nearby Crusade Army soldiers. They turned their hostility and gaze, or more accurately, vulgar feelings toward the beauties.

The infantry began to climbed Taurus, like a swarm of ants around a cake — right at that moment, Sophie created a snowstorm.

It was indeed ice magic. There was no mistaking it, but it was inconsistent with existing knowledge about magic.

The ice-based attack magic in Model was basically divided into two types: icicles and cold air. I was able to imitate these two forms by using the fourth blessing.

However, Sophie’s magic seemed more like a barrier than a simple ice-based attack. It resembled a snowstorm barrier enclosed by ice and snow.

Anyone who stepped inside it would freeze. The frozen infantrymen became ice sculptures one after another decorating Taurus’s body. Such a simple and absolute effect was fairly distinct.

The Crusaders seemed hesitant to proceed as the frozen hell turned into frozen corpses just by being in proximity.

Without even giving another glance at her victims, Sophie began to head this way gracefully while holding Simon, who seemed to be screaming something, under her arm.

“… I found a reliable sorcerer.”

I was smiling ear to ear while muttering.



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