Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 10 part 1

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Is she not the weapon dealership’s clerk?
Haruki turned his head to look at her appearance.

The weapon dealership’s clerk appeared in a suspicious place like a cloud had barged in.
As she barged in, the situation became interesting.
After that, the distribution was finished in the blink of an eye.

Was her assessment speed not faster than the material shop’s clerk?

It was a terrifying skill.
As expected of the lady who chose Haruki’s armor.

However, I’m curious, why was her drool dripping down.

Surely it’s not due to something strange…
Her eyes were continuously shining suspiciously.

Those were the eyes of someone who planned something behind the scenes.
You will pay if you thought she was an idiot because she was drooling.

She would make you buy armor that wasn’t in your shopping list, like Haruki had this morning…….

However, it’s nice Karen agreed to accept her share.

“If you keep refusing, everyone will see me badly. Please think that it’s for me and receive it.”

That was what Haruki whispered to Karen at that time.

Although Haruki wanted to stand out, he didn’t want to stand out as evil.

Standing out normally, or Standing out evilly.
The line was subtle, but there was a definite difference in Haruki’s mind.

That is hostility.

It was not a bad-mouthed kind of joke, but clear hostility.
He didn’t want to stand out for that reason.

That hostility would spawn violence.

Haruki had no power to repel the violence.
He didn’t like to fight against humans.

Therefore, Haruki was as careful as possible so that he was not seen as evil.

Adventurers who dare to be seen as evil were only those who acted as healers.
There was a constant demand for them, so it was necessary to be on their good side.

There were also other adventurers inspired to be evil.
I will not lose to them!

However, it would be better to leave it to someone who is good at it.
At least, it is impossible for Haruki. They were not weak. (PN:  Too many pronouns!)

Haruki’s wallet was relieved that a part of his dagger’s and armor’s cost was offset by the results of his hunt today.
It was strange how everything seemed to shine when Haruki walked around the city with a certain amount of money in hand.
He unintentionally squandered his money.

“How can I return this favor……?” (Karen)

He honestly didn’t have something that really required Karen’s help although she suggested this and that.

Thank you.
That one word is enough.

“I will treat you at a shop.
Or is it better to have handmade dishes?
I’m a skilled cook!
Or do you want something else?
As long as it’s something I can give, please say anything!” (Karen)


Haruki, who unintentionally responded to her words, reminded himself strongly:

I should not. She is 18 years old, while I am a middle-aged man.

For men, just walking together is dangerous.
If I’m suspected, I will die (socially)…….

In addition, Haruki wasn’t used to being thanked.

Her ability to confess is greater than mine.

As her gratitude was too embarrassing, Haruki unintentionally ran away from Karen.

As Haruki had an Air-like presence, he easily fled away from Karen.
Air is usually a sad word for him, but today he feels grateful to have such a thin presence.

However, it wasn’t like he thought, the atmosphere around was different than usual.

“Is the atmosphere heavy?”

Haruki’s stamina bottomed out immediately after finishing the Monsters Rampage.
As his head didn’t work well, he didn’t realize the difference.
……Well, whatever.

He arrived at the parking lot, but reconsidered the hour-long drive home.

Since the stampede occurred, gasoline prices increased, traffic volume had seriously decreased, and all minor roads were in poor condition.
If he wasn’t careful, the steering wheel would lose control and cause the car to fall into a ditch or the tire would puncture when hitting a hole.

If his car was damaged, he would need several times today’s earnings.

That is bad.
That is very bad.

Haruki didn’t have the confidence to drive for an hour, as it was necessary to be careful, to not cause an accident.

Because he has received 150,000 yen, he prioritized his safety by staying in a business hotel…….
It would be an unexpected expense, but it was many times better than causing an accident.

When Haruki entered the hotel, the receptionist who was watching him was startled.

“Oh, has my presence increased?”

As he was pleased, he unintentionally skipped while he was walking.
However, the receptionist’s face grew paler due to his movement.

What happened?

Sapporo at night can be seen from the large window in front of the receptionist.
Haruki suddenly stopped moving after seeing his figure reflected in the glass before the scenery.


I’m still wearing the suspicious mask.

I truly forget because there is no sensation when wearing it.

Haruki put his hand on the mask.
……Eh, can I remove it?

It is a Cursed Mask. It is impossible to remove.
Although Haruki had a dangerous thought, contrary to his uneasiness, the mask easily detached from his face.

When Haruki exposed his face, the receptionist let out a sigh of relief.
Apparently, he was scared of this mask.

Well, of course.
If a man wearing a suspicious mask approached him while skipping, anyone would be scared.

……I’m very sorry.

After he finished having dinner and taking a shower, finally the energy he used to face the Monster Rampage was replenished.

Thanks to the Monster Rampage, I felt very tired today.
However, I could experience the skill board effect thanks to it.
I could also learn a way to fight Killer Rabbit.

As much as I was tired, there were many things I could get.

“However, the effect of the skill board is outrageous…….”

Just adding one point to the Strength, I almost destroyed the hotel’s equipment many times.
It might’ve been destroyed if Haruki’s body had more power.

If I add 5 points to Strength, could I destroy concrete with my fingers?

“It was great to add 1 to muscle strength……”

When he walked with his habitual sense:


Because his sense of when to stop was different than usual, his little toe accidentally hit the bed’s corner.


Haruki writhed in pain on the bed.
It might be his biggest injury today.

My body balance has truly changed.
This is the bad effect of quickly getting strong using a skill board.

“If I don’t get used to this body soon, my small toe is in danger!”

If I continue to defeat monsters, I might be able to reach that level someday.
But slowly not suddenly.

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 10 part 2

Translator: LN&WN Warrior
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Without training, by only allocating one point, this happened…
How many steps did I skip?

Haruki warned himself.

It is amazing how much my physical ability improved… to be able to clear the Monster Rampage.
However, amazing doesn’t mean strong.

That’s why I must brace myself.
So I won’t stumble because of my confidence…….

Like that he laid down while closing his eyelids.
Although Haruki certainly felt sleepy, he still couldn’t sleep.

His body still had a slight fever due to his sense of exultation after surviving an intense fight.
Even though his body was tired, the tension in his nerves made his unable to sleep.

“Hmm… Since I have come to Sapporo, should I visit some famous place here?”

As he muttered, Haruki came to the city at night while wearing light clothes.

Haruki arrived at “Brave’s Bar” in Susukino.
After the dungeons appeared, the material cost, fuel cost, and shipping costs surged, the production of sake decreased significantly and its price rose sharply.
Furthermore, because there was a dungeon in the vicinity, no ordinary people drank outside in a bar.

Meanwhile, this “Brave’s Bar” which started marketing with a focus on adventurers was prosperous enough to compete for the first or second place in Susukino.

This bar is often the topic of conversation on the official blog.

Inside of the bar, adventurers and decoration remind of the classic fantasy atmosphere.
[Feel free to order, you can relax while drinking.]

[If you pay a tip to Master, he will tell useful information as a service.]
The management really has a deep understanding.

In addition, drinking there would be a tax measure if you paid using an IC card.
It was exactly right for adventurers.

Haruki, who enters by himself at the famous bar, was discouraged at once.

“……There is no waiter coming to me.”

He waited at the entrance, but the waiter didn’t come to him no matter how much time passed.
The waiter seated some customers and let them who came later enter first!

“Excuse me!”

After Haruki shouted, the waiter finally approached him.

This person just came, why did he shout. (Waiter)
Such a gaze made Haruki want to cry.

Hey, I have been waiting here for 10 minutes….

After that, despite the struggling, Haruki tasted his beer.

“……ah, this is nice!”

It has the taste of sake after a long time.
I had no chance to drink after the dungeons appeared and the price of sake soared.

Although the price of beer at “Brave’s Bar” seemed reasonable, a medium-sized beer still cost 2,000 yen, an unthinkable price if he hadn’t gone to the dungeon before.

Haruki was not rich enough to drink without reserve.

“But today is special.”

That was because Haruki passed through the Monsters Rampage.
If not this, what else should I celebrate!

Haruki enjoyed the taste of beer that he hadn’t felt in a long time, little by little.

“Oh, excuse me. I’m sitting here.”
“Hm? I seemed to hear a voice…… ah!? Sorry.”

Sometimes an adventurer thinking the table was vacant would sit at Haruki’s table, but he didn’t mind.
Human are creatures who make mistakes!

When the beer in his middle-sized mug was halved, he heard laughter from the counter’s direction.
It was such big laughter, it surpassed the voices of adventurers who were in “Brave’s Bar.”

When he turned his attention to them, he saw five adventurers wearing armor and carrying a sword on each of their waists.

“I saw a really strange man. He was wearing a disgusting mask.”
“He was the one who carried a dagger on his waist, right? I saw him too. I was in a panic and thought he was a monster for a moment.”
“Eh, what’s that? A beginner was equipping an entry-level dagger and wearing a disgusting mask, is he trying to set a character?!”
“Even his armor was entry-level, his balance was too poor!”
“I’m sure he is a small fry that greatly twisted in the equipment direction.”

At that time, they burst out again.

When Haruki listened to their conversation, he clasped the trembling fist under the table.


He gnashed his teeth and desperately suppressed his nearly overflowing emotion.

“No way…….”

There’s no way I was seen by someone I didn’t know!

“What a great day!!” (Haruki)

They laughed at each other while using Haruki as the topic.
To use Haruki who had an Air-like presence as the topic!

Could this be said to be the best day of my life?

What made Haruki feel pain was when no one noticed him and he never became a conversation topic.

Even though it was all mockery, being talked about meant he had a noticeable presence.

That was why Haruki was excited.
He even had a nosebleed due to his excitement.

As he drank his beer, he became a topic for others.

Doesn’t this mean that my presence has increased?

“Excuse me, one more medium-sized beer, please!”

Ten minutes after he was excitedly ordering.
No waiter reacted to Haruki’s order.

“……Hm, it seems they are busy today.”

Although his order was ignored, Haruki’s heart was really calm.
It can’t be helped if they are busy.

The atmosphere started to change when a waiter cleared Haruki’s empty mug.
It seems that this bar is very busy that they have to clean up the table where the customer is still sitting.

“Welcome! How many people are you? Please sit down in this seat.”

A waiter directed the customer to Haruki’s table.

Yes, they are crowded.

……should I return soon?

Haruki who had returned to the hotel was accessing “Let’s Be” from a computer he borrowed.

The Ranker Masatsugu is still on the expedition. There’s no blog update.
It seems that people who receive beginner courses are in trouble because Bacon always takes off his clothes.

As for Shigure, there’s no update.
Perhaps, she might be on an expedition.

When he typed “Karen” in the blog search, many “Karen” appeared.
He searched for “Karen” who was active in Sapporo from among them.

“Here it is.”

I seem like I’m peeking at the diary of my crush.
This feels like I’m doing a bad thing, it’s awkward.

The title of her newest article was “Saved.”

The content covered being abandoned by adventurers to the fact that she was saved by Haruki. Although there were no names written down, the detail of the incident was complete.

Finally, her blog was concluded with two impressive lines.

“I absolutely will not forgive those adventurers.”


“Thank you for rescuing me.”

Those words, I received them properly.
Feeling like his chest was stabbed, Haruki looked at the information on the blog.

Number of articles: 14
Number of bookmarks: 1043

By the way, the number of articles in Haruki’s blog was 61 and the number of bookmarks was 0.


Haruki completely changed and made a complex expression.

There was something, a muddy like emotion, that surged from the inner part of his chest.

Why is this world so cruel…….

He secretly closed her blogsite silently.


An hour after he locked the door, Haruki slipped into the bed.


【Path to be a noticed presence】

“Encountering a Monster Rampage > <”

Hello, I’m Air (^ o ^)

Today is not about the dungeon at my home, I have made a trip to Sapporo’s “Chikaho” (^ o ^)

I reached the 4th floor of “Chikaho” for the first time!
There were Killer Rabbits, I had quite a hard battle (> _ <)

It was very difficult to match its habit to dodge or feint (^ _ ^;)

By the way!
I came across a Monster Rampage (> _ <)

I tried to face the Killer Rabbit Rampage a little bit.
But, my body became pretty tired (= =;

Thanks to them, I even got 101 horns today (^ ^) v

While carrying the money I earned today, I went to “Brave’s Bar” which often becomes the conversation topic!

The atmosphere inside matches pretty good with adventurers!
I came to like it right away (> _ <)
But I can’t earn enough to drink alcohol every day……. (= =;

Those who haven’t been there, please visit the “Brave’s Bar.”
That bar absolutely will not betray adventurers’ expectations. (^ ^)

However, it seems busy because it is rather flourishing (= =;

Today, I also did my best for leveling up!
I wonder? Is this one step further into the future where I will gain a presence?


【Fugitive】 Thread 412 Monsters Rampage Report【Inevitable】

578 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
About the case of a fool who rushes into Monsters Rampage.

579 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
>> 578 Rest in Peace

580 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
It’s not me!
I saw a blog write about he rushes into a Monsters Rampage.

582 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
He is really stupid, an idiot!!

583 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
It’s a lie.
It’s impossible to return alive after attacked by Monsters Rampage.
Does that guy have habits of lying?

584 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
Do you think that it is a habit of lying?
However, it’s regrettable.
There is a blogger who was in the same place.

585 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
Are you serious?
Is it a Monsters Rampage with only 4 or 5 monsters?!

586 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
There were at least 100 monsters.

587 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
I never heard about Air
I’m sure he is an action seeker.
Just ignore it.

588 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
Believe it or not, is depending on yourself.
However, it probably would be better to read half of his story.
Even rankers don’t put their hands on Monster Rampages.

589 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
Is Air the blogger’s name?
I want to bookmark it later.
It might be a fake account of a ranker who got banned.

590 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
Oh, that’s a possibility.
I will bookmark it too.
If you have something else, please report it.

591 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
Rather, I will immediately report the gossip that I heard wwww

592 Name: I hope normies killed by Monsters Rampage
>> 587
By the way,
I never told you about his identity.
Why do you know his name?

Chapter end

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