Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 11 part 1

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When he checked the blog the next day……. What is this!
Somehow the PVs increased by 5 and the bookmarks became by 3.


It’s my first bookmark in the first 2 months since I create the blog.
Are there more wonderful things than this!?

In addition, the PVs reached a new record, 5 times.

Be it yesterday or today, good things have happened continuously.
As expected, is it because I saved Karen?
Is it because God deemed my action was “correct?”

Because he was too high spirited, he hit the wall!

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

His body was in perfect form after leveling up by subjugating a large number of monsters.
The fatigue he felt yesterday? Completely gone.

When he worked in a printing company, even after drinking an expensive Yunker, or taking a long hot bath, he still felt the fatigue the next day. (TLN: Yunker is a Japanese health tonic.)
My body feels like when I was a child.

When Haruki calmed down, he started to think about today’s action.

I forgot to thank the armor dealership’s clerk for the armor yesterday.
Should I visit the armor dealer first?

At the same time, it may be good to purchase a pair of shoes and gloves to replace my old ones.

“After that, I only need to go home…….”

For some reason, Haruki felt like something was wrong.
Is this really okay?

The thing left in his mind was only Karen’s baby face.

He only had a normal relationship with Karen, the girl who he met yesterday.
……it certainly wasn’t something that made him nervous.

Haruki didn’t help her from a Monster Rampage attacks because she was a girl.

But because he felt she would be attacked by other people.
It was natural as an adventurer.

He declared it to be without an ulterior motive.

That was why he didn’t have an intention to meet her once again, but…….

“…….No, that’s wrong!”

After he realized something, Haruki quickly put on his equipment and rushed out from the hotel room.

This is not a situation to think about meeting her or not.
Haruki should meet Karen.

If I let her be, she will definitely…… die!


It was still early morning, but the dungeon was crowded already.

Before the gate:
At the dungeon entrance where adventurers line up, Haruki was thoroughly following the check.

But even if there were too many people, he didn’t think Karen couldn’t be found.

“Shit! I can send a private message on the blog.”

I was crazy to not realize it.

Furthermore, it just happened yesterday.
It’s not necessary for Karen to visit the dungeon today.

Nonetheless, Haruki for some reason thought Karen would come.
He was surely too hasty.


Let’s rest for a while.
Taking a deep breath, Haruki noticed his power stabilize.

At that moment,

“Go, good morning!”

Haruki heard a greeting from Karen who had just appeared.
Even though Haruki had an Air-like presence, Karen could find him.

“Well…… she finds me right away although my presence is still thin.”
“Yes, that is……. err, Karaboshi-san’s mask stood out.”

Ah, this is the cause.
Haruki touched the edge of the mask using his finger.

Is it endowed with the easy-to-discover effect?

If I think about it, the atmosphere of my surrounding felt different than usual since yesterday.
This is…… I see everyone will gather their gaze to me when I wear the mask.

“Is this mask…… a God item!?”

My presence increased by just wearing it!
This kind of magic tool’s effect is…Haruki’s body trembled.

“Damn it! How is this!!”

I could buy such a Godly item for only 500 yen!
That clerk is a Goddess!

“Are you okay?” (Karen)
“Ye, yes, I’m okay.”

Looking at Karen’s puzzled expression, Haruki was hurriedly regained his composure.

“Yes, what is it!?”

When she was called, Karen restlessly and slowly approached him.
She looked like a small dog that found its owner.

“I actually want to hear about your team yesterday.”

He heard an “Ah” sound from somewhere.
As it was too low, it was swallowed by the crowd of adventurers in the blink of an eye.

However, Haruki heard it.
He managed to grasp it by using his sense of hearing which became somewhat more sensitive after leveling up.

Immediately Karen hides behind him as he focuses on the voice.


“Bla blah blah,” the man who equips a shield said something.
Even though Haruki couldn’t hear it, he clearly understood what they said.

“So, she is alive.”

Behind him, there were a large-sword user and a bow user.

As expected, they were curious.
Is the girl who we abandoned truly dead…….

The culprits always come back to the crime scene.
As they were not exceptions, they also did it.
It was to make sure Karen was truly dead.

If Karen was still alive, they might commit more crimes.

Of course, it was not a crime to kill people who dive in the dungeon.
But, like a chain problem, killing people would always cause the occurrence of bad situations.

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 11 part 2

Hello everyone,
As I had mention before, I’ll take a break for few days.
The next chapter will be on the 7th February.

Anyway, even though it’s two days earlier,

Happy Chinese New Year XD!!


Translator: LN&WN Warrior
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However, they showed themselves to intimidate Karen.
It was only a circumstance, so their conduct was in the grey zone.

The strong adventurers, who not only didn’t risk their lives to protect her, a weak adventurer, but also sacrificed her to save their own life, probably couldn’t continue their adventuring activities anymore.

If it was regarded as a dangerous act, the “Let’s Be” management might ban their accounts.

That was why they tried to confirm it.
……If she was alive, they would turn her into monster bait again.

If I’m not mistaken, Karen said they were active on the 9th floor.
That meant they had the power to kill Haruki easily.

What do they want to do?
I’m really nervous.

Do they possibly want to attack us here?

……indeed it couldn’t be.
There were too many people, and the adventurers’ countermeasure special police force would not stay silent.

Haruki probably thought too much about it.

They are also adventurers.
There is a possibility that they came to investigate about Karen because they feel guilty.

However, betraying Haruki’s expectation, they arranged a formation while releasing killing intent.

“No way!”

They really had the intention.
As it was too sudden, Haruki was trembling, but he regained his composure when he heard the breathing sound from behind.

What an intense killing intent.
Needless to say, it was confirmed quickly.

The vanguard put his shield forward.
Behind him, the bow user had already prepared his bow and arrow.

They would be attacked by the shield user if they were dodging to the left, but the arrow would be fired if they moved to the other direction.
Furthermore, even if they avoid those attacks, they couldn’t ignore the large-sword waiting behind.

What should I do…….

If I try to avoid it, Karen will be the first one to die.
But, is there a way to prevent their attacks…….

What should I do!?

Anyway, I need to observe first.
After observing, we can use a gap in the formation to flee!

However, Haruki’s observation couldn’t find any gaps.
They closed in slowly.

Yet they did not draw their weapons,
as the police would notice them.
That was why they would wait until the last minute to draw those out.

Despite this, Haruki understood perfectly where the position of their weapons was, and how they would attack.

This is probably their killing tactic.
As he felt it, Haruki’s spine trembled.

*Step*, his foot moved.
At that point, the shield user also moved for the same amount of distance.


Once again, *step* Haruki’s foot moved.
The shield user also moved.

……This is probably.

He felt like he’s seen a ray of hope thinner than a hair.

In the next moment, the shield user tried to close the distance at once.

Can I do it?

Haruki moved his feet at the ray of hope.

This battle formation is established by facing the enemy through a different right angle with the shield user as the apex.
So, if I change the angle, the battle formation will produce some distortions.

From those distortions, the gap to escape from this critical situation will appear.
Haruki, believing this, stepped on the ground with all his might.


Shit, he is fast!

Haruki’s speed couldn’t surpass the shield user’s charge.

It was an overwhelming capability.
The light of hope that he saw was erased by his insufficient strength.

The adventurers in the vicinity realized the unusual event, when an “Ah!” sound was heard,


The shield user drew a long-sword.

Suddenly, the situation became worse.
It was too late, even if Haruki moved with all of his might.

As it seemed like the vanguard understood, he showed an “I’ll get her”-like smile.
It was truly…… an indecent smile, like sh*t.

The sword behind his shield was stabbing at her abdomen…….

Before him,


Someone broke into the uproar.

As that person broke in, the shield user was instantly thrown.

Chapter end


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