Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 12 part 1

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“What is this all about?”

The height of the man who barged in before them was about equal to Haruki’s, or even a little bit shorter.
He wore a rugged blue armor. Nevertheless, that armor didn’t obstruct his movement at all.
Despite his quick movements, no sound could be heard.

On his waist was a long-sword, about one meter in length.
A small-shield, with Kawashima’s logo “KS” engraved on it, was fixed on his left arm.

Haruki remembered seeing that equipment.

He saw it a few times on the official blog and yearned for it.
It was the strongest equipment for the strongest man.

He was the fixed number one ranker on the “Let’s Be an Adventurer.”

“Hero, Masatsugu-san!”

As soon as he said Masatsugu, the high pitched “kya~” sound began to rise from the surrounding adventurers.
Karen who was losing her strength behind him also started to blush innocently when looking at Masatsugu.

The normal Haruki would think: Tchi, you, Normie, go and meet a Monster Rampage! However, that kind of gloomy emotion didn’t erupt since the man was Masatsugu.

He had reached the unexplored fiftieth floor of the highest-difficulty dungeon, Shinjuku Station, trained in various dungeons, and found many magic tools.

Literally, he was a top ranker.
All adventurers, regardless of gender, inevitably adored him.

As for Haruki, his figure was like a stake that stuck deep on the ground.
Even if he knew the location and nature of the attack, he still couldn’t defeat it.

That pressure caused him a little bit of breathing difficulty.

Haruki probably couldn’t measure Masatsugu’s true ability.
That was because he couldn’t see Masatsugu’s movements that “seemed to touch” him when they intruded.

Masatsugu was there when he blinked.
That was the only thing that Haruki perceived.
There was no room to observe him.

Although Haruki only experienced a part of the top ranker’s true strength, he was quite excited.
But at the same time, it was mixed with dejection.

I still can’t reach the same stage as him.

But even if I keep trying steadily, it’s doubtful that I’ll gain the same level of power as him.
Even if a donkey goes on a trip, it can’t become a horse.

“Masatsugu-san, those people were suddenly…….”
“The, the, they are trying to accuse us!!”

The large-sword user shouted as he tried to overlap Haruki’s words.
It looked a bit like acting.
He seemed like he was trying to make all people in the area into a supporter.

“Those people forced the Monster Rampage to us!! We were almost dead!!”

……His acting skill is high.
Haruki bit his lips.

MPK isn’t illegal.
But, it’s still in the grey zone.
It’s classified as an evasion trick.

He used the personality attack argument which used MPK as a lie.

Personality attack was used to drop the other parties’ trust.

Even if Karen appealed by saying, “They were leaving me behind,” it would be hard for audiences to believe it.

No matter how we tell the truth, it will only deepen their doubt.

It was due to the personality attack.
However, if it was an MPK, there was room to consider the circumstance.

Currently, they are attempting an assault.
There was a punishment, but it was too light compared to their crime of throwing Karen to a Monster Rampage.

Did they predict that someone will stop their attack from the start?
……if that’s true, it means they are terrifying.

There is no evidence for their MPK and desertion.
There are large uncertainties.
If it’s like that, they can completely get away.

I thought they are idiots, but it seems they can use their heads.

“……is it true?”

Masatsugu shifted his attention to Haruki.

Why me!?
While Haruki startled, his whole body was trembling.

I become like this just because I experienced a small part of his power.

Haruki opened his mouth to stimulate his spirit.

“No, they met a Monster Rampage when they brought her to train in the dungeon. At that time, they used her as bait and run away.”

She must really admire him. As Karen who was on his side lightly shifted her attention to him, Haruki explained the rough story to Masatsugu.

“I see, that was truly a disaster.”
“Masatsugu-san, do you believe that story!?”
“Whether I believe it or not…….”

Masatsugu lowered his eyebrow’s end like he was amazed.

“All of you raised your weapons not to fight monsters but humans. At that point in time, you are guilty.”

An adventurer is a human weapon.

A person couldn’t be trusted as an adventurer if he tried to harm other humans.

I’m relieved…….
Masatsugu wasn’t deceived by their words and came to a reasonable judgment.
Haruki let out a deep breath of relief.

“Is there something happening?”

Men with nice builds and complete defense armor rushed to Haruki and the others. They were probably members of the adventurer countermeasure special police force.

“No, there’s no problem.”
“Are, are you Masatsugu-san!?”

“Ooh,” men’s rough voices reverberated.

As expected of a top ranker, he is also respected by the members of special police force.

At first, the policemen’s bodies were clad in a peculiarly arrogant aura, but they began to snap to attention, due to nerves, like new adventurers as soon as they discovered that the other party was Masatsugu-san.

They were really easy to understand.
However, it was good to have someone with public authority…….

After the police came, the progress was simple.

Masatsugu explained the chain of incidents to them.
That was about when Haruki and other 3 men argued until Masatsugu’s mediation.
It was a perfect lie.

But, the policemen also know that. Masatsugu told them while hinting ‘it was a lie,’ but no one particularly raised a retort.

If it was another adventurer, that person wouldn’t be able to inflict penalties and would be pursued by the other party.
But, they held back as Masatsugu was the one who carried the responsibilities.

The shield user had debts to Masatsugu.
With this, it was appreciated if they didn’t act unreasonable, but…….

“By the way, what is your name, boy?”

Masatsugu suddenly asked Haruki after the policemen left.
Haruki never thought his name would be asked. His body became stiff and sweat gushed out as he exhaled.

“My name is Ka, Ka, Karaboshi Haruki. In ‘Let’s Be’, my user name is Air!”
“I see. Air-san seems to be surprisingly strong.”
“Eh, not at all, right?”

Is it sarcasm?
No, it is flattery.

Is he a type of person who said what he thought?
Haruki tilted his head to the side as he couldn’t understand Masatsugu’s true intention.

“Yes? It’s because even now you are trying to erase your presence. It’s your habit to erase your presence due to long seclusion in a dungeon, right?”

Yes, it has become a habit…… eh, it is not!
I am not a chuuni assassin! (TLN: Chuuni is the abbreviation of Chuunibyou or the Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome)
I don’t have such a familial background.

Even though he disagreed with it, he didn’t have the courage to speak against the words from a great ranker like him.

“You have the thinnest presence among adventurers that I’ve met until now. It’s truly an amazing technique.”
“Thank you for that…….”


Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 12 part 2

Translator: LN&WN Warrior
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It’s amazing. It doesn’t feel like praise at all!

“Moreover, you have good eyes.”

Masatsugu narrowed his eyes as if peering into the mask.

The mask didn’t have any holes. There were only eye-like patterns drawn on it.
Even so, Haruki felt his eyes being perceived and that made it hard for him to breathe.

“By the way……”

Masatsugu’s face approached him slightly.

“It may be better not to come to this district for a while.”
“…….Is it due to ambushes?”
“There is a possibility. So until then, I will look after them in one way or another.”
“That, I can’t bother Masatsugu-san to that extent.”
“When you think about adventurers, everyone is a nuisance. Even so, I’m also included in that group, to be honest.”

At that moment, it was the first time that I saw contempt in the eyes of Masatsugu who was a chivalrous man.
Even if he had a hero-like aura, he still had human traits remaining.

So, he also can make such face.
Haruki was slightly interested in his noble image.

However, it seemed that those who gazed at him didn’t think so.
Other people were frightened by Masatsugu’s eyes.

“Anyway, I will pause my journey in Sapporo for a while.”
“I understand. Then, can I leave them to you?”
“Oh, leave them to me.”

He decided to leave those three adventurers to Masatsugu.

Haruki couldn’t do anything to them and was unable to finish this argument. If he tried, the result would become bloody if he did it poorly.

In that case, it was the best to leave it to Masatsugu who had both power and honor.

He saw Masatsugu off while dragging the three adventurers.

Haruki stopped Karen on the spot and hurriedly headed for the dungeon.

“If it is here…….”

In the first step of the dungeon’s entrance, he took out the skill board secretly and swipe quickly.

Make it in time…… make it in time!

“I found it…… ugh!”

Haruki was looking for Masatsugu’s status.
If I can see it, I will not have to worry about my future skills preferences.

He took out the skill board while thinking about it, but

Kokonoe Masaji (23) Gender: Male
Skill Point(s): 72
Class: Emperor Grade Holy Long-Sword and Shield Warrior
Divine Protection: God of War

– Vitality
Stamina 12
Natural Recovery 7

– Strength
Strength 11
Body Manipulation 9

– Agility
Quickness 13
Dexterity 9

– Technique
Armour Proficiency
One-Hand Sword 8
Holy Sword 3 (EN: Indented parts are sub-categories.)
Shield 8
Light Armor Max
Light Weight 3

– Intuition
Intuition 3
Detection 3
Judgment 5

– Special
Divine Protection MAX

“Wow…… wow!”

It’s not helpful at all!

First of all, what is Divine Protection?
The God of War, it seems to have a tremendous effect from its name alone.

This protection appearing was probably because of his special skill.

When Haruki tried to display the explanation,


Masatugu’s skill tree disappeared from the screen.
Apparently, he seemed to have gone out of range.

As Haruki predicted, the technique tree is derived in its development process.
But, I don’t know when it is.

It is unnecessary for a skill to be maximized because the Holy Sword skill has developed even though the One-Handed Sword-mastery is only 8.
However, I don’t know the requirements.

It seems a bit difficult to imagine that anyone can use the Holy Sword if the One-Handed Sword-mastery is raised to eight.
So, it is absolutely safe to assume that there are several prerequisites.

“Oh, if only I could read the explanation.”

It was inevitable that he complained.
Haruki, who was interrupted when analyzing the skill tree, returned to Karen’s original position.

“It’s better if you don’t go to Chikaho for a while in the future.”
“Eh, why?”
“Masatugu-san said that they might attack you again.”

Karen opened her eyes wide.
It couldn’t be helped if she was surprised.

She was told not to enter the dungeon for a while, even though she was an adventurer.
But, it was from the top ranker Masatsugu.
It was a highly enforceable instruction.

She is so pitiful…….
I don’t know what I should say.

In front of Haruki who still ponders his word choice, Karen’s eyes shine with determination.

“Please take me to the dungeon.”
“……What? No, even with me, it’s better not to enter Chikaho…….”
“I can also enter the dungeon if it is at Karaboshi-san’s house, right?”
“Yup, ……eh, wait a moment. Why do you know that there is a dungeon at my house?”

I haven’t told anyone about my house dungeon yet.
I also didn’t say it to Kitora-san who I shared my onions with.

Karen isn’t supposed to know about it!

“Karaboshi-san, didn’t you say you are Air earlier? With those words, I confirmed it. Karaboshi-san is Air who wrote the ‘I got a dungeon at home’ article.”

Even though he was nervous in front of a ranker, but to say words that exposed his personal identity….
Haruki was greatly perplexed at his degree of stupidity.

“Whenever I have free time, I read every new article on the blog.”


In front of me now is my blog’s reader. Even if she only contributed 1 PV, but my article’s PV would only increase to 3 or 4 times every update!

What a rare experience!
I’m happy but also embarrassed…….
I do not know what this is.

“Then let’s go immediately!”
“No, wait. Even so, do you know that there is nothing there even if you come to my town?”
“But, there is a dungeon, right?”

“But, there is no Don Quijote, and not even Aeon.” (TLN: Don Quijote is a discount chain store in Japan; AEON is a retail store in Japan.)
“There is neither a game center nor karaoke.”

“There are only houses, fields, and mountains.”

“Brown bears go down to the village in the summer and devour the field’s crops.
Foxes come in winter and leave footprints in the snow.”

“My town is only that kind of place.”
“It is just the countryside without anything.”

“However, it has a dungeon.”
“As long as there’s a dungeon, it is possible to adventure.”

As she touched Haruki’s adventurer soul, he decided to respect her determination to visit his place.

However, she is only 18 years old.
Will it be okay for her to go away from her parents?

He asked her as he became nervous.

“It’s okay.”

She gave a short reply.
Her voice was extremely cold.
He felt a please-don’t-ask-me-anymore-like rejection.

The Stampede occurred five years ago.
From that moment on, Japan changed a lot.

It changed, twisted, distorted, and…… lost its parts.

In the once peaceful Japan, adventurers who risked their lives were mass-produced.
It is the manifestation of mankind’s resistance against their current losses.

Grandparents, Parents, Wife, Husband, Child, Brother, Sister, Friend, Lover, Grandchild…….
Everyone was losing something.

It was the same for Haruki.
I’m sure, Karen too.

He didn’t intend to lick each others’ wounds if he said something bad.

Rather than doing that kind of thing, it’s better to kill a large-size monster.
Even if you only kill a large-size monster, it can reduce the possibility of someone losing an important person, even just 0.1%.

It is because Haruki is an adventurer.

It was because his occupation is an adventurer.

“Okay, then let’s go to the dungeon!”

Chapter end


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