Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 13.1

Published at 13th of February 2019 10:04:37 PM Chapter 13.1
Chapter 13 – Let’s Guide Her to the Garage Dungeon! (Part 1)

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Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

As they ventured to his house in  K-town, Karen’s face changed to a “Hey, how far do we have to travel to the back regions?” like expression.

Sapporo is in the countryside if compared with Tokyo, but from the point of view of native rural people, it is an imitation. It’s the modern countryside.

She is surprised to this degree?
My town is in the awesome countryside!

Haruki hummed while driving his car, the emotion in his heart was either pride or pain.

“Wow, there really is a dungeon in the garage . Woow . . . . . . . ”

Whether the garage dungeon was very unusual, Karen was thoroughly observed the dungeon’s entrance.

No, no. There is also an underground walking area dungeon in her city.
It would not be surprising that it popped up in a garage.

(PN: This passage needs work.  I think it indicates that Haruki expects Karen to be very surprised by the garage dungeon, but on second thought, she’s too well-read to have the reaction that he’s envisioning.)

“It’s nice to have a dungeon near the house.”


It is a great advantage to have it nearby.
I can use my old commuting time to hunt.

But if I’m not careful and think ‘I can sleep in because there is no commuting time!’ I will, unfortunately, get in a bad state . . . . . . . 

“Oh, yeah. Where is the material purchase store in this town?”
“There is none.”
“There is no such thing here.”

Karen’s eyes gazed intently at Haruki and seemed to ask, “That’s a lie right?”

“Well, I thought that there should be a material purchase store in the area if there is a dungeon . . . . . . . ”

“It just popped up recently, so it might happen later.”
“Could it be… no weapon shop too!?”

Don’t ask while looking at me, because it makes me sad when I talk about this place’s condition.

Ah, I miss the time when I was shopping at Amazon.

“An, anyway, do you want to look inside?”

Karen’s equipment was a thin club that she put in her robe,
her shoes are ordinary sneakers, they didn’t look like safety shoes at all.

He became uneasy after looking at her too-light clothes.
However, it couldn’t be helped since she was a beginner.

To get decent equipment, it was necessary to have money and experience.

Beginners didn’t have either of them.

Haruki frequently gazed at her equipment while thinking.

It is interesting.

Her equipment is very interesting.

First is the club.

Its strength will not change even if it strikes off-target, and it requires almost no maintenance compared to a blade-type weapon.
It is the easiest-to-handle weapon type for a beginner.

Nevertheless, there are only a few adventurers equipped with it.

It is because after killing a monster, there is a need to dismantle its body.

Monster’s materials are leather and nails, carapace and scales. They are mainly concentrated on the exterior.
When fighting with a club, it would cause some scratches on the valuable materials.

Therefore, adventurers choose blade-type weapons from the beginning, not the easy-to-handle club.

Karen was a kind of maniac adventurer, she would check around the official blog whenever she had leisure time.
So, information was not her weakness.

It means that the club which she chose is her weapon preference.

The club is made by IBI.
It is an entry model made by Harima Industry which is recognized as hard-to-handle equipment.
Choosing a niche is also a good thing.

In addition, her armour is a robe which has particularly low defense power among other types of armour.

She abandoned efficiency and safety to follow her own sensibility.
That’s why it’s fun!

Haruki was attracted to her sense of choosing low-defense armour.

It was probably because Haruki dared to choose a dagger or knife as his main weapon.
It could be called a unique sense of fellowship.

Haruki passed through the ticket gate with Karen, while wearing his armour and carrying a bag.

“Do you know what kind of monster comes out here?”
“It was a monster called House Centipede.”
“Ahhh, come to think of it, you’ve seen my blog.”

Haruki scratched the back of his head to cover up his shyness.

“Although it’s not life-threatening, it can destroy your armour. So be careful.”

As soon as they went down to the dungeon and saw the first House Centipede, Karen’s white face became blue.
Haruki rapidly moved forward, but Karen didn’t move.

. . . . . . no, she couldn’t move?

“What’s wrong? House Centipede can only destroy armour. So, there’s no need to worry about your life.”
“No, my heart is in more danger than my life . . . . . . .”

Apparently, she is not good with insect type monsters.

Eh? However, insect type monster should have also appeared in Chikaho.
Whatever, let’s defeat it quickly.

While I’m facing it, I’ll let Karen hit it.
She should have been leeching exp in Chikaho.

So, she should be thirsty for exp.
Let’s give a lot of House Centipedes’ lives to Karen as a gift.

Haruki who had a good intention pinned the House Centipede down by stomping on its back.

Because he had allocated points with the skill board, he could easily suppress the House Centipede.
It was resisting, but it had no chance to escape.


Karen was frightened by House Centipede’s violent resistance.
He thought it wasn’t something to be surprised by. However,
Haruki cut off the House Centipede’s antennae and turned his attention to Karen.

“Its weak point is the head, now attack it.”

Karen closed her distance and stroked its head with a stick repeatedly.
She pulled her waist and kept on turning her eyes away.

“Look at the House Centipede carefully.”
“It is impossible! Or rather, how can you have such calmness!?”
“Do, do you not feel disgusted?”

Haruki tilted his head when listening to Karen’s words.

Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 13 part 2

Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

What on earth did this girl say?

“It is cute, right?” (Haruki)
“Haa!?” (Karen)
“The way it’s feet move or the way its body wiggles.” (Haruki)
“Please stop, it’s impossible for me. I’ll die due of goosebumps!!”

Even if you reject it that much…….
However, now I understand. There are some adventurers who react like this after looking at House Centipedes.

Adventurers who wrote about it on the wiki might’ve felt as disgusted as she is.
But, that’s a problem as an adventurer.

“Karen, will you turn away your eyes when another disgusting monster comes out? House Centipedes might be fine because they don’t have killing power, but the others are different. You close your eyes because it is disgusting, do you want to die?”
“Which one do you choose? An ordinary girl who turns her eyes away from disgusting things or an adventurer who looks directly at reality?”
After listening to Haruki’s words, Karen finally took a straight look at the House Centipede’s figure.
Her face was still pale, and her lips trembled like saying “hiee!” every time the House Centipede moved.

However, the light in her eyes was getting stronger.

A dubious light could be seen, but… well, she would be okay.

As Haruki demanded, she struck the House Centipedes’ head hard with the club, dozens of strikes.
She was like Haruki when he fought the House Centipede for the first time.

It took a considerable amount of time before the House Centipede died.

At first, Haruki also could not penetrate the carapace.
So, it was unavoidable that Karen as a beginner took her time to defeat the House Centipede.

When she defeated the House Centipede, she experienced the level-up sickness. Karen exhausted her power and fell to her knees.
Haruki dismantled the House Centipede while glancing at her appearance.


Well, was level up sickness so bad?
Karen held her mouth and groaned.

Due to his rising strength, dismantling the House Centipede became easier than before.
The carapace was pulled apart pleasantly.

Perhaps my current dismantling time is about half.

It is wonderful to be able to shorten the dismantling time!
With this, my fighting time with monsters will be even longer.

Even though, I ended up fighting Monster Rampage which is like a war.

“Well, how many years has Karaboshi-san been an adventurer?”
“Well, it’s from this year.”
“What? Is it in the same period as me?”

It was probably because she acquired her license when she was just turned 18 years old this year.
It was in the same period because Haruki also acquired it this year.

“Yeah, that’s right?”

She shook her head repeatedly.
It seemed to declare that she doesn’t believe it.

“Did you practice martial arts before?”
“No, I was in a track and field club when I was a student, but since then there is no activity that requires me to move my body actively.”

My physical strength during my school days was deprived by my job since I join at the printing company.
Such a job required me to do it in a closed room.

Rather, my body becomes healthier because I mostly stayed in a room.
I sleep when I want to sleep, and I get up when I want to get up.

“Then, why are you so strong? Even though I’m still weak…….”

Haruki unexpectedly turned his face away from those eyes which were filled with respect and self-blame.

He couldn’t puff up his chest with pride, because it was strength gained from a magic tool rather than effort.
He couldn’t directly take her gaze.

“……You can get stronger if you defeat a lot of House Centipedes.”

“That’s rig-“, she stopped her sentence.

But that is a fact.
Even Haruki became strong because of it.

“The monsters are all-you-can-hunt, as my house is nearby.”

You can become strong if you defeat a lot of House Centipedes.
Karen smiled while brimming with power when she was told so.
There was a faint ominous glimmer in her eyes.

“Well, I will do my best to annihilate them completely.”
“No, you don’t have to work that hard, right?”

If they are annihilated, I will lose my chance to see that valuable House Centipede-chan.
I feel relaxed just by looking at their feet…….

Haruki squeezed Karen’s hand thoroughly because he felt it was very precious to be able to freely reach for monsters.
Specifically, he was able to subjugate about 100 House Centipede.

Initially, it took about 5 minutes to subjugate it, but last time, I grew to the point that I could crack its carapace in 1 minute.
Still, it may be dangerous for her to handle it alone.

Haruki wouldn’t fall behind even in a one-on-one.
So, is this the difference between man and woman, or the difference between weapons?

Surely it will be the difference between our love of House Centipede.

If it remains as it is, Karen may not be able to defeat the remaining 200 monsters and fight alone properly.

“I thought she could hunt at least 100 monsters.”

Based on his experience, Haruki predicted she would grow considerably after 100 monsters, but…….
Apparently, the Growth Acceleration seemed to have raised Haruki’s growth speed considerably.

“Haa, haa…… that…… please, a little, break…….”
“Oh, yeah. Then, let’s take a rest.”

Karen kept her forehead wet with sweat and sat on the floor while leaning against the wall.
Because Haruki equated his physical strength with her, he completely forgot to take a break.

From now on I have to pay attention to our difference in physical strength…….
Haruki reflected lightly and pulled out a canteen from his bag.

“But, it is amazing.”

She seemed too tired to hear Haruki’s muttering at this time.
As she felt feeble, she drank water from the canteen slowly.

Despite being without breaks, Karen didn’t raise complaints even once.
She had enough determination.

Haruki dismantled the House Centipede he defeated.
When turning his back on Karen, Haruki secretly took out the skill board.

As she can make efforts this far, I will help her a little.
First of all, I’ll confirm her skills.


Haruki, taking out the skill board, called up Karen’s skill tree and read it.


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