Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 14 part 1

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Kurosaki Karen (18) Gender: Female
Skill Point(s): 6
Class: Hammer User

– Vitality
Stamina 0
Natural Recovery 0

– Strength
Strength 0

– Magic Power
Magic Power 0
Magic Compatibility 0
Magic Manipulation 0

– Agility
Quickness 0
Dexterity 0

– Technique
Armour Proficiency
Blunt Weapon 0
Light Armor 0

– Intuition
Detection 0

– Special
Luck 0

There is a magic power on the list!!
At that moment, Haruki’s body became hot with passion.

It is the ability that all adventurers have waited for…….

I want to check what kind of power it is!
Haruki was really thirsty for that knowledge.

But, how should I ask her?’

There is no information about magic at present.
That means she didn’t publish it.

Adventurers will surely swarm her as soon as she releases the information.

She is definitely useful.
She’d be treasured if she’d come in contact with a good team.
However, if she’d come in contact with a bad team, they would only use her up and throw her away.

It is the same as Haruki’s skill board.

Beginner adventurers don’t have the power to negate that malice.
The disadvantage of disclosing unknown information would easily surpass its merit.

Haruki opened his mouth and sighed while pretending to be casual.

“Karen, can you use magic?”

Karen’s back which was in front of him reacted excessively.
Based on her reaction, it seems that she can use it.

“Why do you ask such a question?”

As expected, it was too straight.
Karen asked while showing her fear.

“It is because you wear a robe and a club which are rare equipment. So, I just think you look like a Magical girl.” (Haruki)
“Well, it was a dress for Magical Girls.” (Karen)
“Is that so?” (Haruki)

After listening to Haruki’s stupid words, Karen’s tension lessened.
She giggled.

“Isn’t magic often a reason for controversies on “Let’s Be” since the dungeons first appeared? Because there are magic tools, we should be able to use magic. So, I think it’s time for the information about how to use magic to spread.” (Haruki)
“Even if someone can use it, surely no one will make it public except for senior adventurers, right?” (Karen)
“Why?” (Haruki)
“Well, because it’s dangerous.” (Karen)

As expected, she fears that she might be crushed by others.
So, her reason for asking those adventurers to help her level up was because she wanted to be able to hunt by herself in a quiet place without revealing her power.

The existence of magic will be directly exposed if she uses it to hunt on a crowded floor.

It will seem suspicious if I keep working on the House Centipedes.
Haruki quickly finished the dismantling.

Meanwhile, he allocated her 4 skill points.

Skill Point(s): 6 → 2

– Magic Power
Magic Power 0 → 1
Magic Compatibility 0 → 1
Magic Manipulation 0 → 1

He hesitated to allocate points to the status which could suddenly change her performance.
I think it’s better to do it on the rarely used magic attributes.

This one point will do its job when she must use magic.

After he allocated her points in magic attributes, the class on the skill board changed.

Class: Hammer User → Spirit User

“It’s unexpectedly changeable.”

As expected, the Class change depends on the skills developed.

If the first is her forte, does the second represent her strength?

For Haruki, it was Sword. As for elder Takenaka, it was Hammer.

Masatsugu’s class was ‘Emperor Grade Holy Long-Sword and Shield Warrior (Shield Slasher),’ the first part is his forte, and the second part is…… not looking like his strength.

So, magic comes from spirit…….

I thought it was from a demon, but would that make her a ‘demon user’?
But, I do not think that the skill board is included in that group.

I’ll allocate the remaining 1 point to luck.
Half of the reason was his preference and the other half was a bet.

Perhaps she is very lucky.

She was saved by Haruki’s arrival despite being left to face the Monster Rampage.
Even when she was attacked by the shield user, she was able to escape the trouble because of Masatsugu’s unexpected arrival.

Or, it may be called devil’s luck.
As this status appears, it is no doubt that she has lucky karma.

– Special
Luck 0 → 1 (Increasing luck) MAX 5

The meaning of the ability is not clear, but this skill will surely be useful.

But, the skill’s name being just ‘Luck’ makes me concerned.
Why is it not ‘Good Luck’ or ‘Devil’s Luck,’ but only ‘Luck?’

It is not written in the description about what kind of luck it is.
It’s very suspicious.

There may be some elements that can turn it into evil or good depending on the condition.

Well, it will not be bad luck at least.
I do not think there is a disadvantage in the skill.

Otherwise, muscles withering would be a normal occurrence even though I have allocated 1 point in Strength.
Indeed, I don’t want it.

I’ll set aside the remaining 2 points just in case something happens in the future.
There isn’t too much prep time if something happens in the dungeon.


When he rested, he felt a slight vibration that shouldn’t be in the dungeon.

“Is it an earthquake?”

Apparently, Karen noticed it, too.
Both of them looked at their vicinity in confusion.

I feel something bad will happen.
Is it because both of us became silent?

“Let’s go out, I have a bad feeling.”

Haruki immediately proposed that when he felt more confident about his feeling.
Karen agreed without hesitation.

The vibration still continued.
Besides, he heard a sound like something hard was crushed.

Is it a Monster Rampage of House Centipedes?

Even though it is a monster with no killing power, it will be bad if it appears in large quantities.
If you get involved you might also get trampled to death.

Haruki’s running speed increased when he imagined himself being trampled by House Centipedes.

The light from the surface came into sight.

At that moment, a monster appeared to hinder Haruki’s progress.

It had a long body and a hundred long feet.
Its developed jaw could split a human body into two.

“Damn, it is a Centipede!”

Haruki instantly pulled out his dagger.

Centipedes are different from House Centipedes. It is a monster that has a high killing power.
In addition, it has a poison.

Centipedes are supposed to appear on the lower floors.
However, it is here…….

It was about 1 meter long.
Its red head, connected to its black body, turned to Haruki.

Centipedes develop their olfactory senses rather than their vision.
So, it probably realized Haruki’s presence from his smell.

The Centipede moved its foot to approach him.

“It’s fast!”


Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ Chapter 14 part 2

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Translator: LN&WN Warrior
Editor: Starfinder

Its movements are keener and nimbler than those of House Centipedes and Killer Rabbits.

Although it was Haruki taking the initiative to strike, the Centipede didn’t respond to him.

“Tchi! Karen, step back!”

The centipede reacted to the smell of Karen’s sweat!

“Damn, are you an old man!”

He was joking to relieve the tension.

Haruki advanced with all his might to cut its antennas.
However, his blade didn’t penetrate.
Besides, the target was too hard.

Even though the blade didn’t pass, Haruki didn’t get upset at all.
He experienced it occasionally when he fought against House Centipedes.
So, it was within his calculations.

Originally, a Centipede is a monster that frequently appears in the middle-tier floors.
An adventurer hunting on the 3rd or 4th floor is not an opponent who can inflict decent damage to it.

Then, why did it appear in a place like this?
Haruki quickly came up with the answer without thinking.

It is a rare monster!

“Karen, fall back as far as possible and watch the attacks from the rear!”
“It is a rare monster and it’s aiming at you. So, fall back!”

Karen gasped when she heard the words, ‘rare monster.’
Her face turned blue as she slowly fell back.

A Rare monster is a monster that rarely appears as its name suggests.
It is usually a different species but resembles the monster of that floor, a fox or a wolf if it is a dog, a leopard if it is a cat.

It might be the result of mutations such as cancer or albinism in the monster’s birth process.

Even if monsters yearn for it, it is a nuisance to an adventurers’ point of view.
Because the monster would be stronger than the boss depending on its type.

He had cut it three times using a dagger, but he still couldn’t inflict significant damage.

Damn it! If I had skill points, I could increase my Strength and Technique.
That was what he thought, but what could he do if there was none.

Then, how can I cut it?


The centipede’s attack slightly grazed his body when he was deep in thought.

No, I should stay focused.
Observe, analyze, and clarify it!

He pulled his thoughts back into the battle and increased his concentration.

He observed, analyzed, clarified and predicted every movement of the Centipede.
Then, he analyzed, compared, tried, and improved his attacks.

Due to his continuous attacks, the agro of the Centipede, which was trying to pass through Haruki’s side, turned to him.
At that moment, the difficulty of evading its attack increased.

He evaded its jaw attack and cut its legs with his dagger.

The blade that didn’t leave a scratch before smoothly cut off its legs.
After repeatedly self-analyzing and trying, his technique to stab the blade improved.


Now, I can defeat the Centipede!

Until now, my attacks heavily depend on my strength…….
Of course, my previous dagger was broken easily.

It was dangerous to be deep in thought while fighting.
Haruki’s body was attacked by its tail from his blind spot.


Haruki rolled on the ground like a ball.

My body is fine, and no bones are broken.
He stood up instantly.



The Centipede had opened its big jaw above Haruki.

It’s fast and unavoidable.
I can’t escape.

He pushed out his slightly bent dagger.
It was just resisting slightly.

In one go, it bit off and swallowed his arm.
It was the future that he foresaw.


At the same time as a shrieking cry was heard, the wind blew on Haruki’s cheeks.

At the next moment, he got a slight shock and heard a crushing sound.

The Centipede’s head violently rocked sideways.


While it was screaming, Haruki stabbed his dagger into the Centipede’s back which had thinner armour.

He used his kick to spin after he cut its throat.
The Centipede’s legs were struggling and its body was twisting.
It kicked Haruki many times, trying to restrict him.

But, regardless of its attacks, Haruki stabbed the Centipede with his dagger over and over.

If I don’t kill it quickly, the situation will be reversed.
If that happens, I’ll definitely die this time!

*Stab, pierce, cut, slash, rip, split.*
*Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab, stab.*

No matter how many times he stroked his dagger, its head didn’t break.
He stomped it by using his sole.

*Kick, kick, kick, kick.*
*Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp!!*

Haruki suddenly came to his senses when he felt pain in his throat.
His rough breath made his throat dry.

He realized the Centipede…… didn’t move even a twitch.
Of course, the Centipede’s head was completely flat under Haruki’s feet.

“Ha……ha ha…….”

His exhalation was like a laugh.
“……Well,” Haruki was laughing.

It was not because he enjoyed it, but because he barely survived.

To laugh in such situation…….
Did I lose some screws in my head?

As expected, this time it was dangerous.
I was able to survive by only a hair’s breadth.

*Phew* he breathed out deeply to calm himself down.
At that time, the inside of his body became violently hot.
It was level-up sickness.

It was hard for Haruki to stand, he headed to the passage’s corner with his footsteps unsteady to sit down.
It seemed that in another place, Karen also experienced level-up sickness.
He squatted while holding his head.

When his level-up sickness subsided, Haruki went to dismantle the Centipede.
Its carapace is smaller but harder and heavier than the House Centipede’s.

I’m experienced with House Centipedes, but it’s still not easy.
The meat is too tough and the blade of my knife can’t cut it the way I expected.
Even with all of that, he forcibly tore off the carapace.

The colour of the meat was pink. It looked like a chicken’s breast.
But, a Centipede has poison. So, he didn’t have the courage to taste it.

When he checked whether there were no more parts that could be torn off, he felt there was something hard in the Centipede’s stomach.

Haruki deftly cut the stomach and looked inside.


Jammed in the Centipede’s stomach, there was something like a small pouch.
This is a magic bag, isn’t it!?

There was an article about magic tools obtained after defeating monsters on the “Let’s Be” blog.
However, for this kind of item to be dropped……

He pinched and pulled its string, it was a bag in an eclipse shape.

“It looks like a magic bag, what should I do?” (Haruki)

Karen felt sick and hold her mouth.

“It seems it can be used if I wash it.”
“The smell is…… yup, it seems there is none……”

Karen, whose face turned blue while crying, gazed at Haruki intensely.

Let’s talk about the pouch later.

Chapter end


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