69 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 69


Let’s Defeat Our Rivals And Become Stronger!



— Vroom!


Haruki reacted in less than a fraction of a second.


The movements of the Werewolf he once fought against…

The moves he had learned from the videos…

And the movements of this other Werewolf standing right in front of him…


Remembering, summarizing.

His body bordered the ideal.


Then a light flashed behind the back of his eyelids.


— Weakness Exploit.


The light became a path, telling Haruki where to attack.


A beautiful flow.

A blade that flowed like water.

The blade made contact.


In an instant…

The Werewolf’s left arm was sent flying far up into the air.


The Werewolf was thrown out of balance.

There, it turned around, and lunged.


Rhea managed to block the Werewolf’s counterattack.

Haruki’s blade once again made contact, making a large cut through its opponent’s abdomen.


Karen’s lightning slipped into its wounds.


— Vroom!


Both flesh and blood burned.

Its seething blood rose and turned into a white steam.

Everything turned into red and white in an instant, followed by the stench of burned iron.


Then, Haruki stabbed the stunned Werewolf, delivering the finishing blow.


The Werewolf slowly fell forward.

After a single twitching on the floor, it stopped moving.


At that moment, a strong Level Up sickness welled up inside Haruki’s body.

However, it wasn’t strong enough to make him lose consciousness like before.


So it would appear it still wasn’t enough.

Haruki laughed at his own insignificance.


Even though he had become an intermediate adventurer, the pinnacle of adventurers seemed to be still way too far away.

Though it pained him to admit that, he was still glad for all he had achieved.


Haruki’s Level Up sickness was replaced by a strong sensation of dizziness.

However, Karen and Rhea’s own Level Up sickness still looked pretty serious.


Rhea’s stalk looked as if she was going to fall at any moment, so she took refuge in Haruki’s back.

Karen was pressing her forehead with her thumbs as she sat down.

“Are you okay?”

“… Yes.”


She definitely did not seem to be okay.

With a bitter smile, he approached Karen while expanding his Detection skill’s range.


Fortunately, none of them were targeted by any Werewolves while they were recovering.

But they may not be so lucky next time.


“Let’s fight as close to the gate as possible.”


In the event that they were attacked while in the middle of the Level Up sickness, they should be able to run away through the way as long as they don’t lose consciousness.

It was a bit less efficient since they wouldn’t be able to walk around as freely, but it was a better idea to fight safely until they got fully better.


Starting from the gate, Haruki went looking for Werewolves on his own.

The plan was to find one and bring it back to the gate where Rhea and Karen would be waiting.


At first, Karen was sitting down the whole time due to her sickness, but after the first few Werewolves she was able to get back on her feet.


Besides, there was a large gap immediately after each level up.


The same was true for Haruki.

His Level Up sickness decreased with every Werewolf they defeated.

But it didn’t disappear.


His basic level was still low compared to this floor.

He wasn’t getting any good drops, either.


However, he was getting the best experience there.

No matter how many Chachas or Grasshoppers he defeated, they would never yield as many experience points as a single Werewolf.


And the battle experience was also way different.


Each individual Werewolf had a different way of fighting.

Some preferred to use their claws.

Others would use their fangs instead.

And others would attack by punching and kicking.


Their dispositions were different as well.

Some would get angrier as the battle went on, making their attacks unpredictable, while others fought in a more calm and sophisticated way.


He could experience each individual’s own fighting style.

Haruki could feel how each battle gave him a great deal of battle experience.


“This is great!”


Even though he was fighting the same kind of monster over and over, he felt as if he had been fighting a completely different monster every time.


As their fighting styles differed, Haruki’s approach to them had to change as well.

Each Werewolf that he fought provided him with that valuable battle experience that he had lacked.


This was it. There would be no other floor for Haruki and the others.

After several battles, Haruki decided that they would stay on this floor in order to keep leveling up.



【The road to a noticeable presence】


『A nostalgic monster in the 15th floor』


Hello, this is Air (^o^)


We’ve made it to the 15th floor today!


The monsters featured on that floor were Werewolves.

Those were the monsters that I’ve fought against during the Stampede (^ ^)


I hadn’t fought one of those for a long time, so I was a little scared (;>_<)


I thought I was getting better at this, but those Werewolves are strong.

I feel like I still need to level up some more  (= =;)


I have to get stronger, much stronger…

That way I won’t be ashamed in front of those strong Werewolves anymore! (>_<)


I worked hard to level up today!

I wonder if I’m one step closer to that future where my presence is recognized?



【To be attempted】Regarding Chikaho 98【Us】


607 Name: Nameless Attempter

So, there’s been a Monster Parade in Chikaho?


608 Name: Nameless Attempter

Kagemitsu and his cheerful companions dealt with it


609 Name: Nameless Attempter

Actually it was Kagemistu, his cheerful companions, and Tentacle Mask


610 Name: Nameless Attempter

What’s with that guy…

More than cheerful, he’s a little weird, isn’t he?


611 Name: Nameless Attempter

I say he’s pretty cheerful himself

A mask that floats in mid-air

Potatoes on his back

Feathers that grow out of his neck

And now, scales on his body


612 Name: Nameless Attempter

Ok, so he’s a monster, right?

He has to be a monster!


613 Name: Nameless Attempter

He’s not a monster


Well, I’m not too sure myself, but Kagemitsu spoke really well of him

He said that if that guy hadn’t been there, he would have died for sure


614 Name: Nameless Attempter

No way

Can someone like Kagemitsu really die like that?


615 Name: Nameless Attempter

A mob from the 30th floor appeared there


616 Name: Nameless Attempter

Each of the small monsters from that mob were as strong as the boss from the 4th or 5th floor, right?

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