69 Part 2

And Kagemitsu and the others had only reached as far as the 24th floor themselves?

Whoa, I’m glad Kagemitsu didn’t die lol


617 Name: Nameless Attempter

It seems to have been a really close call though

I’ve heard them rambling about that in the Heroes’ Bar so I know that for a fact


618 Name: Nameless Attempter

But how did they manage to defeat it?


619 Name: Nameless Attempter

It seems that masked guy was somehow able to cause a lot of damage0

And with a short sword!


I’ve heard that his attacks gave Kagemitsu the chance he needed to defeat the boss


620 Name: Nameless Attempter

>> And with a short sword!

No no, no way!

Isn’t Kagemitsu the strongest adventurer in Sapporo?

Even if someone like Kagemitsu, who uses a greatsword, could not damage the boss

To think that someone with the weakest type of weapon could cause that much damage…


It doesn’t make sense

That masked guy has to be a monster


* * * * * * * * *


According to Akane, the Slimy Eel dolls, they seemed to be made of several things that could be used as monster repellant, as Haruki anticipated.


The effect of warding off monsters during regular battles wasn’t that strong.

But they intensified when water was added to the dolls.

And it lasted until they dried up.

Still, since they were dolls, the base effect was lower than that of an actual living eel.


Since the boss had dropped two of those, he tried splitting them half and half with Karen.

However, she refused her share, saying “I don’t need it!”


The eel doll rejected by Karen seemed kind of cute.

Haruki could almost see the eight eyes of the doll drooping down.

He felt a bit sorry for it, so he decided to use both of them carefully.


Of course, that didn’t mean that Haruki was going to battle while holding both eels in his hands.


Haruki’s bag was one of Ichibishi’s “One” series.

It was stronger than regular bags, but it offered no protection against attacks.


Haruki hadn’t experienced many attacks from behind.

But that didn’t mean that it couldn’t ever happen.


There was a possibility that Rhea’s planter could end up destroyed as a result of an attack from the rear.

Poor Rhea wouldn’t deserve that at all.


That’s why Haruki thought about reducing the chances of being attacked from behind by attaching those eels to his bag.


Of course, just attaching eels to his bag wouldn’t be enough to ensure he would never receive an attack from behind.

However, if an incoming attack could be delayed even for a moment due to the eels, then either Haruki or Rhea would have enough time to react to it.


This was all for Rhea’s protection!

With that, Haruki was able to persuade Rhea, who wasn’t initially too fond of having eels hanging around near her, to agree with him.


They went to the 15th floor to hunt, then returned to the surface in order to sell the materials they had obtained.

Then at night, they trained with the Centipedes on the 1st floor until it was time to sleep.


The next morning, they went once again to the 15th floor to level up.


At first, Haruki would experience a Level Up sickness after defeating a single Werewolf, but he was gradually getting to a point where he wouldn’t feel anything until defeating ten or twenty of them.


At the same time, Haruki’s basic physical abilities had improved very quickly.


Even though some fights still proved to be quite difficult even when Haruki gave it his all, he was able to turn around about 80 percent of them by himself.

And Karen’s lightning seemed to be able to stun them for longer.


The results of their training were finally showing.


Haruki’s eyes were getting better too, probably because of his training.

He was now able to follow movements he wasn’t able to before.


His visual acuity had improved because of him leveling up.

The Werewolves’ finer muscular movements were now clearly visible to him.


With that, it became clear to Haruki.

None of the Werewolves in this 15th floor were as strong as the one he had fought against during the Stampede.


His memory was worn out for having tried to remember too hard.

Still, that Werewolf’s smooth, beautiful movements remained clear enough…


Even if Haruki were to use all of his current power, he would still have a hard time standing up against it.

Back then, Haruki was able to defeat that Werewolf because he had put his life on the line.

At that time, Haruki was under an extreme situation, and his concentration was significantly higher than usual.

But he knew that his current power still wasn’t enough against that Werewolf.


The more he leveled up, the more evident it became.

The more he could see it, the more questions that came to his mind.


Questions like “How did I survive back then?”


No matter how hard he thought about it, there was no explanation.

When that battle finished, Haruki was the one left standing.

Whether it was a coincidence or a miracle, in the end, Haruki won.


He ought to think about the lesson behind it, but there was no point thinking about how he actually won that battle.

After all, thinking about it now would only yield an opinion based purely on the outcome.


All he had to do now was getting stronger.


Twenty on the first day.

Twenty-four on the second day.


They were steadily increasing the number of Werewolves they defeated each day.

When they started to feel that their Level Up sickness was getting weaker, Haruki and the others started to fight the Werewolves away from the gate.


The number of Werewolves they were able to defeat increased tremendously.

Though they were fighting non-stop, they never felt unsafe during those fights.


Akane was dumbstruck by the amount of materials they had amassed in a week.




She was very pleased with the results of the sales of those precious Werewolf materials.


Then, after one week of non-stop material gathering…


Haruki and the others were hunting on the 15th floor when suddenly, a light flashed somewhere.




That was a phenomenon that only happened inside a dungeon.

It was the sign that the boss had been defeated.


However, the only ones to have gone this deep into the dungeon were only Haruki and Karen.

Apart from them, members of the Self-Defense Force could have gone into the dungeon to hunt as they occasionally did, but they wouldn’t be strong enough to reach the middle floors.


“Was that the sign of the boss being defeated?”

“Looks like it…”


Haruki had no idea why it had happened.


Did the boss just suddenly die by itself?

Or was it defeated by another monster?


… No, those things just didn’t happen.

Did the dungeon emit that light because the boss had been defeated after all?


No matter how hard he thought about it, it made no sense.


What on earth was happening?

Haruki was getting tense due to this irregular situation.


Then, before Haruki’s eyes…

A shadow slowly emerged from the center of the field and approached them.


Was it a rare species!?

Haruki’s alertness skyrocketed.


Then, the shadow gradually became clearer.


“What are–!”


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