74 Part 2


Karen was impressed by Akane’s observations.

She had no idea what happened in that battle.

She was watching from a distance, but her eyes couldn’t follow what was happening.


She hadn’t even realized that Shigure had to change her movements to begin with.


All Karen had been able to see during that battle was both Haruki and Shigure’s hands and feet disappear, but Akane seemed to have seen deeper into the battle.


“Shigure’s technique is super first-class. He was able to imitate it because his eyes are good enough to not overlook those of changes in movement, no matter how minute they were. Those eyes of his must be related to his stupidly insane growth rate.”


Karen closed her mouth and cast her eyes down.

Akane didn’t know about the Skill Board. Karen couldn’t even imagine what kind of face she was making at the moment.


She felt that if she could see what kind of face she was making even for a bit, it would be one that Akane could easily see through.

And Akane would probably say something like “Oh, didn’t you know about Haruki’s abnormally extraordinary growth rate?”


“… So those good eyes of his will help him collect the hot stones?”

“Right. It’s very easy to collect hot stones if you have good eyes. Anyway, stop worrying about him failing the request, and get to hunting!”

“You’re right. Oh, where are we going to level up today? I’ve been to the 15th floor, but are we staying on the 10th floor?”

“… Ah.”


Akane stopped suddenly.

Her body shivered all of a sudden as well.


“Hey, Karen. You know the middle floors are a dangerous place to be by oneself, right? So you’ll definitely need my power there, huh?”

“Yeah, the middle floors are dangerous, but…”

“But what? Ah, so you do need my strength? So you’ll help me break through the 10th floor, right?”


“Why are you silent!? Hey, help me out. You can help me out, right!? Wahhhahahah!”


After that, Akane wept vigorously as she clung on to Karen, even though her body was covered with bodily fluids from the spoon worms they had been hunting earlier.

It seemed that leveling up wouldn’t be an easy thing for Karen.


* * * * * * * * *


【Edamame】About Nakasatsunai dungeon 11【Chicken Steak】


202 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

I know the identity of that masked guy


203 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

No way!

What is he?

Is he a monster? Is he a ghost?


I wouldn’t be surprised if he were a ghost


204 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

Sorry if you were expecting otherwise, but he’s a human

205 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

Nah no way

That can’t be human!


206 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

No really

I’ve been looking into him ever since the Chikaho incident


Apparently that guy was involved in the destruction of Chikaho’s Monster Parade


207 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

Come on, we all know he’s some kind of evil spirit


208 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

No, you guys are wrong!

Though I gotta admit that there’s something devilish about him lol


209 Name: Kagemitsu ★


Is this a thread about the appearance of that masked guy?


210 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

It’s the guy himself!

This is great! Seriously!

But why are you here!?

I’m so excited I’m getting a nosebleed


211 Name: Kagemitsu ★

Don’t get a nosebleed for someone like me lol


That masked guy is just that

Just an ordinary guy who’s really hard to look at, that’s all


212 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

That’s Kagemitsu for you

Treating the guy that exterminated the Monster Parade like “just an ordinary guy”


213 Name: Kagemitsu ★

Ah, that’s not what I meant lol


I did say he looked like an ordinary guy, but his fighting ability is something else

He’s probably the only person in all of Hokkaido to be able to take on an entire Monster Parade all by himself


He’s a pretty decent guy


He’s hard to look at, that’s all

So give it up already

Not even I can do anything about that


214 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

No way a ranker is saying there’s nothing he can do…


215 Name: Kagemitsu ★

It’s not that

All I’m saying is that he looks the way he does in order to restrain his own abilities…


216 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

>> 215

Restrain his own abilities



217 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

What, would dropping his mask lay a curse all over Nakasatsunai? Lol


218 Name: Kagemitsu ★

I’ve just finished reading all of your posts



The fact that he has scales on his body is my fault…


219 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

>> 218


… Eeeeh!?


220 Name: Anonymous who shoots edamame from their nostrils

What on earth have you done, Kagemitsu…?


* * * * * * * * *


The 10th floor of the Nakasatsunai dungeon looked like a maze, very much like the floors before it.

However, unlike those other floors, the corridors in this floor were wider.


The walls and ceilings of those corridors had changed from their usual cave-like appearance into more akin to man-made tunnels

Perhaps that’s why it felt so chilly in there.


Haruki activated the gate as he rubbed his upper arm.


What kind of Divine Protection did Esta get?

The excited Haruki took out his Skill Board and swiped.


“… Huh?”


Esta (0) Gender: Male

Skill Points: 2 → 3

Class: Hard Shell Bug


Esta’s skill tree didn’t seem to have a row for a Divine Protection


Was the Skill Board broken?

Haruki swiped through the board several times, but there were no signs of any Divine Protection.


Apparently, getting down to the 10th floor doesn’t grant a Divine Protection in the Nakasatsunai dungeon like it did in the garage dungeon.


“Now it makes sense that this dungeon is so easy…”


Shortcuts exist for a reason.


One could always spend lots of money and get a small gun that would let them waltz through the upper floors of a dungeon. However, the strength of a weapon will always be the same.

Eventually, the monsters will become more powerful as they go deeper into the dungeon, and the weapon alone just won’t cut it.


But while that may be true, having a more powerful firearm could cause something like a Monster Parade to occur.

(When a stray bullet hits the wall or the ceiling of a dungeon, it could be so powerful that it could be considered attacking the dungeon.)


If you can’t hit a monster with a small firearm, a bigger gun won’t solve the problem.

Having said that, even hurrying up to change into stronger weapons made out of materials obtained from the dungeon wouldn’t work. If the adventurer’s level isn’t high enough, they won’t be able to equip those weapons.


In the past, people who tried to use regular guns to defeat a dungeon quickly found themselves at a stalemate.


No matter what, the “easy way” around things will always be rigged with traps.

It’s important that exploring and defeating a dungeon is done in a steady manner.


“Well then…”


Haruki was still concerned about where exactly in this dungeon would one get a Divine Protection, but still he changed his perspective.


He put down his backpack, and detached the two eel replicas that were hanging from its sides.

Then he put his backpack on again, and held the eel replicas in his hands after soaking them in water.


“Esta, you don’t have to attack monsters that much now. Rhea, just attack the dangerous enemies. You should follow Rhea’s lead, Esta.”


After giving his instructions to both Rhea and Esta, they started exploring the 10th floor.


Nakasatsunai dungeon’s 10th floor was well known as a “savage floor”.

There was a natural Monster Parade generator there.


Letting one’s guard down on that floor was a bad idea.

Bracing himself, Haruki proceeded into the floor with caution.

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