75 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 75


Let’s Handle The Nakasatsunai Dungeon Request! – 4



Nakasatsunai dungeon’s 10th floor was well known as a “savage floor”.

There was a natural Monster Parade generator there.


Though it didn’t actually require a lot of skill to defeat it, not taking the appropriate measures before taking it on would surely force anyone into retreating due to the sheer number of monsters.

The monsters that did get captured were stuffed and sold at second-hand stores across the entire country.


Those monsters were Piyokos.

Haruki had used one of those to attract the monsters’ attention during the Monster Parade in Chikaho.


These Piyokos lived in great numbers in the Nakasatsunai dungeon’s 10th floor.


Originally, Haruki had been trying to avoid them, but the hot stones he was supposed to collect were located on the 11th floor.

There was no avoiding them.


Before Haruki even started to walk into the floor, a small, fluffy yellow monster appeared.

It was a Piyoko.


Though it seemed cute, Haruki knew what it was capable of.

Piyokos could call out for other monsters in great numbers with a loud “Piyoo!”


Haruki became a little scared.

What was he going to do about that guy?


Haruki’s nervousness seemed to have caused the Piyoko to notice him, but…




The Piyoko suddenly froze, and then ran away while flapping its tiny wings.


“Oh… Even though they are replicas, these Slimy Eels are pretty good!”


Haruki shivered in excitement as he saw the Piyoko run for its life.

Just as he had seen back in Chikaho, the Slimy Eels were really effective.


When dealing with monsters, just take your eels in hand and wave them around!

Haruki thought that could be a good slogan.


Of course, the strategy for defeating the 10th floor of Nakasatsunai dungeon was written in the Wiki page.


1: Don’t reach out to the Piyokos with your hands.

2: Try to use Slimy Eels to scare them off.

3: Be careful when trying to catch them.


It looked like a really simple and clear strategy.

But what would actually happen if one were to follow it?

Would one be really able to defeat the 10th floor with it?


Only by trying it out one could get the actual experience of doing it.

Only then one could see, feel, and experience such vivid emotions.


With this, he could break through the 10th floor without reserves.

Haruki steadily continued to walk through the 10th floor as he saw the Piyoko escape.


* * * * * * * * *


“W-Wait! Wait a moment! I c– I can’t AAAAHHH!”



Akane’s crying head was swallowed by a spoon worm.

Her body suddenly became still.





Karen hurriedly fired a lightning attack at the spoon worm, forcing it to spit Akane out.


“Ugh… Uuuggghhhh… I wanna go back home…”


Akane’s eyes still shed tears after having escaped from the spoon worm’s grasp.

Due to certain events, her way of speaking had suffered some kind of childish regression.


Akane was very strong in close quarters. So much that she wouldn’t fall behind some monsters from the 10th floor of this dungeon.

The proof of that was that even though Karen’s lightning had gone completely through her as it hit the spoon worm, she hadn’t taken any damage at all from it.


Her physical abilities were so high that not even Karen could harm her.

Still, such an unpleasant thing had happened to her.


The reason for that was Akane’s weapon.

Her weapon was not too compatible with the spoon worms.


Though Karen wanted to comfort the sobbing Akane, she couldn’t bring herself to get near her, since she was covered with slime all over.


Since Karen was used to attacking with magic from a safe distance, she never risked being swallowed by the spoon worms.

Fortunately enough, her lightning attacks were powerful enough to stop them before they had a chance to get close to her.

The spoon worms were a great choice of game for Karen.


If Karen were to get anywhere near Akane, she would say something like “Oh, but you’re looking gorgeous, aren’t you!? I’ll have you suffer the same fate I have!” and rush to hug her at a tremendous speed.


As a matter of fact, Akane had already hugged her before arriving at the 10th floor.

A hug devoid of any slime or a single ounce of romance.


To make things worse, having Akane’s plump chest pressed against her hurt Karen’s pride.


That hug had traumatized her.

She had suffered all sorts of trauma thanks to Akane’s hugs.


So she would definitely not get anywhere near Akane.


“Well then, we’re getting closer to the 11th floor, so let’s keep going!”

“I don’t want to see another spoon worm ever agaaaaain!”


* * * * * * * * *


Mining hot stones was much easier than Haruki had thought.


There were several stones of various sizes piled up along the sides of the corridors on the 11th floor. Among them were a fair amount of black pebbles of about 2 to 3 centimeters each.


Though they were mixed along those other stones, these pebbles were about five percent darker.

Haruki’s eyes, which had been trained in the process of plate-making, had no way of missing that difference in color.


He tried touching one to make sure. It felt as hot to the touch as a pocket heater.

Those were without a doubt the hot stones he was looking for.


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