82 Part 3


Kagemitsu kept on decimating Werewolf after Werewolf as they chattered about.


With two front-liners protecting her, Karen’s magic began to shine once more.

She started to fire one lightning bolt after the other at the Werewolves that were out of Kagemitsu’s reach.


“W-Whoa! What was that attack!?”

“It’s magic.”

“Ma… Magic!?”


Kagemitsu’s jaw almost dropped due to Haruki’s revelation.


Karen was using magic in front of Kagemitsu.

Haruki didn’t feel any sense of crisis because of this.


They weren’t in a situation where they could afford to not use magic and expect to survive.

Besides, Haruki anticipated that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to reveal it to Kagemitsu.


Even though they didn’t know each other for that long, Haruki trusted Kagemitsu.


“Magic is a secret of the team. Could you please not tell anyone about this?”

“Of course. But magic! I knew there would be someone out there who could use it!”


Kagemitsu was also an adventurer who seeked the unknown.

Having seen that magic which he had heard so many dispersed facts about with his own eyes made Kagemitsu’s eyes glitter like those of a child, even though they were in the middle of a Monster Parade.


“But hey! Magic is great and all, but you’ve got some good stuff too, Air! What’s with that bug!?”

“This is Esta, our new companion. As you can see, he’s amazing.”


Just as Haruki was talking about him, Esta was spinning around in mid-air, knocking incoming dark-purple masses spat by the deer into the ground.


As things were at that point, Haruki could even afford to have an idle conversation right in front of the deer.


Kagemitsu, on the other hand, was trying very hard to hide his discontent.


— Just how much has this guy improved in such a short period of time?


The Air Kagemitsu had seen before wasn’t as polished as this one.

He still had much to learn about battles, and had the leniency of an intermediate adventurer.


However, the man before Kagemitsu now was completely different from before.

His movements were much more refined, and he seemed much stronger and faster.


The change was so notorious that if someone would have told Kagemitsu that this man was someone else wearing the same mask, he would have believed it.


『Subjugation of the rare species that appeared on the 15th floor of the garage dungeon』

The request came to him through Oiso, the clerk of the Ichibishi General Store.


The client was Air.

When Oiso handed him the request, Kagemitsu accepted it without hesitation.


Kagemitsu owed something to Air.

Without him, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat the Monster Parade in Chikaho.

Had Air not been there, Aerial would have been utterly destroyed.


That’s how decisive Air’s service to that battle had been.


That’s why Kagemitsu didn’t waste a single second.

Making full use of his improved Stamina after that battle, he ran at full speed towards K-Town.


Air had just reached the middle floors of the dungeon.

The rare species monster that had appeared there had caused a burden that was too much to take for him.

He had to get there as soon as possible, otherwise Air could have been already dead by the time he got there.


For that reason, Kagemitsu ran through the dungeon with all his might, no matter how heavy his breathing got or how cramped his legs became.


–This time, I’ll be the one helping you, Air!

–Don’t you dare die before I get there!!


Taking full advantage from his increased Stamina, Kagemitsu bolted through the dungeon.

Disregarding his own empty stomach and drowsiness, and praying for Air’s safety, he rapidly descended through the dungeon’s floors.


But what about after he had reached the 15th floor?


— I’m not that needed, am I?


The situation had become very favorable to Air.

He had gotten so dramatically stronger that he was able to face the rare species that had appeared on the 15th floor.

That was something completely unexpected for Kagemitsu.


Of course, Kagemitsu’s participation had not been in vain.

He was able to save that girl who had been cornered against the wall.

Since the battlefield had been stabilized by his participation, Kagemitsu’s efforts had definitely not been in vain.


But that girl behind him…

–What’s with that attack!?


With a crackling noise, she annihilated the purple Werewolves.

It hadn’t been a bow or a throwing attack.


It looked like something that had been rumored for some time.

But it was a power that no one had ever witnessed before: Magic.


Having seen actual magic for the first time caused Kagemitsu to have an uncontrollable cold sweat.


If he were to speak about this, just what kind of mayhem would that cause?

His stomach hurt just by thinking about it.


But what made his stomach hurt even more was that rare species monster.


–No way…


Kagemitsu had an “★” in his “Narou” forum ID.

That “★” was something given to Rankers. It allowed the user to read and write posts in the Ranker-dedicated forums.


The information gathered by Rankers could be shared among fellow Rankers.

This was an exclusive privilege of the Rankers.


Thanks to that, Kagemitsu was aware of the situation with Shinjuku’s retaking operation.

And he was also aware of the rare species monster that appeared there…


–No, It can’t be…


This is Hokkaido.

And Shinjuku was inland, in Tokyo.


It was very unlikely that the rare species that appeared at Shinjuku Station would appear at the same time in the distant Hokkaido.


However, no matter how much Kagemitsu denied it, it was a perfect match.

That calamitous monster that had immobilized Bacon and even caused the brave Masatsugu to flee…


It was unclear whether it was true or false.

There was no information to judge its certainty.


Kagemitsu decided to leave the information found on the forums behind and focus on what he could learn in the battlefield.


“You can count on me, Air!”


Kagemitsu brandished his greatsword proudly as he said that to Haruki.


The battlefield was in a delicate balance.

A single mistake could ruin that balance, turning the situation into a dangerous one.


Still, the deer couldn’t possibly keep summoning monsters indefinitely.

It could only get as many Werewolves as it had affected with its dark-purple spit.


The deer’s spit was definitely dangerous, but aside from that, Kagemitsu believed that it was as strong as the Lizardman.

So if Kagemitsu and Haruki attacked it at the same time, they should definitely be able to defeat it.


Those Werewolves were the key to their victory.

Once they rid themselves of the Werewolves, their victory would be a given.

So this battle was a game of endurance.


Air had a track record of surviving Monster Parades by himself, and Kagemitsu had an improved stamina, so they were perfect for endurance battles.

The only point not clear to him was the battle ability of that girl, who he didn’t know much about.

However, Kagemitsu believed he would be able to protect her.


Therefore, Kagemitsu nodded at Haruki.

They should be able to win as long as they endure until there are no more Werewolves.


— So don’t go and mess this up, Air!

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