83 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 83


Let’s Repel That Rare Species Of Deer Through Cooperation!



“Leave this to me, Air.”


Hearing Kagemitsu’s words filled Haruki with emotion.


By “leave this to me” Kagemitsu meant that he would protect Karen.


— Does this mean I’m being asked to take care of the boss!?)

— And by a Top Ranker, at that!!


In other words, it had the same meaning as “I’ll take care of things behind the scenes, so you can defeat the boss and stand out!”


— To think he would say such a beautiful thing…

— Is Kagemitsu a god?


Haruki’s chest got warmer and warmer.

A great joy ran throughout his body.


To defeat a rare species monster by himself…

There was no situation better suited to help him increase his presence.


Kagemitsu knew how hungry Haruki was for having a strong presence.


— That’s why he’s giving me this chance to stand out!!


— I’ll give it my all.

— I’ll walk down this road with all my might!


The “road to a noticeable presence” lay in front of him.

He would obtain it for sure!




Haruki took a single deep breath and prepared himself.


Prepared to give it his all.

Prepared to run as fast as he could.

Prepared to fight until he dropped dead.


Haruki laughed.

From this point on, he would be putting his life on the line.


He held his breath and took off his mask.

Haruki instantly disappeared into the air.


The deer lost sight of Haruki.

At that moment, Haruki took out his Skill Board and immediately began tapping into it.


Skill Points: 4 → 0


Detection 5

Weakness Exploit 1 → 5


At that very moment, a spark of light bursts like fireworks and converges into a point in a millisecond.


— Concentrate.

— Focus on it!


Eventually it became a path that changed moment by moment.


Haruki could understand what that path meant.

So he surrendered himself to it.


— Now, let’s have an adventure!


Before the deer could target Kagemitsu or Karen, Haruki put his mask back on and began to run.


It was different from before.

Haruki’s movements seemed even more refined than before.


He cut down a Werewolf in front of him like a stream.

Rhea’s bullets hit the slashed Werewolf, scattering its remains out of Haruki’s way.


The path of light suddenly disappeared.

The current route ended there.


— I’m not focused enough.

— More.

— More!


Even though he had failed, Haruki’s smile became wider.

Even though he was frustrated about it not going as planned, laughter still leaked from the edge of his mouth.


Focus, summarize, observe.

Imagine, assume, and try.

Determine the flow of Werewolves and dive deeper.


Then, the path of light appeared once more.

This time, it was a long path.


Without rushing, Haruki surrendered himself to it again.


“Ha… Haha…!”


His body was light.

It didn’t feel like his body at all.


That awkward body felt warmer and warmer as its movements became smoother.

Even his increased breathing felt comfortable.


His mind, body, and technique, which hadn’t been in alignment since his sudden increase in skills, had now been matched together.

His speed and strength had skyrocketed.


Haruki decimated one Werewolf after the other.

However, even after defeating a monster, the road seemed as if it would be cut off at any moment.

The streaks of light seemed intermittent.

The flow wasn’t connected.


He resumed his assault.

He had to find a new route. He couldn’t give up.


But no matter how hard he looked for it, there was no clear road heading towards the rare species monster.


His situation had improved, but he still couldn’t afford to overdo it.

If Haruki were to force himself in, the situation could make a turn for the worse.


— Well, what should I do?


Haruki furrowed his brow at the path that wouldn’t reveal itself.


Karen bit her lips as she watched Haruki, who was defeating Werewolves one after the other, but couldn’t move forward.

It was difficult for her from where she was.


No matter how much magic she could pour into her staff, there were too many monsters in the way for it to be able to reach where Haruki was.


If she were to aim at a single point, like in a cone pattern, she would eventually reach him.

But that would put her side at a disadvantage.


Even though Kagemitsu is a front-line fighter, his defense wasn’t perfect.

With his assistance, though, she had finally been able to end the swarm of monsters.


— What should I do now?


Karen desperately put her brain to work while firing off lightning bolts according to Kagemitsu’s movements.


Karen’s role wasn’t just defeating monsters.

She could feel that when she was fighting alongside Akane.


Karen’s role was to use her attacks to control the battlefield from a distance.


No matter how many monsters come their way, she had to be able to turn the tides in their favor with a single move.


Also, creating a situation where the front-liners can easily attack by attracting monster’s attention was another one of the duties of those in the rear guard.

Since they weren’t able to do that back then, Akane would end up being swallowed by Spoon Worms and drenched in Slimy Eel slime over and over again.


Karen didn’t have the experience or strategic knowledge to control the field.

So she had no choice but to rely on the power of the skills that Haruki had improved for her.


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