83 Part 2

Karen had to focus on the heavy work.


Her current magical power allowed her to defeat a single Werewolf with one or two bolts.

But even so, she was still cornered due to not having enough time to fire those bolts.


Karen’s attack ratio wasn’t fast enough.

If only she had a way to defeat several monsters with a single attack instead of having to target each monster individually…


— But how?


At that moment, thunder roared deep inside Karen’s brain.


She held her breath.

— That’s right.

— I’ve used something like that before!

— But how am I…?


While still shooting lightning bolts, Karen desperately looked for a feeling.

When she did, she noticed a path beyond the bypass only her staff was connected to.


It was a path she had never used by herself.

Rather, it was a path she had been guided to just once.


Karen immediately started to move.

She poured her magical power into the path before her staff right away.




Sheer power was released from the center of her body.

Still, she bit her lip and endured it.


After a certain amount of magical power had been gathered into her staff, she raised it high.


In the blink of an eye…

It bursted like a balloon that had been inflated past its limits.




Lightning bolts fell from the sky.

A thunderstorm struck an area around the deer.


It was a lightning-based ranged attack that directly hit a monster one right after another.


Haruki was fighting in the area where the thunderstorm fell.

But Karen didn’t panic.


Karen had tried her best not to hit Haruki with her attack.

She had never hit Haruki by mistake before, either.


Karen had the unwavering belief that she would never get Haruki involved in one of her attacks.

That’s why…




… She was able to cheer on him with confidence.


* * * * * * * * *


Lightning suddenly struck from the sky.

It was a magical attack from Karen that could eradicate a wide range of monsters.

Getting hit by a single one of those lightning bolts would make him to black out on the spot.


However, Haruki wasn’t scared at all.

He didn’t have a speck of worry about getting hit by her attack.


This was Karen’s magic.

Haruki believed in the accuracy of Karen’s magic from the bottom of his heart.

She has never misfired her magic onto Haruki.

There was no need for him to be afraid.


Just like Haruki expected, Karen’s magic avoided him and landed on the nearby Werewolves.


It was a matter of seconds.

Karen’s magic had incapacitated more than half of the remaining Werewolves.


Her thunderstorm had cleared the wall that was blocking Haruki’s path.


— That was good.

— That was really good!!


Haruki smiled fiercely inside his mask.




Her voice cheered him on.

Haruki accelerated to the max with a huge smile on his face.


The thunderstorm caused the deer to direct its aggro towards Karen.


It began to spit a dark-purple mass at Karen.

But before that…




Haruki reaches the deer’s rear.

He ran his short sword over the fine stream of light that floated above it.




The deer shrieked.

Blood gushed out.

The smell of iron pierced through Haruki’s nose.


“Your opponent is right here!”


Haruki provoked the deer.

The target of the deer’s aggro changed instantly.


It immediately struck back, launching a powerful kick with its hind legs.

But Haruki dodges it in the blink of an eye.


Even though he already was about 30 centimeters away, he could feel the wind pressure generated by that attack.

It even pushed Haruki back a little bit.


There was no getting back up from that kick.

That’s how powerful it must have been.


The deer’s movements seemed to be slower than before.

That was probably due to Karen’s countless lightning strikes. The movement of its muscles seemed rather awkward.


But still, it had been able to move so swiftly. And that wind pressure.

If it hadn’t been for Karen’s lightning attacks…

Haruki’s spine shivered at the thought.


Its fighting ability really set it apart from any monster Haruki had fought so far.

His smile widens at the thought of such an unprecedented and formidable enemy.


— This is good.

— This is really good!!


There was a possibility that his life was at risk.

But far from being afraid of that threat, Haruki could only laugh.


A formidable foe was standing in his way.

His own strength would be what would allow him to overcome it.

Surpass your own limits and face what’s in front of you.


— Alright… Let’s have an adventure!


His consciousness was focused to the point he wouldn’t overlook even the slightest movement made by a single muscle fiber.

Haruki avoided the deer’s attacks one after another.


A kick, a tackle, and a horn thrust.

Every time he dodged, Haruki slashed at the deer’s body.


But even though he was attacking its weak spots, his attacks were shallow.

That’s how hard the deer’s hide was.


“Ha… Haha…!”


Haruki kept on laughing as he dodged and attacked.


His body traced an image instantly.

It reacted faster than his thoughts.

His movements were ideal.


— More, more!!


Haruki kept on moving.

So that his burning passion wouldn’t disappear.

So that he wouldn’t lose his momentum.


As soon as Haruki made a mistake, a strong presence drew the deer’s attention.

It was Kagemitsu’s Taunt.


He didn’t do any unnecessary movements while drawing the deer’s aggro.

His ability couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.

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