83 Part 3

No wonder he was an advanced adventurer.


After being distracted for a split second, the deer missed all of his attacks aimed at Haruki.

With Kagemitsu’s help, Haruki thoroughly reviewed his mistakes so that he wouldn’t repeat them.




Haruki’s excess excitement from fighting turned into laughter.


Everything exceeded Haruki’s expectations.

His movements on this high-level battlefield were beyond his imagination.


Never lose this feeling.

Don’t hand over the flow over to the enemy ever again.

Gripping his short sword tightly, he slashed at the deer once more.


Observe, imagine, assume, and try.

Catch and predict the movement of every single fiber of muscle.


Adrenaline heated up his body.

Each of his heartbeats fiercely hit his chest.


Slash, stab, kick, repeat.

Dodge, feint, counterattack.


His body continued to exceed its own limits faster than he could process it in his mind.


It was a dynamic movement based on unstable control, as if he was sprinting down a slope.

His thoughts and reflexes meshed with each other to keep his tangled body moving with unparalleled accuracy.

Haruki was simply absorbed in the seemingly infinite world that spread beyond his limits.


The deer spat another mass, this time aimed at Haruki’s face.


Esta jumped to block it.

He was suspended in mid-air just in front of Haruki’s face.


That seemed to be the deer’s goal from the beginning.

It had generated a blindspot for Haruki, and the deer wouldn’t let that opportunity go to waste.


Once again, the deer twisted its lips.

Haruki’s Detection caught that in detail.


Haruki laughed at the deer’s smile.

— Sorry…


He could tell each of his movements even with his eyes shut.

With such a high Detection skill, Haruki had already finished all of his predictions.


The deer attacked with a powerful rear kick.

He avoided the attack by slightly shifting his body to the side.


During that gap, Haruki got in front of the deer.


— I don’t think so.




Rhea opened fire the moment Haruki spoke.

Just like Haruki wanted, she shot at the deer’s face.


However, Haruki’s prediction was completely wrong.




The deer screamed as blood gushed out of one of its eyes.


Haruki had predicted that Rhea would shoot one of her potato stones and hit the deer straight in the face.

That prediction went in a completely unexpected direction.


What Rhea had thrown wasn’t a potato stone, but a single small spear that Haruki had given to her when the 9th floor’s boss dropped it after its defeat.


That spear had gone straight into one of the deer’s eyes.


Behind Haruki’s back, Rhea was proudly entwining her vines around his shoulder.

She seemed to want Haruki to praise her.




That was totally unexpected.

And Haruki found that to be the most exciting part of it all.


— Well done!

Haruki gently patted on her vine and then headed for the offensive straight away.


This is a chance Rhea had given him.

He couldn’t let it pass.


Slash, cleave, stab, kick.

Block, dodge, counterattack.


The seriously wounded deer was no longer calm.

A large amount of hatred was building up in its body, making it stronger.


A single attack from that deer could be fatal.

He couldn’t be careless. Haruki continued to focus even more.



Avoid all your opponent’s attacks.

Don’t miss any signs.

Don’t let it turn things around.


Overcome your opponent with your own power!


Rhea continued to attack the Werewolves coming at them from behind.

Another Werewolf emerged from the ground, and Haruki snapped its neck with a powerful kick.


The boss kept on summoning monsters with its roar.

But Haruki wouldn’t allow any Werewolf to interfere with their battle to the death.


Haruki avoided the boss’ attacks one after another.

And he would slash at the boss after each dodge.


Suddenly, an unprecedented amount of light gathered around the boss’ neck.


Haruki could almost reach it with his hand.

But the deer was already in the middle of an attack.

If he didn’t do this carefully, the attack would hit him.




He couldn’t waste even a millisecond.

It was an almost immediate decision.


He had chosen to have an adventure.

He had trusted his own intuition.


He extended his Werewolf Short Sword towards the back of the deer’s neck.



The deer’s antlers sent him flying.


He had won.

The deer’s mouth was bent.


The deer’s antlers moved upwards as it attacked.

Haruki matched that movement.


A counterattack that was one step after the timing of the deer’s attack.

Haruki’s Magic Sword slid itself into the nape of the deer’s neck.


The blade had touched the point where the light shone the strongest.

In the blink of an eye…

The deer’s head sprang up vigorously.


As it rolled around in mid-air, the deer’s head splattered blood everywhere.


Haruki’s attack wasn’t powerful enough to cut his head.

At best, his Magic Sword had only cut off part of the neck’s joints.

But the deer had used a tremendous force to attack upwards with its antlers.


Due to his muscles being ripped apart by Haruki’s attack, the deer’s own attack exerted a great pressure on its neck.

Unable to withstand the pressure, its neck tore itself to shreds.


Haruki had turned the deer’s own attack against it.

Without his Weakness Exploit skill, he would have never found such a slight gap.


At the same time as the deer’s body collapsed, Haruki fell on his back and onto the ground.


He could faintly feel Rhea’s leaves protesting on his back…


— Damn it! There are still some monsters around!!


Haruki tried to resist it, but to no avail.

The overwhelming amount of experience obtained by defeating such an incredibly powerful opponent relentlessly took Haruki’s conscience away.



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