84 Part 2


To defeat it in a single shot…

Haruki was awestruck by Akane’s fighting prowess.


“… Huh!?”


Was she too absorbed into carving monsters?

Akane stuck her head out when she saw a Werewolf lying on the ground, as if she had just noticed something.


“Aaaahhhh!! Now I have even more monsters to dismantle! I don’t want to do this anymore!”


Then, she once again broke into tears.

It was a pitiful sight.


“Do you need some help?”

“I didn’t join you in the battle, so it serves as a punishment for me.”

“A… punishment?”


Haruki and Akane weren’t members of the same team.

There was no need for Akane to receive any kind of punishment for not having participated in a battle.


However, one could say the right person was at the right place, doing the right job.

Akane really looked like a raw materials store clerk, so he decided to let her play the part and put her skills to use.


Haruki turned to Kagemitsu.


“I’m really glad you came, Kagemitsu. Thank you very much.”

“Well, I owe you for having helped me out in Chikaho. So I was just paying you back for that favor.”


Kagemitsu scratched the back of his head as if saying “Don’t mention it.”


“Ah, that’s right! Why on earth did you rush to fight the boss on your own!?”



Haruki’s jaw dropped in response to Kagemitsu’s question.


“Because you told me to?”

“When did I do that!?”

“But you said ‘leave this to me’…”


Back then, Kagemitsu had turned to face him and said “Leave this to me” with a smile on his face.

Haruki had interpreted that as “Leave this (protecting Karen) to me (and you take care of the boss)”


“No one says that kind of thing…”


Kagemitsu seemed troubled, as if he was about to cry.


“If we had just waited for the deer to run out of Werewolves, we could have won without you having to go all kamikaze on it…”

“… Ah.”


Of course. That made sense.

Though he understood what Kagemitsu had said, Haruki couldn’t help but stand still with a dumbfounded look on his face.


He had made a mistake, but it turned out fine in the end.

So there was no need to be afraid or anything like that.


“Y-Yeah, but it worked just fine in the end, right!?”

“Calm down. You’re getting too excited about this…”


Kagemitsu scratched his head at Haruki’s violent reaction.


— You really didn’t realize that, Air? Gimme a break…


According to Kagemitsu’s observations, the deer’s fighting ability was quite high.

Although its movement had been hampered by Karen’s magic, it still had an ability equivalent to the monster on the 30th floor of Chikaho.


So how on earth was it possible for someone like Air, who had yet to get past the 15th floor of this dungeon, to defeat such a monster?

Despite having seen it with his own eyes, Kagemitsu still couldn’t believe this outcome.


Looking only at the results, that meant Air was at a level where he could even defeat that Lizardman by himself.

An adventurer who had just come out on the 10th floor but a while ago!


It wasn’t normal for someone to grow so fast that they could compete with monsters found on the 30th floor in just one month.


In fact, Air had lost consciousness due to Level Up sickness as soon as he defeated the deer.

From this, it was clear that he was far from the proper level needed for hunting on the 30th floor.


So how was Air able to defeat a monster that was twice as high as him using nothing but a couple of short swords?


How? Why…?

Kagemitsu’s head was flooded by these questions.


— Could it be that he’s already…


Kagemitsu’s theory was unrealistic.

However, there was no other way.


He wanted to ask Air right then and there.

But it would have been rude to ask him about his own personal abilities like that.


All adventurers shared a common struggle, but at the same time they competed against each other.

Adventurers hide their skills and abilities for the same reason that large corporations hide their technology.


He couldn’t ask Air about his abilities.

At least, not for time being…


“I really thought you were going to die! You really rushed things back there!”

“I… I’m really sorry.”

“But still, not only you survived, you actually defeated the boss… I’m really surprised.”

“Oh… I’m being praised by a Ranker!”

“I’m not praising you!”


Kagemitsu’s big fist hit Haruki’s chest.

It was a merciless blow, probably because of the thoughts he harbored in his mind.

Haruki’s frivolous comment was too much for him to handle.


Haruki opened his mouth, frowning at the pain.


“Sorry for the sudden change of topic, but about what you’ve seen today…”

“Don’t worry about it.”


Kagemitsu nodded with a straight face at Haruki’s words.

Just how amazing was Karen’s magic?

Kagemitsu surely had realized that after seeing her explosive attack from before.


In this battle, Haruki and Karen had shown their hand to Kagemitsu.

Nevertheless, Kagemitsu didn’t think of them being sneaky for hiding those abilities.

Haruki knew that because the same had happened back in Chikaho.


He asked him just in case, but the reaction was as he had imagined, so Haruki was relieved.


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