84 Part 3

“But in return…”


Seeing Kagemitsu’s face change into a serious look, Haruki unconsciously put himself on guard.

What kind of condition was he going to thrust at him?

Haruki gulped nervously.


“Don’t tell anyone about what happened in this battle. You can’t tell anyone that you’ve defeated the rare species of deer.”

“Eh? Not even in my blog?”

“Not even in your blog.”

“Aw, come on…”


Haruki’s shoulders dropped.

An article about him fighting rare species that no one had seen or heard before could have increased his blog visits.

It could have increased his presence as an adventurer!


On the brink of tears, Haruki looked at Kagemitsu.


“Don’t give me that look. I’ve seen your blog. I’m sure if I dig deep enough I could even find hints about magic there.”

“Then, how about I hide the fact that you’ve participated in this battle…?”

“That won’t do either. The best way to avoid things like this from leaking to the public is to not write about them at all.”



Kagemitsu was right.

And Haruki knew he was right, which saddened him even further.


— I was going to increase my presence with that for sure…

Haruki felt heartbroken as his goal seemed to be even farther ahead than ever.


They took a quick break until Akane was done with the pile of monsters, then they returned to the surface in order to sort out the materials they’ve obtained.

All of the Werewolf materials obtained this time around were unidentifiable.


The reason for that was that rare species of deer.

The Werewolves had turned purple due to the deer’s special skill.


Even after taking them apart, the materials remained purple.

They couldn’t even tell if these materials would be useful at all.


“They look the same as regular deer and werewolf materials, but these aren’t listed on Ichibishi’s catalogue. So I can’t appraise them. It’s impossible to tell you what would be the correct price for them.”


Akane said that after examining a database.


That database detailed all of Ichibishi’s available materials and their worth.


With this database, any branch store could perform a certain level of appraisal.

Akane’s pseudo-appraisals were also based on this database.


“The only way to buy these at a reasonable price is to make a detailed appraisal.”

“Hmm. So you can’t buy them?”

“I could. But if the price I pay is much lower than its actual worth, you’d be losing out on a lot of money, right?”


Haruki sighed when he saw the pile of materials that Akane dismantled.

Detailed appraisal cost nearly 100,000 yen per item.


However, Haruki still had to pay Kagemitsu for the request and Akane for the dismantling work.


“I’ll make a big profit either way, so–”

“Got it. I’ll take the detailed appraisal.”

“… Tsk.”


Intact Werewolf materials cost around 10,000 to 50,000 yen if they are intact. But how many corpses were there in total?

He should be able to secure enough profit even after accounting for a detailed appraisal.

Haruki decided to request a detailed appraisal in order to secure some profit, even if it was just a little.


A detailed appraisal could take about a month to be completed.

In other words, his profits wouldn’t be confirmed after a full month at the earliest.

Until then, he could be a bit strapped for cash.


Haruki wasn’t planning on just selling the materials collected from the boss to Akane.

The deer’s hide was extremely tough, so it could be used to craft armor that would be far superior than the Werewolf armor he was currently wearing.


Haruki was planning to use it to upgrade his equipment.


However, neither Haruki nor Karen met the level requirements to equip armor crafted from deer hide.

Until their level was high enough, the material would be entrusted to Akane.

There was another piece of material that could be useful.

That was the deer’s antlers.


“Just by looking at it, I can’t tell if it’s good enough to craft a weapon with.”


That couldn’t be.

Haruki frowned.


The deer’s antlers came into contact with his Werewolf short sword and came out unscathed.

They couldn’t be that frail.


Haruki thought so, but when he picked it up and checked it, he certainly couldn’t feel the peculiar “stuffing” of a weapon material.


The two antlers felt like dried tree branches to the touch.

They certainly weren’t a material that could be used as a weapon.


“It’s weird. It definitely felt harder than this when I was fighting …”

“Its hardness has changed. It’s not uncommon to find a material whose properties change when the monster it comes from dies.”


Haruki was greatly disappointed. He had thought it might be a new weapon material that could surpass that of his Werewolf short sword.


A pungent smell suddenly passed through Haruki’s nose.




What on earth was that smell?


It was a scent he remembered.

At the same time that the scent stimulated his brain, his stomach started to come alive.


Haruki sniffed around, searching for the source of that smell.

He found it in no time.


“Don’t tell me… the antlers?”


That pungent smell seemed to come from the antlers.

Haruki brought his nose closer to them.




Haruki was surprised by the stimulating smell.


His heart started to beat faster and faster.

Stimulated by the smell, his mouth started to become overflowing with saliva.


“This is…”

“What’s wrong, Karaboshi?”


Karen looked at Haruki with a doubtful expression on her face.

Haruki couldn’t bring himself to answer her question.


His body was shivering.

It couldn’t be.

That word was going around in circles.


But there was no point denying it.

When Haruki finally said the true identity of that item…




The small prefab was hit by a big shock.


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