85 Part 1

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Let’s be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~ 85


Let’s Enjoy A Curry Soup With Rice!



Early in the morning, Haruki went to the garage dungeon to collect ingredients.


Onions, potatoes, eggplants, Kokkos, melons, Spoon Worms, rice…


Then he began his preparations by gathering all of the materials he had collected on the floors he had explored so far.


He started by making a soup stock by boiling Kokko bones.


Then he processed the rice while taking the soup stock, and set it in the rice cooker.

Next, he threw some Kokko legs, Spoon Worms, and onions onto a hot frying pan, and stir-fried them.


There, he added the powdered antlers.


As soon as the deer’s antlers were added, the scent of spices filled the kitchen.


“… It’s wonderful!”


Haruki continued to cook while enjoying the aroma.


Once the ingredients were ready, he added the soup stock.

The moment the Kokko stock mixed itself with the Spoon Worms’ fatty broth, it created an indescribable depth to the aroma.


After the soup was ready, Haruki deep-fried some potatoes and eggplants.

Then he served them on a plate and poured the soup on top.


Haruki brought his nose closer and smelled its scent.




— This is good.
— This is really good!!


The aroma almost caused Haruki’s consciousness to drift away.


Five years have passed since the first Stampede took place.

In five years, many things had been lost from everyday life.


This was one of those things.

Losing this caused many Japanese to grieve, mourn, suffer, and shed tears.

Some even put their lives on the line just to try to take this back.


And now…

A dish that people all over Japan had been chasing after for five long years had been revived by Haruki.


Just smelling the spicy aroma caused Haruki’s eyes to overflow with tears.

How much had he craved this Japanese food over the last five years?


A chime echoed in the house as Haruki was arranging the table with tears on his face.

It looked like the people Haruki invited to dinner had arrived.


The ones who opened the door and came in were Karen, Kagemitsu, and Akane.


“What are you doing here?”

“You invited me, didn’t you? You did, right? Right!?”


Haruki’s remark brought tears to Akane’s eyes.

However, her facial expression changed as soon as she noticed the scent floating in the room.


“Come on, let me in, hurry!”


Where did those tears from before go?

With blushed cheeks, Akane started to swing the spoon she had in her hand.


Both Karen and Kagemitsu’s eyes started to sparkle after sniffing the aroma in the room.

But their excitement wasn’t just due to the aroma.


Haruki had the other three people sit and brought the dishes from the kitchen.


He had two plates for each of them.

One for rice, and the other one for soup.


“This is today’s main dish. Curry soup rice!”



The three of them had their eyes wide open in astonishment.

No wonder they were surprised.


After all, it had been quite a few years since either of them had tasted actual curry.


The sole reason Haruki was able to make curry were those deer’s antlers he had obtained.

After smelling the antlers, Haruki noticed that they were made out of some kind of spice.


He had never expected that to be the way he would come across spices.


By nature, the antlers taken from the regular species of deer were used as weapons.

So naturally, they weren’t used as spices.


The reason why these antlers turned into spices unlike the regular species was probably because the deer Haruki took them from was a rare species.


Had he put them up for auction, he could have sold them off for an enormous price.

But naturally, Haruki had no plans to sell them.


He had finally obtained curry spices for the first time in so long…

Haruki had no intention of letting go of them, even if it led him to war.


“Okay, everyone…”


Haruki’s solemn voice made everyone in the room gulp.

Then, after a moment of tension, he continued.


“Thank you very much for this meal –Let’s dig in!”



Haruki soaked a spoonful of rice in the soup and carried it to his mouth.

Immediately, the scent of spice runs through his nasal cavity.


After the spices, Kokko stock and Spoon Worm broth spreaded inside his mouth.
The succinic acid from the Spoon Worms, the Kokko’s glutamic acid, and the inosinic acid from the meat mixed together into an amazing taste.

Then, after that taste had subsided, it would give way to the spiciness.



“*munch munch*”

“This is so good…”

“*huff puff*”


Karen and Akane were fiercely stuffing their mouth with rice and soup.

On the other hand, a tearful Kagemitsu was enjoying the curry bit by bit.


Next, Haruki took a bite of the stir-fried vegetables.




— This is good.

— Amazing!!


As soon as he put them into his mouth, Haruki’s eyes burned with passion.

The vegetables’ sweetness, which was brought out by stir-frying them was further enhanced by the spices.

The spiciness really enhanced the vegetables’ presence in the meal.


The Kokko meat also melted inside his mouth. The fibers were unraveled just by poking them with a fork.

The soup soaked into the gaps between the fibers, and every time he put it in his mouth, soup overflowed from the meat.


— I could die right now, and I would have no regrets…!!


That’s how tasty the curry soup with rice was.


The soup curry made by Haruki was made in Hokkaido.

So it wouldn’t be too farfetched to call it a “Hokkaido curry”.


From the start, Haruki planned to make regular curry.

But the deer’s antlers were more spicy than what he had originally thought.

Therefore, he decided to make a curry soup where the flavor of spices was more relevant than in regular curry.


The result was spot on.


Haruki hasn’t had much experience having such a tasty curry soup, even before the Stampede.


Haruki sobbed when he realized his plate was empty.

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